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  1. So I am writing this as a player who recently returned and started enjoying World of Warships. I was a huge WoT buff(around 160 tanks in garage), and even reinstalled World of Warplanes. Then I notice all kinds of rewards for new or returning players in youtube vids(free Langley CV) and the new one now which grants the Warspite premium and Diana Lima premium ships to new or even just returning players and it makes me think did I screw myself over by coming back a month too soon? I mean it isn't a ton, but it's still a kick to the nads considering I am rocking tier 3-4 with one 5 that I used old free XP to reach. New folks literally get a one up on someone who is a current player supporting the game. It's disheartening and made me not even want to play today and even question the state of things. Shoveling out free ships to newcomers or returners but shafting current players in the process when I just returned feels really bad.