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  1. I have no idea what I’m doing in these operations, I go in, shoot everything I can see and so far have won with 5 stars every time except one 4 star finish. If there are any specific things that are required other than shooting everything then I’d say that is not very clear to people.
  2. The weekends, what can be done?

    What about a personal ranking of some kind, where ranking on the XP list awards points that contribute to a personal rating and the MM tries to put people in matches that are within a rating band? I am not the greatest player in the world as my stats can attest, but holy moly, it is hard to explain unless experienced first hand how epiclly horrible things can go on the weekend. I play for fun so I don’t get too stressed, but is is so hard to explain how half the team can be dead in the first 5-7 minutes time after time. What can be done? I can’t think of much that isn’t elitist, and I’d probably be barred from playing with the good players anyhow, but I wonder if something could be done.
  3. My record is 7, and usually have zero lol. My problem is I am just an average player, I always play in a team oriented way though, but clearly I’m doing things that others are down voting me for, it’s a bit of a mystery to me as I am almost always in the top half of the score board
  4. I think this has made a difference for me, thanks !
  5. Kidd or Des Moines

    Do you like to camp behind islands or move around. demoines is a campy ship while the Kidd is dynamic, these ships couldn’t be more different, so really you should be able to easily determine which suits you on your own
  6. Only if CV captains have to switch to first person cockpit view and manually fly planes to perform this balls of iron tactic as currently they are blowin ships up from the comfort of the edge of the map so this first person experience seems appropriate
  7. For all the Division Naysayers

    I would think the hardest part is actually finding all the enemies before others get to them as I assume your division is moving in a coordinated way so therefore not able to engage all the enemies very efficiently. The rest of the team must have been unable to kill any but must have weakened most of the ones your division didn’t engage initially, so essentially creating conditions to mop the floor with worn out ships others fought first. This seems more like inadequacy of others more than overwhelming advantage of a division.
  8. Schors, and consider starting a different nations BB line if your not enjoying he German play style, it’s not for everyone. Also consider trying a DD as your alternative to Schors as part of getting better at a BB may come from a deeper understanding of other ships
  9. Whens Season 9 of ranked coming!

    I didn’t think about the cruiser situation, but now that I reflect on that I agree that the Tier 6 cruisers are squishy and don’t turn well, if I’m recalling correctly
  10. Whens Season 9 of ranked coming!

    The past 2 were Tier 7 and 8 Tier 6 would be fun but I’ve not been keeeping track of ranked to know when T6 may have been played last. T9 would be fun however there are not many T9 premium ships and I think that is an important dimension of ranked for both players and Wargaming.
  11. Best high tier Battleships

    Interesting info ! seems they are all fairly close when people who are interested in ranked play are at the helm and in that environment
  12. Best time to play battleships

    Never get enough battleships and citadels
  13. T10 is not necessarily more fun than earlier tiers, so from that perspective I would not recommend using extraordinary measures to get there. every Tier can be fun
  14. Lag issues since 7.2

    For me both FPS and ping fluctuate wildly once the choppyness sets in, usually after around 6-8 matches
  15. Aigle fan club thread

    I was thinking the arcs would be ideal for firing from cover when available, this ship should be quite strong in any cap where there are islands that can be fired over