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  1. World of Warships Crashing entire PC

    Its not Win 10 updates or Anti Virus causing the shutdowns.. Have ran them both off and same results.
  2. World of Warships Crashing entire PC

    Ok, So this has been going on for a very long time ( about 4 or 5 updates back) and I am at my wits end by now. I have everything on SSD's and there is no shortage of ram in the system. I have just done a complete Windows 10 re-install to see if it would help the crashes. I sometimes can play 1 game or sometimes i can play 10 but eventually it is going to Hard restart my PC. No errors, no warnings, no crash report Just a hard stop.. I can tell its going to happen cause the game will freeze, I can still hear in headset then, restart. I am on a 980TI Hybrid video card. Every driver is up to date along with Bios on a MSI X99 REVA Gaming 7 Mobo. I have repaired WoW's files and completely reinstalled the game, still no no avail. There in no temp issues as I have monitored that as well - CPU < 42C. The weird thing is, that after a hard restart from the crash it will normally run an infinite amount of games with no crash, but if I perform a restart on the PC or update causes a restart or power failure, the next restart it will crash out at some point. Just wondered if anyone else has seen this issue. i am now running in borderless windowed mode instead of fullscreen as that was recommended on another forum post. No help at all.
  3. Server Issues

    We are having guys with the same issue.. Got disconnected (Dropped) and can't reconnect
  4. On this latest installer, I am getting alot of 404 errors on downloading mods. So far 3 of them have done it. DUKE Nukem sound Better visibility with white torpedo splashes Contour icons by hackbase- anything to do with them Any ideas what is going on?
  5. Team Killing

    Just my own opinion on this, but I think damage should be re directed to the person that caused the damage, even possibly x2... Lets say they stick to a value of 5k of team damage per round, and after that all damage is doubled back on yourself. If the player does not have 5k left worth of hit points, no damage is given to the player taking damage, but all is applied to the person causing the damage. Yes this means someone could drive right into your torps and cause you to die, but you should not be firing torps that close to a teammate to begin with. Accidents happen, but what we want to stop is the [edited]of team killing, and trolling on purpose. If you cant cause damage to someone else over a certain number, then it will stop.
  6. Guess the new update has caused massive downloads, because the download speed of the mods is horrendous right now.. I have canceled it out several times, but still very slow. 45 minutes is what it saying for 97mb's of mods... I've tested the connection and appears to be fine, its a 50/50 dedicated fiber..