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  1. Which is ironic, because the bad players have been doing it all along, and were frequently called out for it.
  2. That's just it though. It's not a matter of what people can do with their money, we already have gambling laws. What's really the issue here is that, if lootboxes are indeed gambling, gaming companies are circumventing those laws. It's no different than selling Nyquil to minors. And as anyone who's at least in their 30s knows, assuming they can remember their teenage years, minors are easily influenced and can lack judgment.
  3. Now now, don't be blaming the parents. It can't possibly be their fault, it HAS to be society.....
  4. I hear you, when we applied for our stag & doe occasion permit, the inspector asked us if we were raffling off prizes. When we indicated we were, he said to make sure that all the winners answered a "skill testing" question, on a piece of paper with their signature, and that of the permit holder, before claiming their prize.
  5. Sorry, "intrinsic" was the wrong word. I meant something like "officially assigned by the vendor". The cards wouldn't be gambling AFAIK, because "officially", the only value assigned to them by the vendor, is the price of the pack, divided by the number of cards. A rare card IS more valuable to have in the game, but there is no other way to get the card, so no assigned non-cash value. Any cash value assigned to them is completely beyond the purview of the vendor, and not facilitated by them. (AFAIK) At the casino, those chips are assigned varying cash values by the vendor. I would consider WG lootboxes gambling, because everything in them effectively has a cash value. I don't know if the EA lootbox items can be purchased outright, (and thus have a cash value) but since you can "grind" them, they do have an assigned value.
  6. If anything, they'll just mandate that companies offering lootboxes have to use an "adult" rating for their games, which will effectively change nothing. Just a guess, but if you care about the ratings on the games your kids play, you're probably not going to give them free access to your credit card to "gamble" with anyway.
  7. I'd say no, simply because the rare card has no greater intrinsic value than the common one. Now if the company sold individual cards, (and you knew what card you were buying) and the rares cost more than the commons, then yes, the booster packs would be gambling. It would be with the Halloween and Christmas boxes here, because all the possible prizes have a doubloon, and therefore cash, value, set by the company.
  8. I agree that they'll probably keep it consistent, but I don't think it matters where you live, just where the server is. Dunno what they can really do anyway, other than not allow sale of physical copies if loot boxes aren't removed. I mean, how hard is it for an underage Belgian person to participate in online poker for real money, if they have access to a credit card? More likely IMO, is that they'll require a ratings change, so that games with lootboxes are rated 18+.
  9. No shame in that. I probably won't end up with more than 1 or 2 T10s. All the T8s I have are fun though, (except NO) and I do enjoy Roon and (sometimes) FdG. But yeah, most of my ships that get played are T5-8.
  10. To be fair, I can imagine it. There may be a conflict, if you are terrible, and winning requires effort. "playing for fun" vs. winning could be just a case of driving around looking for a fight, and trying to win that, but not winning in the overall big picture, because you're only engaging based on proximity, not prioritising important targets and locations. Maybe?
  11. ....says the guy who lived with exotic dancers..... (sorry, couldn't resist lol)
  12. Lol I agree. Sorry if you thought I was insinuating anything, I just saw an opportunity to play off your post.
  13. Lol WoT used to be for barely-computer-literate middle-aged people who failed at CoD..... .....and then the kiddies followed us, so we had to change games again.
  14. Well, a cruiser that has a 15% fire chance goes to 17% with DE. FP would take it back down to 15.5%, no? I wasn't trying to be precise. And 1 fire out of 20? I don't want to play against the teams you play against then. Most players that light me on fire insist on repeatedly hitting the superstructure, and ignoring the bow and stern sections.
  15. This. Not playing lower tier ships means not only a struggle with credits, but you're not experiencing a big chunk of content. I have ships of all types, T3-9, and I have no issues with credits on a standard account. Although having said that, I bought 30 days of premium 2 weeks ago, so I could quickly grind Roon to Hindy and have the credits ready to buy it when I get there, in order to be ready for possible CW play. But without that time factor, I'd still be on a standard account.