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  1. I think T9 and T10 are fun. Would you consider playing your T7 ships to grind some credits so you don’t have to sell your Neptune ?
  2. Asashio, I play mine as a cap contester, the spotting advantage is great, the mere presence of this ship pushes BB back or they go to a different cap, and the guns are surprisingly effective.
  3. Visidious

    I think this is farewell

    I don’t mind playing the ships again but it makes no sense they have to be deleted to do so
  4. If your not going forward your not trying hard enough apparently
  5. If implemented as described I will not be playing this game anymore. I think they can find other ways to incentivize continued play and advantage for those that invest the effort that doesn’t involve deleting lines of ships, that is just crazy
  6. Visidious

    This Sync Dropping is getting out of control.

    This is exactly what I’ve observed, I came across a nest of 6 ships all in the same spot, not firing at each other, surprise same clan
  7. Visidious

    AA since 8.5

    I saw a T8 CV do about 10k to a Montana in a recent match with bombs, was enough to finish the Montana off, so clearly they are able to get through. What is most likely is that attrition of AA defence on ships will make a difference more than ever so mid to late game CV could be more effective in certain situations, and early game they could have some side effects of yolo tactics with their squadrons if they are too aggressive, just like the rest of the ships out there
  8. Visidious

    So got me an Atlanta. ..

    Works best when shooting DDs at close range or camping BB at long range. Have to choose targets wisely
  9. Getting nuked for 10k by rockets in the first 2 minutes when playing my DDs
  10. Visidious

    Thinking about buying tier VIII Battleships.

    There are many great T8 ships but T8 may not be the most fun experience due to match making. My advice is to get the North Carolina through advancing in the line, it is a great ship, as good as any T8 premium BB, and you will learn a lot on the way and be in a better position to know if you want to invest in a T8
  11. A nice compromise would be to give a coupon on the 22nd and a new one on the new date :)
  12. I am confused about why this is a good idea. Anyone with a coupon would have gotten a new one and therefore could still make a purchase. Anyone who already used their coupon has possibly been waiting for the previous date to get something (like me) and now has to wait longer.
  13. Visidious

    If you could change the meta on NA servers

    Introduce ships from the age of sail
  14. Visidious

    Five Bots and an AFK

    How would this help, I don’t understand how adding queue time would address the problem?
  15. Visidious

    Its the Weekend....Yay

    As a carrier at least the other carrier is also not really going to be any better off than you are, may need to adjust tactic when up tiered to more of a spotting role in support of your fleet movements and objectives