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  1. Help with the Scharnhorst

    Think of yourself as a cruiser on steroids. AP on cruiser and although AP is effective on Battleships, I switch between the two and make them burn. Don't forget about your torps, nose in close to a BB and torps them, you can take the hits when angled right. Obviously avoid showing your sides....
  2. I agree and i believe that is something maybe the original poster was talking about? I'm not sure but to be forced to only use 3 specific countries makes it difficult, especially for newer players. I'm fortunate to have an Atlanta but if you're new, this scenario may be out of your reach....
  3. It's "you're" a fool, "you're a cabbage" not your!
  4. When the 14 other team members die within 2 minutes.

    you may have to go to page 2-4 but yes, just mouse hover over it, no need to click anything.
  6. how to yamato?

    Unfortunately, the way this game operates being a tier X beast, you will be expected to carry. The potatoes and 2 minutes suiciders will scream about noob-ism while you're learning this ship. Play some Co-op and try to understand the angles. Good luck and congratulations brother!!
  7. Musmashme or Roma?

    Great advice!! I jumped in with both feet as soon as the Musashi came out and I'm not enjoying her. I imagined a tier 9 (as close to premium as you can get) would handle a little better. Once your concentrated on, it not only forces you to be a potato but you become a baked potato in no time. Weak AA, slow turning and slow turrets, your aim/lead better be on target for the first volley as the over-pen gods will laugh and your secondaries do nothing to help.
  8. Well, you can stop playing and WG will reward you with a ship in an effort to bring you back (happened to some folks around Christmas). You may have a good idea going there.
  9. Is Yubari worth it?

    You know I haven't seen the Murmansk in a bit but she was my first premium and loads of fun. She was part of the Russian lend/lease program from WW2 and is basically an Omaha. Guns 360 degrees and veryyyy decent ranged torps. Her AA sucks but if you want to earn some credits and light some fires, she's a keeper. I still have her so I think I'll take her for a spin, thank you!!!
  10. Well, I never mentioned "Operations", I said Co-Op. I can tell you are irritated so enjoy YOUR game kid.
  11. Either do very good in Co-Op or you either break even or lose credits.
  12. If you just play Co-Op, you have a LOT of playing to earn the 750K in free XP then. Good luck.
  13. Trying to get better in the North Carolina

    Trying the training room against static targets.
  14. Training room pointers/help?

    Absent team killing in Co-Op, it's a good place to practice regardless. It doesn't cost your account anything and you receive flags as a reward for participating.
  15. Trying to get better in the North Carolina

    At range exceeding 13K-ish, your dispersion is going to be a benefit towards the cruiser you are aiming at. Until he shows his broadside (BB's included), keep your bow aimed at the cruiser, reduced speed and aim for the superstructure. Get him to turn away and prepare for the broadside to shoot but me mindful if he is equipped with torps. For higher tiered BB's, switch to HE and ignite. Stay with a higher tiered BB and support him, be ready to switch to AP should the enemy BB focus on your teammate. It helped me to spec my secondaries with hope this would also ignite them during a close brawl and ward off the pesky DD roaches that roam around. I honestly hated the NC until I learned her strengths, which appears you seem to know.