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  1. I've only played it one afternoon. My 10-year old nephew brought his Nintendo Switch over, I hooked him up to a TV, and I installed it on my PC. I just can't take it seriously, due to all the jumping around and shotgun spamming. I swear every time I got killed was by somebody boinging around until they got within shotgun range, if they weren't already.
  2. That's right. Everyone knows the new millenium is seeing common sense and decency being replaced by rules lawyering, so why even ask? No wonder we need so many rules governing behaviour, we've let our sense of what's appropriate atrophy, and now need to be told.
  3. Play Fortnite seriously? Is that even possible lol?
  4. Just keep at it. The nice thing about this game is that the enemy team usually runs the full spectrum of skills, so while you will get your butt handed to you, once you learn the game better, you can start handing other people theirs. Just keep your expectations realistic. You can have a great game and get rewarded well, without killing a single ship.
  5. Pensacola needs a buff

    We've already learned to play it twice. The third iteration is the worst, even with the first version, even though you were spotted further out than most BBs, you could shuck and jive and still shoot. Not interested in learning it again, as an inferior version, I sold mine.
  6. That's the problem for me, gauging the height. (range) If I focus too much on squinting into the smoke (figuratively) I get blapped lol. As I said though, not a big deal, I'm happy with my capability to cope with smoke. I think some people have the impression that being able to deal with a mechanic means never being screwed over by it, when really, it doesn't matter how good you are at dealing, you'll still get worked over from time to time. And that's ok. It's like fire. I don't usually have an issue with it, but sometimes circumstances are against you, and you burn to a crisp despite doing all the right things.
  7. Problem is, they've had to do enough "fantasy" stuff to make DDs viable. With what you'd have to do to make frigates viable....
  8. Pensacola needs a buff

    Did you change jobs?
  9. To be fair, I'm sure most people can't shoot into smoke for crap, I know I can't. (but I still try anyway, sometimes I get lucky) But that still doesn't make me helpless. If I have torps, I can use them. I can charge the smoke, and the closer I get, the more it limits the enemy's spotting of me. I've also rammed my share of DDs in smoke with a larger ship. Or you can just angle to minimise the number of hits, leave any fires burning, and seek cover. Smoke is only as bad as the OP claims if you try to operate as if it isn't there.
  10. You can be 7km away from a DD on the other side of an island, and it can see you perfectly. You can have a concealment value of 5km, and a DD 7km away can shoot you. You're not being spotted by him, you're being spotted by his teammates. It works both ways, except you can't be spotted by anyone in smoke, unless somebody is close enough. If none of his teammates are spotting you, the DD in smoke can't see you either.
  11. Because nobody can see the DD, it can't be targetted. The DD can shoot you, because ine of his teammates has you spotted. If one of his teammates has you spotted, the DD can spot you whether he's in smoke, behind an island, or 25km away. It's all the same.
  12. T8 - 10 Players

    As long as you realise the breakdown's gonna be about the same no matter what tiers you play. And while we appreciate the data, it's certainly not a revelation of any kind. If anything, I'm surprised there's as many above average players by comarison as there are.
  13. You can count on my support to get any ship that I own buffed.