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  1. 155 Ships so far, with a fair amount of premiums. Mikhail Kutuzov Błyskawica Molotov Belfast Gremyashchy Tirpitz Atago Atlanta Fujin Leningrad Missouri Murmansk Imperator Nikolai I Texas Scharnhorst Admiral Graf Spee Ishizuchi Dunkerque Aurora Kamikaze Katori König Albert Duke of York Hood Warspite Saipan Anshan Emden Okhotnik Arizona Mutsu Mikasa Marblehead Nelson Shinonome Sims
  2. Republique is BAD!

    I'm spotty at best in BB's. And think it's a decent ship as it is, the "speed" boost is pretty poor though, it's not much of a boost at all so could use a buff there.
  3. The average player doesn't care about rewards. We just want to blow stuff up or getting better, wows is just a way to blow off steam after a day of work. There is already things in place to bump up coin and xp, and we don't do those as it is. I'm a tater and proud of it.
  4. Republic's terrible armor...

    I've not had issues with it's armor, but them I play mostly cruisers where proper angling and positioning is life and death at every moment. I'm sure people that play mainly BB's might find it requires a different play-style that what they are used too, and that's what makes if fun for me, at least.
  5. Wow, I'm not sure what to make of this thread. Perhaps there is a significant portion of the player-base that just wants to have fun blowing up and being blown up in a online game about warships, adult or otherwise. I defiantly fit into the above category. One nice thing you don't see with the casual "for fun" players is the amount of toxicity you see from some of the stat obsessed players here. It's one of the main reasons I left WoT.
  6. République first impressions

    Can attest to the Pen being nice, In 10 games I think I've had more citadels on conq's than I have with any other BB.
  7. Republique and dispersion

    Play it like a cruiser, the armor is spotty at best. only 8 guns , and a bad rear turret firing arc. In spite of the flaws I'm still enjoying the ship, but the tier 9 is defiantly better.
  8. frame drop and dancing ping

    I'm getting micro freezing. Updated Vid card drivers and still doing it, it seems like a memory leak as I can restart the game and it will be fine for 30 min. i7 , 16gb ram, 1080 gtx Also doing it on my laptop. i7 , 8gb ram, GTX 1060
  9. So after 150 games in the French Tier 7 BB Lyon I thought I'd share my likes and dislikes. Overall fun factor for me : High I'm not a BB player at heart, but I love this bote. While the guns are individually underwhelming sometimes, you get 16 of them.. What's that old saying "Quantity has a Quality all it's own" While you may have issues farming citadels with them against other BB's other than at close range, for cruisers they are devastating, and also to any DD's that's foolish enough to get close. Against BB's I've had success with superstructure hits, also with minimal angling you can still get 8 guns on target. Armor: Fair it's armor is is weakness, you can and will bounce shots if you know how to angle, but you're going to take damage, I've played all the tier 7 BB's and it feels the least tanky of them all. That being said in brawls I tend to come out the victor most of the time just by sheer firepower. AA: Decent It has decent-good AA, and with the lack of CV's it's serviceable, you could spec for AA and bump that decent to a good I'm sure. Secondaries: Good-Great So I'm most likely going to be shunned for this, but I am running a partial secondary build in the form of AFT and Manual Fire control (no BFT in favor of concealment) Why? 1. They do good damage, I've had a high damage of around 65K in a match from secondary hits and fires, though 25-35k combined is the norm when I do get in brawls. 2. "But Brand! it's not a brawler! You're doing it wrong!" Very true, but esp at tier 7, you end up brawling in the latter stages of the match, and that added DPS has helped immeasurably, You can't always keep range and lets face it, sometimes you have to push into a cap, I've been in many matches where I've set my secondaries on a cruiser or DD while brawling with another BB, and kill them. Concealment: Fair? 13.2 with concealment expert, I tried not running that skill, but ended up just being a HE pinata.. no fun. Your mileage may vary with that. Final Thoughts I hope this is the tech tree version that goes live, I think people will enjoy the play-style that it offers. I will say I do not like how WG implemented the early release of it, as it seems too much like gambling to me. Apologies for poor grammar and typos.
  10. I've not gotten once since they changed the requirements.
  11. Seems like dev strike and first blood are the most common for just about everyone. My 3rd place is Confederate x424, I was kinda surprised I had x43 double strikes, since I play DD's the least not very common for me to see.
  12. it would be nice if they had detailed achievement stats like WOT, where you can see all the achievements you've received with each ship.
  13. 6 die hard and 6 unsinkable,
  14. Devastating Strike is mine with 600. Solo Warrior 3. I don't even remember getting the solo warriors..