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  1. Visidious

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    I was thinking the opposite, that I used to get over pens all the time and over the last few weeks it feels like fewer :-0
  2. Visidious

    Shima got a buff? Sweet!

    This buff is so Shima have a better chance against submarines
  3. Visidious

    Would this make you uninstall?

    Try adapting to what your team is doing and helping others be successful
  4. Visidious

    Grand finals

    Awesome games and congrats o7
  5. Visidious

    Idea to Make Ranked Less Hostile

    Players vote for match mvp who saves star in addition to highest score
  6. Visidious

    Khabarovsk needs nerf....please comment on khaba here

    Survival of the fittest has resulted in only good Khab captains remaining
  7. Visidious

    Worcester - Long Range Module?

    Long range is handy to melt BBs or camping Moskva / Des Moines otherwise hard to hit at that range, I like the long range
  8. Visidious

    Liking CV Revamp

    It looks way to easy to hit in the videos I saw, almost turning cv into a permanent dot style damage, it didn’t seem possible to miss with even minimal effort / skill
  9. Visidious

    BBs, stop taking Survivability Expert!

    I heard Bots in coop and operations shoot at ships with lower hit points so this skill would help ensure they are shooting your friends which is always worth it
  10. Visidious

    How To Use Teamspeak When There're People Around?

    I can’t talk either as my game room is beside the toddlers bedroom and sleep is easily distupted. I investigated ways to transmit text to speech through team speak, and it looks possible but not sure how practical. There was also an interesting concept to use a sound bird with prerecorded sound bytes that could then be triggered with the press of a.button. I haven’t implemented anything just did some googling
  11. A good example is Edinburgh, it can absolutely wreck T10 cruisers and DDs if it is ignored. T8 need to use more map awareness and play with more of a pack mentality, try to support a ship you think has higher value to the enemy such as a DD, so you are not the target of choice immediately or if you are you can bob and weave while your pack does the work
  12. Russian navy stronk comrades
  13. Visidious

    Lost city of Atlantis found?

    It’s amazing we know more about our galaxy than we do about the bottom of the ocean
  14. Visidious

    Rank battle is pretty silly

    I really enjoy 7v7 so I find ranked to be my favourite game type since clan battles is limited to a relatively small number of hours a week and no guarantee to play.