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  1. Depends on your perspective I guess. The way I look at it is, most games provide some "advantage" to people who have played longer, just by accumulation. People who haven't played as long as me get an "advantage" merely by spending money. I'm not going to begrudge someone a similar, but smaller one they get for being active and involved in the game. As far as the advantage of something like a skilled captain, however they did it, whether they played more games, spent money, or enjoyed some small bonus, it doesn't matter to me. Any minor annoyance I might feel at being "disadvantaged" is there as soon as there is ANY means of gaining that advantage. Which means it happened as soon as I signed up for the game, because I knew money would provide an advantage. Anything further isn't going to bother me more. As far as getting advantages for myself, I don't consider them such, because the very nature of an advantage is comparing your progress to others, and I don't do that, I'm only looking to speed it up for myself, I don't really care if others go even faster.
  2. The XP is only 3%, and you get +50% for dropping cash, so I don't see an issue there. There's already have/have nots with the +5% credits/XP/commander XP with the Military Month flag. The credits are 10% ship discounts, and -10% service cost. (which is only 1/2 a consumable if playing a Tier 10 ship)
  3. I could be wrong on that, but I'm sure I saw that somewhere today.
  4. I would disagree, if not for the fact that purchased containers count.
  5. Pretty sure they're all XP/credit related.
  6. I don't think they count in ANY battles - only in port.... As far as alienating new players, I'm thinking that if +50% XP and credits for paying money doesn't do it, +3% XP and 10% cheaper ships for being in a clan won't.
  7. Lol unfortunately, no. A lot of people don't like it, but the Yorck does everything fairly well, except for the AP being unusable at long range.
  8. Had BaronVonTom on my team, twice in the last couple days. First time I've seen the same forumite twice in less than a week.
  9. Just curious, do the devs say anywhere what they hope to accomplish with these new torps?
  10. They only know if you tell them. Hardly anybody loads in fast enough to analyse the ratings in the team rosters. I pretty much always play stock ships, although I load them up with camo and signals until I have all the important upgrades. (standard acct. too) Never had anyone even mention one of my ships was stock.
  11. I sure don't. It's one thing to bow in, and maybe reduce speed, but this stopping and backing up stuff bugs me when I see it.
  12. Got yelled at last night (and blamed for the loss) for not getting around an island fast enough to get into the fight, despite the fact that it was only me in my stock FdG and an Izumo in a Tier 10 match, (mostly Tier 10s) we were sailing towards a huge multi-ship smoke cloud with a Shima in it somewhere, I had to dodge 2 reloads of said Shima's torps with a 20+ second rudder shift, fired every time the guns were loaded, and brawled (and sank) a Yamato, not to mention tanking over 2 million potential damage.....
  13. They could rig matches I guess....
  14. I like Tiers 3-9, but only because any ships I have below 7 (except DDs and RN BBs) are keepers, and the 4 T5s I have (Omaha, KBerg, Konig, and Kongo) are fun even if uptiered a little too often.
  15. Yes. They're all good IMO. How do you like to play?