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  1. My_no_no_spot

    République — French Tier X battleship.

    Unless you're firing HE at that range and pure luck prevails, why would anyone try hitting anything beyond 19km? AP will most likely bounce and you just exposed your position.
  2. My_no_no_spot

    République — French Tier X battleship.

    19.1 second reload is a dud?
  3. My_no_no_spot

    République — French Tier X battleship.

    Wait until you gain the Legendary skill, she is by far my favorite tier 10 BB.
  4. My_no_no_spot

    Soviet Battleships Tiers 8-10 and Lenin WIP

    What is the projected release date?
  5. My_no_no_spot

    619 secondary hits?!?!?!?

    AA and secondary 19 pt captain.
  6. My_no_no_spot

    619 secondary hits?!?!?!?

    Ever see over 1,000 secondary hits in one battle?
  7. My_no_no_spot

    Massachusetts and her secondaries

    Well now how about those secondaries??? Actually quite proud and yes, it's just a Co-Op.
  8. My_no_no_spot

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Mammy all the way. My Alabama cannot achieve this...
  9. My_no_no_spot

    USS Massachusettes

    Remember, more than a fair number of ships here were never actually built nor was a number of ships "performers" like they are here. Being a game not a simulator, a simple key strokes can greatly amplify a ships performance. I'm excited that I spent $55.00 for a ship with a strong secondary build as I was just excited for the purchase of the Alabama with it's AA build. Depending on my mood, it's another ship I can play in this relaxing "game".