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  1. Skpstr

    Top five commander skills

    I agree, unless you know for a fact that nobody is. That's the whole point of PT, not so much to know that people are aiming at you, but to know that nobody is. If nobody is shooting at me, I can make a turn, I can get closer to increase my chance of hitting with torps, I can cross a stretch of open water safely, etc. I don't typically drive ships known for their DPS, so I usually avoid damage races. I often do so by knowing when nobody is going to shoot me, because that allows me to position better. But that's why it's up to the individual. If your playstyle is such that knowing that nobody is going to shoot you is irrelevant, and you often find yourself in slugging matches where DPS is critical, then I can certainly see why you'd prefer PM over PT. Having said that, I typically have both on CAs, because the lack of need for a third (even second in some cases) 4pt. skill, gives me more points to spend on "cheap" skills.
  2. Skpstr

    Top five commander skills

    Depends what kind of DD, and how close the enemy is. If you're driving a Minsk 14km out, 3 is barely worth noticing.
  3. Skpstr

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Padding may skew overall stats in an e-peen comparison, but it depends why you're comparing. If, say, I'm using MMM to formulate a strategy, and that player is in the game, it doesn't matter if he only plays under ideal conditions, because if I'm facing a team with him on it, the conditions are ideal for him by default, or he wouldn't be there. And of course, anyone who actually cares about the stats somebody shows off is going to be aware of padding potential, and look more closely. It's like if you pull into a party with a rare muscle car, but the front end is actually from a different year of car. The people you fool, don't really care about what car you pulled up in anyway. Those who do, will notice the wrong body parts on the car.
  4. I would assume it's a money thing. How much does it cost to make a truck California Compliant? Probably a lot less than it costs to make a ship stop in 5 lengths rather than 20. And also, trucks are mass produced "on spec". Ships are built to order by their owners. If you're only going to be shipping between specific countries that have less stringent standards, why tack an extra mil onto the price of the ship?
  5. Skpstr

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    To be fair, if that happened, it would just move the bar as far as what is considered "decent". A low WR player is not considered "bad" because they have a low WR, but because they do things (or don't) that earn them a low WR. If all the players below a certain WR disappeared, then you wouldn't have to do (or not) as many things wrong to earn that same WR. You would still be a decent player. Unless, of course, you're just "STATS!!!!" and don't really care about enjoyable gameplay. IOW, low WR would be less of an indicator of suckitude, because even the worst WR players would be decent. Just ignore the shamers, try to win as far as you understand what needs to be done, and carry on.
  6. Skpstr

    This is not fun anymore

    Git gud skreb!
  7. Skpstr

    World of Battleships

    Maybe they were practicing AA defense tactics for after the rework?.....
  8. Yup, there's always going to be people that are farther behind because they started later. If only I could buy a brand-new 60s muscle car for $5k.....
  9. Skpstr

    cv opt out

    Lol there's tough, and then there's just plain silly. You guys need more of us sensible Canucks over there lol. That's the one I was thinking of, our only close call was 1812, basically a draw!
  10. Skpstr

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    Hit points are for sissies I tell ya!
  11. Skpstr

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    Well there's the issue right there. Get all the mental midgets to stop playing DDs, and maybe more people will come around to your way of thinking. I am curious though, why should BBs dominate? No historical/realistic mumbo jumbo please, that ship got left at the bottom of the harbour several years ago.....
  12. Skpstr

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    If WG truly gave up on trying to fix that, (I think that's what I read as the reasoning for the radar change) does that mean we'll never speak of the rest of the balancing issues?
  13. Skpstr

    cv opt out

    True, but we've never lost one, and "zed"-28 sounds way cooler than "zee"-28.... Plus we both play pro football, 'cept we got bigger balls and a longer field, and one less down! (dunno if you'll get the reference lol)
  14. Their "policy" is simply that they prefer to avoid nerfing premiums. Besides a policy isn't a rule, and even more likely to have exceptions.