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  1. Skpstr

    Rules of Navigation

    This is true, however, those that are in command of real naval vessels are highly trained, and probably know those rules by heart. Most importantly, a captain on a real bridge observes and delegates. He isn't trying to lay the guns while steering the ship himself. The frustration of "no-fault" penalties (which is solely about the "principle of the thing", as the actual tangible consequences are all but nonexistent) is preferable to the far larger frustration players would have from being penalised according to some specialised set of rules few are conversant with. IOW, where people can be injured or killed, and millions of dollars worth of liability are at stake, you need rules. For bumper boats? Not so much.
  2. Skpstr

    Graf spee Doubloon value

    It's the way they've done things for awhile. If you pay dubs/cash for something you already have, you get dubs. Otherwise, it's credits.
  3. Skpstr

    The "worst" ships in the game

    To be fair, Nicholas is probably my favorite T5 DD..
  4. Skpstr

    Please please WG implement a freakin CV filter

    You completely lost it because you said something completely untrue to somebody, (why would you think being in a DD would save you from a CV, when DDs are their priority target?) and they showed you how wrong you were, and then threw a variation of your own words back at you? That's what happens when you poke the bear lol.
  5. Skpstr

    The "worst" ships in the game

    He said best DD in tier though, and Kami is T5.
  6. Skpstr

    Win More vs Win Harder

    I think it depends. I don't use secondaries for melting ships and brawling, (I try to avoid it TBH) but for point defense. Most of the time, DDs and CLs that get mauled and sunk by my secondaries are on the opposite side of my ship from where my guns are pointed. It allows me to battle two ships at the same time. IOW, I don't use secondaries as a supplement to my main guns, but as an additional independent weapon system. That's why I don't bother with secondaries on many BBs, if they aren't capable of timely disposal of a DD, there's really no point.
  7. Skpstr

    Disappearing Targets

    Lol yup, even better when you shoot at something else, and immediately after the shells leave the barrel, the original target pops up again! I think I do it to myself sometimes, the target ship is on a straight course, at the edge of detection, and my random anti-torpedo maneuvers bring me back and forth over the detection line.
  8. Skpstr

    Which Coal BB to take

    Lol I know exactly what you mean. I have to consciously hold back to 3/4 throttle, unless I actually need to go faster. Seems so to me too, although I only have a few games in Thunderer.
  9. Skpstr

    Which Coal BB to take

    To be fair, I don't find it any squishier than Iowa, and it's definitely less clumsy than Musashi or FdG. As for the health pool, IMO, it's balanced out by the ridiculous cooldown on the heal. Same. Although I play Georgia the same way. At range, I can use all 6 guns without too much trouble, and the accuracy gives me just as many or more solid hits than Iowa with 50% more barrels, not to mention a 3+ second faster reload. Where I do have some issues is close-in. When most of your shells are going to hit anyway, having 6 barrels instead of 9 is not as useful. (especially since the 18" guns don't have all that much alpha over the 16")
  10. Skpstr

    Unique Upgrades ... More Details?

    They could, but then you get a situation where the people with 5+ T10s and paying to convert to FXP have a clear-cut advantage over those with fewer T10s and less/no spending.
  11. One thing that strikes me as odd, you can't control your CV and planes at the same time, because WG doesn't believe the average player capable of it. But at least that only affects the relatively small number of CV players. Yet they've no problem with adding a ships type that adds complexity to the gameplay of every ship type lol.
  12. Well yes, that is an issue for some players. Never experienced that, my pet peeve is tracking a ship, and just as I go to fire, it changes to a nearby different ship for no particular reason lol.
  13. To be fair, unless it's a T4 CV, without some skill, those ships that are supposed to have good AA, in fact do. And TBH, hitting a target with planes is no easier than hitting one with guns. The only real skill difference required, is that ships require more skill to position in such a way as to hit as often as planes. When you get that close in a ship, it isn't skill that saves you, it's that your intended target has either chosen to shoot at somebody else, or they are lacking a level of hand-eye coordination.
  14. I dunno lol, who wouldn't want to bully other ships with a supercruiser?
  15. 3 subs per team may be a limit WG has set.