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  1. Worcester is over the top

    yep, DD's should be limited to 1 salvo of torps and 1 smoke charge while we're at it.
  2. Worcester is over the top

    Having played quite a few games in both Mino and the Wooster, they are both very fragile ships and on par with each-other, any perceived edge in armor that the wooster has is negated by the Minotaur vastly superior heal and get out of jail free card (smoke) HE is an advantage that the wooster has over the Mino, but Mino gets great torps. Lets face I've easily killed both the Mino and a Wooster in a straight up gun battle in an Atago... They are only powerful in certain circumstances and outside those circumstances they are fairly mediocre compared to the other tier 10 cruisers.
  3. Buying the Massachusets

    Git it figured out, for whatever reason I had to log out and back into the game client, then I could log into the website and see the ship. I bought premium time while in game so that may have caused the issue. Thanks for everyone's help.
  4. Buying the Massachusets

    it tells me "item Unavailable"
  5. Buying the Massachusets

    I'm logged into the game website and the premium shop. I've tried 2 different browsers, I've also cleared my cache and cookies. No Mass.
  6. Buying the Massachusets

    I have 90 days of premium time, I do not see it in game or on the website .
  7. hello, I don't see where to buy the USS Massachusetts in the in game shop or website. any help would be appreciated
  8. 155 Ships so far, with a fair amount of premiums. Mikhail Kutuzov Błyskawica Molotov Belfast Gremyashchy Tirpitz Atago Atlanta Fujin Leningrad Missouri Murmansk Imperator Nikolai I Texas Scharnhorst Admiral Graf Spee Ishizuchi Dunkerque Aurora Kamikaze Katori König Albert Duke of York Hood Warspite Saipan Anshan Emden Okhotnik Arizona Mutsu Mikasa Marblehead Nelson Shinonome Sims
  9. Republique is BAD!

    I'm spotty at best in BB's. And think it's a decent ship as it is, the "speed" boost is pretty poor though, it's not much of a boost at all so could use a buff there.
  10. The average player doesn't care about rewards. We just want to blow stuff up or getting better, wows is just a way to blow off steam after a day of work. There is already things in place to bump up coin and xp, and we don't do those as it is. I'm a tater and proud of it.
  11. Republic's terrible armor...

    I've not had issues with it's armor, but them I play mostly cruisers where proper angling and positioning is life and death at every moment. I'm sure people that play mainly BB's might find it requires a different play-style that what they are used too, and that's what makes if fun for me, at least.
  12. Wow, I'm not sure what to make of this thread. Perhaps there is a significant portion of the player-base that just wants to have fun blowing up and being blown up in a online game about warships, adult or otherwise. I defiantly fit into the above category. One nice thing you don't see with the casual "for fun" players is the amount of toxicity you see from some of the stat obsessed players here. It's one of the main reasons I left WoT.
  13. République first impressions

    Can attest to the Pen being nice, In 10 games I think I've had more citadels on conq's than I have with any other BB.
  14. Republique and dispersion

    Play it like a cruiser, the armor is spotty at best. only 8 guns , and a bad rear turret firing arc. In spite of the flaws I'm still enjoying the ship, but the tier 9 is defiantly better.