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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Though I don't see how this addresses my question or is in anyways helpful.
  2. Thank you. and yes this is mostly the reason, I also disable the ARP and HSF ships as well.
  3. I looked there, nothing indicating the disabling of viewing rental ships in the filters or in the additional content settings. If I'm missing something please let me know. trying to sort through 200+ ships is bad enough without this rental trash
  4. I have enough issues finding ships in my port without having "rental ship" cluster. any way to disable them? I have no desire to have ships showing up as rentals that I already own.
  5. Just have fun, fun is more important than W/R!
  6. Wow, naughty... bow down aft up...
  7. Unless you count a frisky DD penetrating my aft multiple times with torpedoes that made my lower decks moist, no no I have not.
  8. I'm not even sure how that would work, you'd have to have 2 computers or run 2 windows sessions on one computer... and hit batte at the same time and hope you're on different teams with both accounts... the minuscule amount of times you pull this off would not effect your W/R in any meaningful way.
  9. I know, it sounds crazy. I might even hop back into WOT and attempt to grind some tanks that they have added since I stopped playing 2 years ago, it's one of the reason I stopped playing in the first place as I had all the tier 10's and 38k games and got bored
  10. Thank you, that's what I was worried about.
  11. Good question 1. I don't need silver on my main account as I have some 200 million credits banked, and several hundred thousand free exp. 2. Other than 3 lines I have no interest in there is nothing for me to "unlock" Getting the next bote is more rewarding to me than my stats or winning
  12. So I have a question about multiple Accounts. I enjoy grinding, because it plays well with my OCD Other than the 2 carrier lines and IJN DD lines I've got all the tier 10's Hypothetically if I wanted to make a new account to play until a new line is released is that okay?
  13. Because most people are not here to actually get help, they're looking for validation of their preconceived opinions.
  14. Nice second game! . I have over 600 in mine (can you tell i like the ship) . my average damage is higher than most of my tier 10 cruisers at 83,519 damage.
  15. Kutuzov is the better ship. Harbinger is pretty accurate in his assessment. The Kutuzov gives 0 ducks about being up-tiered. The one drawback is you will be the focus of every ship in range if you're visible.