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  1. Falkwa

    Match Making suspicions

    he said his PC doesnt have a tower... its just one of those micro desktop style units
  2. Falkwa

    Match Making suspicions

    ya id look into a new PC. google how to build your own. buy it a piece at a time. its very simple and is far cheaper then going to a box store. i have mine set to a point where i upgrade 1 item on it every year or 2. keeps me updated and the costs more affordable.. heck i bet i even have some take out parts that id let go for cheap.
  3. Falkwa


    no point imo in going AA builds. most of my games the past week or so have had zero..
  4. Falkwa


    just got her as my first X.. suggestions on cpt skills?
  5. Falkwa


    just got my first X.. what cpt skills you recommend?
  6. Falkwa

    Atlanta IFHE or DE

    my lanta cpt is only 14pt.. PT, AR, DE, IFHE, and CE
  7. i also Grew up playing Red Alert 2 online... lol
  8. not from me.. the RTS is what made me play and love them in the first place. those saying that it was too hard must have never played starcraft or many other games
  9. for me CV play died about a year ago when they removed the option for AA or Strike loadouts.. this new rebuild... i sold them all. if i wanted to play a flight sim id play world of planes
  10. Falkwa

    Anyone think new CV play is terrible?

    i sold all of mine except the Pan... only cause it cant be bought anymore
  11. ill trade it for a Mo...
  12. i sold all of mine except the Pan.. just cause well you cant get it anymore and who knows what the future will hold
  13. Falkwa

    New to me Worcester

    i love my atlanta. i just started to grind through seattle.. i wanna play rooster pretty badly
  14. Falkwa

    Best HEAVY CRUISER at Tier V - VII

    my Fav cruisers is the Atlanta and T8 Cleveland... just play them like a DD and shoot rainbows of fire death over rocks
  15. honestly....... dont even waste your time. CV is complete trash now, and has been ever since "strike" loadouts got removed