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  1. I've not gotten once since they changed the requirements.
  2. Seems like dev strike and first blood are the most common for just about everyone. My 3rd place is Confederate x424, I was kinda surprised I had x43 double strikes, since I play DD's the least not very common for me to see.
  3. it would be nice if they had detailed achievement stats like WOT, where you can see all the achievements you've received with each ship.
  4. 6 die hard and 6 unsinkable,
  5. Devastating Strike is mine with 600. Solo Warrior 3. I don't even remember getting the solo warriors..
  6. What's Your Karma Now?

    53. Higher than I expected since I'm a condescending [edited].
  7. Lyon secondary build?

    It's not a brawler. But I run a secondary build on it because more often than not I end up in a brawl anyways. I tend to play aggressively in it, perhaps more than I should, but I'll never be that BB sitting back "sniping" and not pushing objectives.
  8. Paid for 10 crates, tier 5 and 7 mission and a decent chunk of gold and camo/flags.
  9. Yes, I'd love the option. also the ability to delete ARP ships and their 500 captains.
  10. Where is everyone getting 29 knots? it's speed upgraded and with no flags is 27.
  11. Questions about Matchmaking

    Random battles are random. You seem like a somewhat above average player that is punching above your weight due too always playing in a division. Don't worry about your win rate and just enjoy the game.
  12. So the French BBs (so far)...

    The Lyon ...., she's squishy.. high detection range and short gun range. But it's a fair trade-off for 16 guns. Unlocked it yesterday and I'm a terrible BB player but.. after 32 games in it. 91K average damage 57 ships destroyed 4.4 KD 29% hit rate (buckshot worthy) needs nerfs IMHO
  13. bought 10, got the tier 5 and 7
  14. Bought 10, got the tier 5 and 7 mission, ymmv
  15. Any way to remove rental ships?

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. Though I don't see how this addresses my question or is in anyways helpful.