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  1. I can’t talk either as my game room is beside the toddlers bedroom and sleep is easily distupted. I investigated ways to transmit text to speech through team speak, and it looks possible but not sure how practical. There was also an interesting concept to use a sound bird with prerecorded sound bytes that could then be triggered with the press of a.button. I haven’t implemented anything just did some googling
  2. A good example is Edinburgh, it can absolutely wreck T10 cruisers and DDs if it is ignored. T8 need to use more map awareness and play with more of a pack mentality, try to support a ship you think has higher value to the enemy such as a DD, so you are not the target of choice immediately or if you are you can bob and weave while your pack does the work
  3. Russian navy stronk comrades
  4. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    It’s amazing we know more about our galaxy than we do about the bottom of the ocean
  5. Rank battle is pretty silly

    I really enjoy 7v7 so I find ranked to be my favourite game type since clan battles is limited to a relatively small number of hours a week and no guarantee to play.
  6. I started to enjoy it once it was fully upgraded and I actually was a little sad to have to sell it to afford the Yamato.
  7. Playing a captain that is not 19 pts is far from the worst thing that is going on at the helm of a T10 ship, I’d say it is better for people to avoid playing their ships in coop as that doesn’t really teach much about how to play the game at higher tiers, so there is just a new problem of having spent a ton of time leveling captains in coop and forgone the learning those matches could have offered as an additional benefit if they were done in random or ranked or clan battles.
  8. Worcester weakness in 7v7 is lack of spotting due to fewer ships so its island hugging game limits its visibility unless it gets good spotting, and Worcester can’t really defeat any other cruiser 1 v 1
  9. fears of tier 10 ranked battles

    The best way to defeat a Worcester is to not be afraid and go straight at it the closer you get the greater your advantage
  10. Ranked season 10 will be worse

    I get the T10 thing wargaming is wanting to emphasize for lots of valid reasons, but there are also lots of valid reasons that people who have lots of T10 ships probably would appreciate a break from playing the same ships all of the time from an overall enjoyment and variety in the game perspective. Im definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed but it seems like there should be more creative ways to get the business model benefit of T10 ships and still also recognize the value of the lower tiers and fun that comes from the different ships and meta across the spectrum of tiers. If they really want T10 to be gate, they could at least let it go by making the tiers to reach rank 1 more varied and interesting, such as tier 10 required for a certain band of ranks, like 3 or 4 ranks somewhere in the rank 10 range, and then more variety on either side of it. Who cares about balance issues at other tiers if they are just a few ranks on the scale, let’s have some fun.
  11. Looking for a Budget GPU...Suggestions

    It can be really hard to find older cards now days
  12. How to buy Enterprise

    I don’t think the game is too complex for most people to grasp quickly, a reasonably smart person can do just fine in a higher tier match with a few hundred battles of experience no problem.
  13. What things factor into concealment theoretically? The profile of the ship, the amount and density of smoke? The height above surface ? The color ?
  14. 33% win rate in 42 games

    May need to try a different ship than Bismarck if it’s not clicking for you or watch some YouTube vids for tips to improve
  15. Potatoes Spamming Report

    It doesn’t matter what someone’s win rate is, being able to control the desire to type offensive or demeaning things in chat is a higher reflection of quality