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  1. _ECSO_Sgt_088

    619 secondary hits?!?!?!?

    AA and secondary 19 pt captain.
  2. _ECSO_Sgt_088

    619 secondary hits?!?!?!?

    Ever see over 1,000 secondary hits in one battle?
  3. _ECSO_Sgt_088

    Massachusetts and her secondaries

    Well now how about those secondaries??? Actually quite proud and yes, it's just a Co-Op.
  4. _ECSO_Sgt_088

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Mammy all the way. My Alabama cannot achieve this...
  5. _ECSO_Sgt_088

    USS Massachusettes

    Remember, more than a fair number of ships here were never actually built nor was a number of ships "performers" like they are here. Being a game not a simulator, a simple key strokes can greatly amplify a ships performance. I'm excited that I spent $55.00 for a ship with a strong secondary build as I was just excited for the purchase of the Alabama with it's AA build. Depending on my mood, it's another ship I can play in this relaxing "game".