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  1. Turned out to be a good weekend for some and I went out of state for a family visit.....
  2. cancel....
  3. Awesome illustration. WG should develop a "NOOB" manual and make mandatory reading with a box of tissues, all you hear is the crying from BB's using HE.
  4. My game hasn't even installed the update so it's going to be one heck of a delay....
  5. I ran it through the Universal Translator Captain and that's what she said....
  6. Ok I'll break this down a little bit: Fast, accurate? Most shells are fast or they wouldn't reach their target but accurate? Skill, luck, and RNG-Jesus handle that part. I seem to miss more than I hit based off of poor aiming, mouse movement, ship movement, and dispersion. If it's a BB shooting HE (which is the practice against DD's or the Scharnhorst in normal mode) and even extremely close range against other CA's or BB's, we are given the 2 choices to shoot. Some ships are only given AP so they adjust their play style to reduce ricochets and maximize penetration. Flags and captain skills, on both ends, can help alleviate fire chances or starting fires. Some ships exploit HE and it sucks but that's what makes each ship unique so adjust your play style and try to get a citadel shot.
  7. Does that mean I love your Youtube channel?
  8. Yes it is and depending on your ship, it's more likely to happen but what is worse, a couple fires and a flag or two can help prevent or repair the damage or buff AP like you asked and increase your chance of receiving a citadel'd shot? Every BB's had it's strength's, let alone secondaries that can reach out at 11 KM and that's just a tier 8. You've learned to avoid the Tirpitz near 6km because of torpedo's, now you must try and avoid the RN's firestarters. If all the ships were the same, what would be the point? The RN cruisers can only shoot AP and a lot of bowshot ricochets so they adapt. Same concept here, I try to focus on the RN BB's first knowing I just used my repair and they could lite me up again but it's better than a cit shot to end it entirely fast.
  9. Even though this is "war", reduce the lighting effect, add inclement weather effect like rain (which we see at the beginning of certain battle but stops when the match starts) and activate running lights. The obvious, red for port (the left side) and green for starboard. We would hardly see a silhouette at a fixed distance but fade out beyond a fixed distance. Epicenter, though extremely hated, would force players closer into battle and those too far out will continue being potatoes, nothing we can do about that. Try it like the Halloween mission, having DD's and CA/CL's carry flares (star shells) instead of smoke (since it won't be needed at night) and test it. We already do scenarios, have an extra drop-down for night scenarios on a test server and let's give it a shot, no pun intended.
  10. Shut-down your computer for about 30 seconds, unplug your modem also for 30 seconds. Reboot your computer and after fully booted, plug your modem in. I know it sounds trivial but I also run into that issue since I never shut down my computer, except for lag issues and updates. I haven't had any further issues when I've done this. The problem may not even be on your end, depending if it's cable or DSL and the times you play. Are there other devices pulling Wi-Fi also from your connection? How much are you allotted per month before you get throttled back by your ISP? IP Speed test, line interference try everything you can but start easy and work the complicated out last. The latency issue could be a bad connection at the line outside also. Good luck.
  11. Well, thank you for the input. I know each different page just states "Battles played", nothing specific but no big deal I suppose. Be safe and see you on the battlefield!
  12. I actually enjoy the Monarch, once I realized the strength of her bow armor. I don't like the words nerf when I'm already deep into the Lion....dam!
  13. Why does the forum show I've fought 5838 battles but the website statistics show 4972? It's a difference of 866 battles which is significant....ideas???? https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1000997141-_ECSO_Sgt_088/!/pvp/overview/
  14. You're only as good as your team, sounds like you've had some lousy teams.
  15. Be careful, too much hype and it would be very easy to say, "no mods period!" Do mods help improve some aspects of the game? Absolutely but it would be just as easy for WG to limit mods to the test server only and keep the playing field as vanilla as possible. Mods have helped improve the game and that also comes from the test servers so please tread lightly.