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  1. Visidious

    The elusive ranked kraken

    I have a kraken this ranked season using Jean Bart, I think the way this seasons game mode works plays into the favour of a chance for one as ships are tending to be more middle of map in my experience at least
  2. Visidious

    Best ship line to hunt destroyers?

    British DD
  3. Visidious

    8.0 Observation - Pace of Game Changed

    I noticed I was essentially permaspotted all match in my 5.4 km surface detection DD by the constant stream of planes
  4. Visidious

    JB still worth it?

    It’s great for pushing radar cruisers that typically don’t have torps
  5. Visidious

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    Monarch rewards tactical play using stealth to surprise broadside targets with potent AP and equally able to kite away on the retest with over the shoulder HE Its a good striker but not a brawler
  6. Visidious

    World of WRadar - Ranked Flamu Challenge

    Now that DD can Blitz helpless BB it is even more important to create an all seeing matrix of radar to keep those pesky DD at bay and the pweshus BB safe
  7. Visidious

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    Likely not hacks, and stalking a BB for a long time and expecting to get torp hits? This is not a high percentage situation to get torp hits as many BB know when they are being stalked. If your friend plays again maybe he should try a different tactic
  8. I think this would be a fun option for a game mode, maybe give increased rewards
  9. When this has seemed to happen to me it was because I had exited a previous match after I was sunk and entered a new one with a different ship, so the notification that comes up seems to be the loss from the last battle not the current one
  10. My favourite and best DD games are in Asashio where most kills are actually with guns not torps :). With the change to IJN HE Asashio has a little surprise for other DDs that ignore her in a multi boat skirmish and can do well in trades when 1 on 1 and kiting with rear guns, and has enough alpha to finish off a low health DD with a surprise ambush volley from stealth due to spotting advantage. This ship has so many tools to work with and I have several krakens with majority gun work
  11. Visidious

    IJN everything super Squishy

    The biggest error I see IJN cruisers make is opening fire when on an approaching attack angle, and then trying to turn out into a retreating angle when the return fire comes from the enemy. Most experienced players know the “U” shape curve of a turning ship and will do a good job placing a full salvo right at the apex of your turn during the few moments when your ship is perfectly broadside. Dont do that! If you open fire when on an approaching attack vector make sure you have an island to protect your turn, and wait taking extra hits if necessary before turning until it can be safer. For IJN cruisers try creating your escape / kiting angle before your first shot and also play with your speed, a typical ambush barrage would be to get to your comfortable shooting range but still be concealed, get your guns rotated and start your turn, fire when your on the later half of your turn, keep firing until you see return fire, accelerate, keep firing, decelerate, keep firing, if your not taking a lot of accurate fire in return just keep this wsad dance, but if your starting to become concerned just go dark, look at your targets guns, when they are turned away again just do the same thing again to them. IJN cruisers are calculated strikers, the more you think about what your doing he better you will do.
  12. Visidious

    Last update causes hardware issues???

    Could be a coincidence but I had my first game lockup in months last night
  13. Visidious

    Lo Yang Buying Advice Wanted

    It’s Prrhsps the best in its tier at cap bullying but really is not strong in other areas. If you take the longer range torps you can have a 2nd phase to your game doing torping and spotting after your low health from knife fighting. Without the long range torps its very risky trying to torp at lower health
  14. Visidious

    To spend steel, or not to spend steel?

    Oh yea, I was thinking about this being free as it was possible to put them in rental ships from clan wars and they go into your inventory when the ship loaner period ends. My bad
  15. Visidious

    To spend steel, or not to spend steel?

    You can buy the modules while they are cheap and put them in later when you have the coal to buy Salem without using steel