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  1. I don't have to imagine, I play Katori! (what? It was free lol) Actually, besides the South Carolina, Langley, Katori, are there any ships that go below 20 knots? Although, I kind of know what you mean, I feel the same about high tier BBs, if I want to drive a dump truck, there's better games.
  2. Skpstr

    Premium Izumo?

    My feeling is, the people buying this are mainly going to be divided between those that don't know any better, and those that can't help themselves lol.
  3. Skpstr

    Premium Izumo?

    I dunno, it was pretty obvious to me. It's a no-brainer that the Chinese are no less intelligent than anyone else, what other reason besides economic/political conditions would prevent them from building such a ship? And why was some other reason the first thing to pop into your head? Also, China isn't a race. Asians are though, and Asians built the Yamato, so again, it's obvious that there's no racism implied.
  4. Skpstr

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    The last time I did that, it took me a second to realise why my New Mex was suddenly swapping paint with a capsized Omaha lol.
  5. Skpstr

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    You deserved worse for playing Co-op! Lol j/k. If I get pink, I just play Randoms in a non-torp ship, and make sure to pass behind any late loaders when leaving the spawn.
  6. Skpstr

    Hard to have fun lately

    Maybe try some new lines, and stick with mid tiers. More forgiving gameplay generally means better fights, unless you're a good player.
  7. Skpstr

    Hard to have fun lately

    Nah, you just pay when you need to. I paid once I started grinding T9s. Got a pair of T10s, I ground a couple more T9s, then found high tiers not to be as fun as they were when I first started playing them. Noticed I had pretty much all the mid-tier ships I wanted, and I'm better at the game now, so new mid-tiers aren't painful to grind. (when I have to, always get at least the T5 in pre-release, just ground Sinop from free Izmail, didn't take long with signals and camo) So I stopped paying, no need to anymore.
  8. Good point. What the OP really wants is a new category: Total Damage. To be fair, if all he wants is it tallied on the screen, with no other changes, sure, why not? It doesn't have to affect average damage in the API.
  9. Never mind every class, how about between ships in the same class? Or, put another way, I'll support the OP 110%, if he agrees to grind the IJN BB and CA lines.
  10. As I said, you're new around here. Even if you somehow got WG to do this, the result would be such that you'd regret ever mentioning the topic.....
  11. Who cares? The vast majority of players don't play scenarios where damage counts like that. You want that for CB, knock yourself out.
  12. Who says this is a wargame? It's a red vs. blue online 3rd-person shooter, with accurate and detailed warship avatars. You want a wargame, Matrix Games are over there.....
  13. Because that would mean that CVs only get rewarded for damage done by ramming or secondaries? Look, no offense, but you're relatively new here. Have you ever heard the saying, "be careful what you wish for, it may come true"? Here's a likely scenario: plane damage starts getting rewarded decently. Average rewards go up. One of two things happen at this point. WG decides that we're making too much XP/credits, and hikes costs somewhere else to compensate. WG decides that we're making too much XP/credits, and lowers rewards for ship damage. Now, ships that can barely chip the paint on a plane get shafted. If there's no CVs, everyone gets shafted. Can anyone honestly tell me that I'm way off base? On top of that, if rewards become decent for shooting down planes, keeping in mind that, especially at lower tiers, CVs tend to try and snipe each other, it just got more profitable to play CVs. Raise your hand if you want more CVs in-game.