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  1. My_no_no_spot

    Thoughts on Ludendorf/Pommern

    I've been interested since first reading about her and I'm wondering if she is still in beta testing? Had she made it to the PT server yet?
  2. My_no_no_spot

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    Just a bit hilarious when you see the number of salty tears flowing. The same type of crying happened when the Atlanta was released, the original Mogami gun configuration, Tirpitz because it was unfair to release a BB with torps, the British cruisers with their smoke consumable, Minotaur and her rapid-fire guns, or radar because no one can ever hide inside smoke again and spam HE....the list goes on and on. Adapt and overcome just like everything else. I feared the Smolensk when I was on the receiving end of her guns, just as I did the Atlanta and Salem but once I earned the ships, they aren't that OP unless you're a good driver. I've lost my Smolensk to many citadel shots from lack of attention and she's squishy. As a DD, I added her to the ship I avoid, just like the higher-tiered French cruisers and their nuclear SAP, Atlanta and her radar and Salem for her strong bow armor, radar, and maneuverability.
  3. My_no_no_spot

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    The 2019 Halloween camo on ships also has active red dots all over now....very annoying.
  4. My_no_no_spot

    Premium shop bundles

    In that case, I apologize and retract my statement. Sorry WG!
  5. My_no_no_spot

    Premium shop bundles

    Too bad WG didn't recognize it as the official end to WWI, the armistice was signed that day I believe. Referring to it as national singles day reminds me of calling it a "holiday" instead of Christmas...pfft!
  6. My_no_no_spot

    Tier VIII Premium Battleship Lenin

    I started off unhappy regarding the Lenin until I started playing her bow in...and she can tank some shots. I've faced every tier 10 BB and throttling/rudder to keep her bow in, I haven't had any issues. When given a broadside opportunity, I hit a Montana for over 54K in one salvo, and multiple citadels. The Gun pen and get penned but If I take out the enemy turrets on a bow to bow encounter, she's bound to turn sideways. I'm impressed with her just DON'T give away your sides, a tier 6 BB almost took me out from full health.
  7. My_no_no_spot

    République — French Tier X battleship.

    Unless you're firing HE at that range and pure luck prevails, why would anyone try hitting anything beyond 19km? AP will most likely bounce and you just exposed your position.
  8. My_no_no_spot

    République — French Tier X battleship.

    19.1 second reload is a dud?
  9. My_no_no_spot

    République — French Tier X battleship.

    Wait until you gain the Legendary skill, she is by far my favorite tier 10 BB.
  10. My_no_no_spot

    619 secondary hits?!?!?!?

    AA and secondary 19 pt captain.
  11. My_no_no_spot

    619 secondary hits?!?!?!?

    Ever see over 1,000 secondary hits in one battle?
  12. My_no_no_spot

    Massachusetts and her secondaries

    Well now how about those secondaries??? Actually quite proud and yes, it's just a Co-Op.
  13. My_no_no_spot

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Mammy all the way. My Alabama cannot achieve this...
  14. My_no_no_spot

    USS Massachusettes

    Remember, more than a fair number of ships here were never actually built nor was a number of ships "performers" like they are here. Being a game not a simulator, a simple key strokes can greatly amplify a ships performance. I'm excited that I spent $55.00 for a ship with a strong secondary build as I was just excited for the purchase of the Alabama with it's AA build. Depending on my mood, it's another ship I can play in this relaxing "game".