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  1. Skpstr

    Please fix Carriers

    Isn't this particular popcorn a little stale by now lol?
  2. Skpstr

    Please fix Carriers

    Who the hell cares about planes lasting a little while after the CV does, when we've been used to it for 2+ years? We're about to be inundated with hybrids, Dutch airstrikes, and janky subs that travel at SSN speeds and fire homing torpedoes. How about we stick to horses that haven't died and been beaten to a unrecognisable pulp? You know, have a 2021 discussion, instead of a 2018 rehash?
  3. Skpstr

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    For 20 seconds, then they're vulnerable while it cools down.
  4. Skpstr

    Team damage removal side effect

    Agreed. Just make the number needed for the penalty one more than the combined total of shells and torps for a single salvo. That way in a match, you can completely unload on a teammate once if you feel it necessary lol.
  5. Skpstr

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Lol true enough. I'm just lucky enough to have a schedule that prevents conflicts :D
  6. Skpstr

    The number of DDs in a match

    Me neither, learned it here, (and actually, if you're driving a radar ship, you still wouldn't know, but you might wonder why your teammates aren't shooting the DD lol) but you can see when a teammate radars, the DD initially appears as only an outline icon on the minimap. For the first 6 seconds, only the radar ship has the DD spotted for firing at. To be fair, spotting damage isn't really a big deal, since once the ship you're spotting shoots back at whoever shoots at it, gun bloom means you're no longer the one spotting. Where you can really rack that up is if you get behind the enemy, and keep ships spotted that are trying to go dark. (and thus not shooting) And yeah, DDs are different, it's rare for me to not be shooting as often as possible in a BB or CA/CL, but it's often better to play the long game in a DD. You have to be willing to do little at times, so you're still around when it's time to do something really only a DD can do. The longer a match goes, the fewer ships remains and the greater a DD"s power grows.
  7. It's probably just coincidence, but playing Strasbourg in Ranked, I'm printing First Blood and High Caliber achievements, usually I'm more of a Dreadnought or Fireproof kind of guy lol.
  8. Skpstr

    Abusive purple players

    Ok, so you believe they created a whole new mechanic for the 40% rule, instead of using an existing mechanic detailed in a patented process they created for that very reason? The thing is, the patent covers ways to manipulate the MM to increase player satisfaction. It gets a negative rap because everybody seems to assume that the only way to do that is to make players win more. The patent is all about increasing player satisfaction by adjusting tiering, which is exactly what the 40% rule does. And unless you're a true superuni, that will have zero effect on who wins the match. That's the other issue, Dunning-Kruger rears its ugly head, and mediocre players somehow think that being placed as bottom tier instead of top makes them less likely to win. TL:DR the patent is being used, for its intended purpose, which is something beneficial to the players. Not to "rig" matches, it doesn't have that functionality, except indirectly and by coincidence.
  9. Skpstr

    Abusive purple players

    Or, "some of us have a more refined sense of ethics" lol. You would have to have a certain level of demonstrated competence to get him to do business with you in the first place.
  10. But how many times have you got stuck in a spot you didn't get stuck in the 284 previous times you were there? I mean, that eastern channel in Strait? I used to be able to run a CV through there on autopilot. Now, playing the map over and over again in Ranked, every 2nd match somebody from one team or the other (sometimes both) is getting stuck there.
  11. Skpstr

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Ha ha, no my friend! Unlike the rest of the playerbase, you haven't yet figured out that it's not a choice between the game and sex, but the game and sleep! Seriously though, I do pretty much all my gaming once the wife and child are in bed. (for best results, have a significant other that starts work 2-3 hours earlier than you do lol)
  12. Skpstr

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Ah ok, I thought you were talking about main guns. Tanks (and arty with BBs) were what I felt like I was playing in Steel Ocean. I liked the manual secondaries, but TBH, the WoWS ones could be tuned to be just as effective, letting you focus on driving the ship and using the main guns.
  13. Skpstr

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Yeah, [edited]:Ground Forces-style gunplay. Whose bright idea was it to make it so a ship was more accurate when stopped, like [edited]:Ground Forces or WoT? I could see making the reticle bloom while traversing or elevating the guns, but once they stop, you shouldn't be penalised simply for moving. I will admit that the sub gameplay was decent. With the air tank mechanic, and the slow speed, I was able to survive quite awhile in a Nassau vs. 2 subs, and was doing appreciable damage. (Manual secondaries were very handy)
  14. Skpstr

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Sidney Powell, is that you?... (no offense, but I just couldn't resist lol)
  15. Not to sound chauvinistic, but I dunno if you want to see a girl that would down malt liquor like that lol.