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  1. Minimap Shooting Mod

    The latter. You don't need a target to use it, it's just going to be more accurate if you use it with a target locked. I used to use it and ctrl-x a lot before I trained myself to hold RMB to look around. I stopped using it, because I kept forgetting to turn it off. Nothing like ambushing a broadside ship at 4km, lining up the shot, firing, and not seeing any tracers or hits, and realising you've blown up a fishing village 10km away lol.
  2. I prefer Nicholas. Get into knife fight range and blast 'em. Throw 6 torps at him. And hey, if there's one on the other side, throw 6 torps at him too!
  3. Fair enough, I guess it's just down to what you play for. I'm pretty much here just to blow up ships, so I get about the same entertainment value whether or not the match is salvagable.
  4. You realise that those are all client-side games right? You can aimbot (as opposed to aim assist) in those because the server (possibly just somebody else's PC) lets the clients tell it what is happening, unlike a server-side game where all the client does is tell the server what key was pressed, and/or how much and which way the mouse was moved. If things are really disappearing that close, it's latency or your PC. Alternatively, if you showed us a replay, we could probably clear things up for you.
  5. It was called "hacking" back then, because you were using altered client info to literally hack the server. With a true client-side system, the server basically just accepts keystrokes and mouse movements from the client, and ignores anything that doesn't make sense. Not that there isn't cheating, it's just not the "alter the laws of physics" type that exists in client-based games. Ironically, it makes it virtually impossible for someone watching the game to know if someone is cheating, unlike a client-side FPS where a player might move twice as fast, or shoot through walls.
  6. Nobody bows down to those with high WR either, and it doesn't stop people from trying to win. AFAIC, playing any PC game, or any of my preferred entertainments for that matter, are wasting time in a lost cause, and nothing I do is for glory or recognition anyway. I just fight to the end for the simple reason that, until I get sunk, one team reaches 1000 points, or loses all its ships, the game isn't over. Now, something like Monopoly or Risk, sure I'll bow out if I can't win, because rolling dice and moving pieces around for no reason isn't enjoyable. WoWS is different though. Shooting other ships is fun, and it's rarely hopeless, I just move the goalposts. Can't win, let's see if I can take one with me.
  7. 2-13 tonight

    Umm.... I don't think that was tears....
  8. I would like to say thanks

    11 out of 15 yesterday. I agree with every word.....
  9. Some Maps are Too Small

    It's a trap! They're trying to get you to give your position away while you're still beyond effective firing range lol.
  10. Not a good assumption, and not necessarily only because your team is bad. Sometimes it's a matter of watching the red team make their moves, scratching your head trying to figure out what they could possibly be thinking, then shrugging your shoulders because whatever it is, it's not going to counter you, and continuing on with whatever your original plan is. (ie. Fault Line, your team has more or less decided to cap AB, and you notice 3/4 of the enemy heading for C. You don't bother trying to counter, because red isn't hindering your plans)
  11. Torps aren't so much to blame for that as the likelihood of getting focus fired by half the enemy team if you get too close too early....
  12. Invisible ships

    I concur. To be fair, it's difficult for an average BB player, when faced with a good DD player, to dodge every torpedo, and sometimes you just get caught flat-footed and get hit enough to sink. But if you're getting deleted by torps on a regular basis, you're doing something wrong, whether it be a lack of situational awareness, turning the wrong way, hanging around chokepoints where you don't have room to evade, whatever. Not everyone is capable of jaw-dropping torpedobeats, but it's not hard to reduce torps to where they're no more an issue than anything else.
  13. Yeah, I wasn't thinking of overmatch. I can see now where the difference is. 13mm stops overmatch from every T5 cruiser but Furutaka. As far as HE though, there really isn't any difference. Almost every ship's main guns will pen 13mm without IFHE.
  14. Well no, but assuming a shell will penetrate 13mm, (meaning it causes damage to 10mm or 13mm) if 10mm will cause an overpen, as opposed to 13mm causing a regular pen, I'd rather have 10mm.
  15. Invisible ships

    That's because the slot for them isn't available until Tier 8. If you get a Bismarck or Tirpitz, you will have an additional slot, and you will have a choice of concealment upgrade, or target acquisition upgrade, which increases your max sighting distance, (ships your team has spotted, but beyond your sighting distance, will appear as coloured outlines on the minimap) lets you spot torps farther out, and puts your guaranteed detection of enemies (in smoke for example) at 3km instead of 2km.