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  1. Pretty sure you have to make up for the negatives to net total above zero. Lets hope there is a floor that limits how far negative you can go
  2. Best BB dd killer?

    Devastatating strike Khaba glory
  3. Best BB dd killer?

    I’d say the Montana is the absolute best
  4. Should be fairly easy to program camping BB, yolo DD and broadside blap! cruisers
  5. Is this a deal, or a deal? etc

    I have a few ships I really enjoy that are optimized with premium camo and 19 pt captain, I stack up flags on this small number of ships that I play often and they basically fund the rest of my fleet. Worst thing that can happen is buying a premium ship or a premium camo and then not play the ship much. As for the best way to earn credits, my experience is that it is with either a premium ship like Missouri, Kronstadt, Musashi or a T10 with premium camo you will play every day. I made over 40million credits just playing ranked last ranked season
  6. Captain XP and credit earning are the benefits I get out of premiums, and yes sometimes the captain skills are not ideal when swapping but it’s tolerable! And once you get a 19 point captain the next one comes faster and it becomes exponential. Credits are a real issue as you get up to the higher tiers and if you play multiple lines, so any time you spend in your premiums is earning bank for your later indulgences
  7. Very nice! You should also enjoy Fiji, I’m working on Fiji now and find that it is a strong ship, don’t seem to use torps as much in Fiji as I did with Leander. From your story it’scear your in the moment and making decisions quickly with situational awareness, this will pay off big time across all the ships, especially DD if you play those
  8. Finally got my first T10!

    Enjoy Roon it is a great ship as well. Room, Alsace and Fletcher have been the most enjoyable T9-10 journey for me
  9. Finally got my first T10!

    Congrats and great choice for your first T10 you will not be dissapointed
  10. Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    Bad sigma can compensate for bad aim :)
  11. My all time best was a 310k game in ranked so there were only 7 ships worth of HPs and it was a win as well. Still remember that match vividly, conqueror AP ;)
  12. Ships that get no love!

    Old Pensacola
  13. Any clans out there willing to take someone in with the following characteristics ? Interested in clan wars Very average but reliable performance Cannot speak on voice chat but can listen and follow orders Active every day Several T10 ships to choose from but not all Decent grasp of strategy and willing to learn
  14. Detention while having flag equipped

    Is it still possible to have a detonation rate greater than 0 with the flag on? Are there any +detonation chance effects from other things ?