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  1. For me it depends on what ships you want to play a lot over the next while considering all game types. The payoff comes from the number of games played so I think that is important. Teir 10 is a good investment given the number of games played at tier 10 in ranked, random, clan wars Lower tier premiums are great and can participate in ranked occasionally but not as certain? Maybe get the T10 camo on your fav T10 and a premium if you have enough for both?
  2. Thanks a few people have straightened me out on this, has not felt like things work that way in game but probably just frustration clouding my logic circuits
  3. Irrevocable ranks are for people like me to end the season on never quite able to replicate that one miraculous session where I climbed to my best ever rank only to landslide back to 10
  4. Republique, Moskva or Shimikazi?

    They are all good, very different ships, you must have a preferred ship type ?
  5. Thank you this is very helpful info for me
  6. Definitely Minotaur, but only when in smoke. i think it’s rediculous that someone can see out of smoke but not into it
  7. Finally got Kraken!!!

    Orion or Gulio Caesar are kracken machines :) I guess Orion has been nerfed though
  8. A better place to play

    What do you think about NA, any reason why you play on NA ?
  9. A better place to play

    100 ping from Germany on the Eu server ? I wonder what the ping is for an NA player on the EU server(s)
  10. I am in a similar situation, I have a nest egg of free xp and I currently have the New Orleans with about 80k on it so far. it will cost me about 200k free xp to get the Baltimore and all upgrades. I think it is absolutely worth it to at least have the Baltimore in port, the rest is more about your interest in playing stock ships. Im with another poster re: Musashi, perhaps see what upcoming free xp ships look like before buying musashi ? Musashi is not getting glowing praise ? Free xp is so hard earned or expensive !
  11. A better place to play

    It would surprise me if the ping is less than 100 ms for people, although this isn’t a fast paced game I think ping is still somewhat important
  12. Situation Report - Ranked Battles

    Not tempted to try a few rank 10 matches ? I really like 7v7 so if I am going to play I will choose ranked over random anytime just for the different team size.
  13. Aegis tactics

    I’ve never done this mission before and simply told everyone I will follow their lead, 5 stars first try, feels a lot easier than last week’s mission ?
  14. I pay the 200k credits each time and use commander xp flags, typically your completing the retaining for the captain in a reasonable amount of time and really I can’t see any other way to get a captain to 19 unless you have premiums you like to play a lot. You can have a 17 pt captain by just spending the 200k each time based on my experience at least, when you get to T 10