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  1. igafa2001

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    I am getting the same error. It did not happen on collect rewards for me though. I got the error when I tried to get the shipbuilding boost. Tried restarting. Error continues. I have not been able to collect rewards at all. I click on collect rewards and nothing happens.
  2. igafa2001

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    Like many others I am having problems with the research bureau. In the first phase of the PT, I never got the research bureau link in the Armory. In this phase, I have the research bureau with 1,000 tokens. Then in spite of resetting the USA cruiser line and supposedly getting 2x the first time I did it, and 1x the second time and then doing the same to the German line, I have 1,000 research tokens which never changes. Like others, I have closed and restarted the PT without any improvement. I cannot get the French Destroyers to complete their missions. PS: I did do a battle in the Tier X in the Demoines. Still no tokens.
  3. igafa2001

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    I had a strange incident. The welcome screen where you accept your prize of the day locked. I could move the mouse, click on things. Mouse overs dropped the "Back to Port" drop down. But nothing would move. I force quit the game using task manager. I went back in and everything seems normal and there was no crash report.
  4. igafa2001

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    I have the same issue and agree, the game is still massively fun!
  5. igafa2001

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Hi Everyone : Just found a new bug. If you launch your Torpedo bombers with the Hakaryu they do their attacks, and launch the next set before they respawn and get only one bomber, and decide to F out of there and launch either rocket planes or regular bombers, you are stuck. You stay at the CV and you can no longer launch any planes. It just keeps telling you to hit "1" or "3" again and nothing happens. Would you let me know if anyone else experiences this bug? Thank you, Igafa2001
  6. igafa2001

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    I have found the same issue. I have mapped my keypad to 8 - speed up, 2 - slow down, 4 - left and 6 right. After flying the planes for a bit, I find that the CV is going full speed backwards! ~ -14 kts. It makes the CV very vulnerable in spite of giving it a mapped course in the first few seconds of the battle. NOTE : It does follow the mapped course, just backwards. WASD keys also loose their mapping and cannot control anything. In order to play another ship, I need to reload the client and remap the keys. Since, the game does not realize it has messed up, there are no python or log files available. This happened a couple of years ago and it took about 8 updates to get fixed. It will make CVs VERY unappealing, if this is not fixed quickly. That being said, the rockets are very easy to learn how to use. They can hit DDs whereas bombs and torps have great difficulty in hitting the DDs. Thank you, Igafa
  7. igafa2001

    0.7.11 Public Test Round 3

    Reviewing the other comments, I have to say, my own experiences with Clan Battles is similar. Although, I appreciate the work put into this project, it just does not work. I have wasted hours trying to just get a battle going and it would not work. I have no idea how some of the other people ever managed to get clan battles. Between client crashes and frustratingly long wait times, the mode is just not worth it. At this point, my conclusion is that Clan Battles is a major FAILURE.
  8. After re-installation, the game seems to be running again. . .
  9. Reinstallation worked to the point I am playing the live WOWS. I will try the PT later.
  10. I have had two unexplained crashes playing the game. Both times it froze the entire computer. I was trying to play. Ctrl-Alt-Del did not work and I was forced to do a forced shutdown - push and hold the off button until it turned off. I checked for crash files, and there are none. It looks like when the crash occurred there was not even time for the system to generate the report. While writing this report I tried to launch the gaming centre and it said that it could not recover from the error and needed to be reinstalled.
  11. igafa2001

    0.7.10. Public Test Bug Reports

    It took 2 tries to get the client to start. Then I managed to have 2 battles before the client froze. I only started tonight. Not sure what caused the freezing. . . .
  12. igafa2001

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    Hi Everyone : Very fun update. ONE MINUTE POINT! The loading splash page was not updated again. It still shows 0.7.8. And regarding the queried items : Royal Navy Interesting mode. I like the challenge that you need to go through prior to showing up on the hall of fame. In the real game, I believe it will be too time challenging for people with jobs and the like. I loved the prizes and clear explanation of the prizes. I just think that 1 week to get through all levels would work better. Operation "Dynamo" I like the added bot transport boats. I like making the players use a DD was unique and fun. Great ideas!! New Arms Race Mode GREAT NEW MODE! In the tab screen where we have the menu of F com short cuts, and the list of team members, and the point values of the new "BUFF Points" - please remind us of what the buff points mean. I like the challenge of 7v7 - like ranked Map Updates I saw some upgrades. They were novel, and did not affect the game much. Good work. The Thunderstorm Front in Random Battles is excellent. This is a great new weather dynamic. Please continue with these additions. Clan Base 2.0 I tried to make this work. The clan system was just too bothersome and difficult. Interface and Other Changes Much smoother interface Many of the upgrades were in fact upgrades Excellent work. Ship-Spotting Technology I am still getting used to these ribbons. Still, they are good and the instant feedback helps.
  13. igafa2001

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    Just had a freeze of the game client. This was the second one today. There are two crash files. One is 256mb and the other is 8 kb, which is attached. worldofwarships-2018-08-11_15-10-24.crash
  14. igafa2001

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    Hi Everyone : Update, the uninstall reinstall worked. After 2 days, it looks like I am going to play my first battle. Igafa2001
  15. igafa2001

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    Hi Everyone : I have yet to play my first battle. Normally, I run the client and it updates the software. This time it failed to install the update. So, I uninstalled and I am in the middle of doing a reinstall. I will add more information as it evolves. Igafa2001 report-2018-08-03_05-26-40_v0. WargamingGameUpdater.log