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  1. If you want to mow down dds you need manual fire, if you just want to farm damage then you don’t need it. In ranked it really can be the difference to secure DD kills and protect against DD torp yolos
  2. Slower speed and more health can give the impression that BB have the best life as they don’t have as many early to port moments, but the reality is that a high skill DD or CV can carry the match while a BB rarely ever can
  3. Visidious

    Halland captain skills?

    As a DD with no smoke RPF is a life saver if your planning to contest caps, to have better info about the likelihood of encountering a DD as you make an approach and help to preemptively torp an enemy DDs most likely capping position, Holland can be a fierce anti DD threat with torps in capping situations and RPF helps with this a great deal.
  4. Wait until Russian CVs with their flying Smolensk squadrons
  5. Visidious

    How to Japan? (Ship lines)

    That campaign may be best left for later so you can play a line that better suits your style
  6. Visidious

    Great Tier 10 Players!-Best Ever

    At least the CV is going to cap A there is hope
  7. Visidious

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    Detected is good enough for me, I don’t take PT on any ships
  8. Visidious

    Which Line Should I Grind Next?

    I recommend Japanese DDs if you liked Russian dds, a completely different DD experience :)
  9. Your mouse or keyboard may be capable of making a toggle macro or button function so you can toggle the fire button on and off with a single press
  10. I’m sure wow classic is having an impact , as well as clan and ranked battles. I doubt it is more complicated than these factors
  11. Visidious

    Battleships are a disappointment

    BB are definitely capable of being the most powerful ship on the map but it’s perhaps more important to also be smart and a team player now than ever to be effective
  12. Visidious

    After 6K games, I asked myself... wth am I doing here

    Those are decent stats for solo random. look up many Unicum players and find that they tend to average around 55 percent when solo and 70 plus when in their divisions
  13. Visidious

    Battleship Damage Control Key to Wins?

    It’s not intuitive, but high damage games can happen easily when losing as you have access to more enemy health pool versus when a lot of your team mates are still around and the enemy is few. This is part of why people often post their damage record games on this forum but they lost the game.
  14. Funny moment from Flambass stream related to aiming technique https://clips.twitch.tv/IcyCoweringMartenShazBotstix
  15. Visidious

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    Don’t worry about where the ships stand in terms of stats, the US ships stats are pulled down by the large number of new players that start with that nation. Enjoy whatever tier you are at, work on understanding the game and reflecting on your decisions and improving your skills and over the long haul this game can provide enjoyment and sense of accomplishment for years.