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  1. Oh... so it seems that WG is not only putting the RN behind the soviets but also behind the Germans... most powerful navy for most the the games time? Better put them last... Wargamming seriously?????

  2. Guess who's back

  3. Sorry guys, hectic flying schedule IRL stopping gaming/foruming here :(

  4. For those of you not on the Skype channel; [11:30:36 AM] Nedra/Gaea(NA Associate Producer): (Alpha email has been sent out).

    1. cmcpaulinc


      Good luck to the first batch of new Alpha Testers.

      i did not receive one, but hope to be in the coming batches.

  5. Good luck to everyone for Alpha!

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    2. Crag_r


      Jokes: just good luck to me

    3. cmcpaulinc


      hey hey hey, shed some on me. Please

    4. stealth250


      good luck. I am not going to try

  6. Ah, rather humorous when a user here says he does not care about rep, but makes a topic on the WoT forums for that sole purpose... http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/270934-wg-needs-to-increase-the-neg-rep-per-day-limit/page__p__5232807#entry5232807

    1. cmcpaulinc


      I do not care about rep as long as its positive

      that is why i have never posted a topic ever

    2. stealth250


      Deleted now i think

  7. # Free Edgar 2013

    1. cmcpaulinc


      Free Edgar

      Edgar Allen Poe?

  8. Hi! I see you were asking around a bit on the forums on how to download the game. At the moment the game is not yet in public testing, it is set to go into testing in Q3 of this year at some point. Check out the FAQ for more info on the game

  9. Might want to read the FAQ before making a topic... also you might want to make sense in your topics

  10. Yep, WoWS is totally a scam...

  11. So i hear you do not like the English, you should check out this topic then, after all your post did start what it has become now http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/2081-i-have-a-huge-favor-to-ask/page__st__40#

  12. Hello there again my friend are there new around in our home i've been long gone.

  13. Whats on my mind? A hat

    1. jojokla23


      hehehhe very funny!!!! wait a hat? how could it be?

    2. Cold_Llama


      It better not be a top hat.

  14. Hey Crag finally got around to updating WoWS what times do you get on(Preferably converted in EST USA. I want to fight you

    1. Crag_r


      Updating WoWS? I want to be able to fight you now!

  15. have there been any updates about the game because i have been away

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    2. likeAboss22145


      and also how are you getting better ranks when the game has not started

    3. Crag_r


      Forum ranks are based on the amount of posts you make

    4. likeAboss22145