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  1. Skpstr

    WNN 54: Italians!

    You're a female and pregnant? Or did I parse that incorrectly?
  2. The mimicking will bite you at some point. She's going to get your grasp of logic, and if you ever do something illogical, you'll come running to the forums looking for arguments you can win lol.
  3. To be fair though, the stuff ships use for what we would consider close-range AA are contact fuses, and those would sail through without exploding, just like fighters' cannon shells.
  4. Because nobodys going to spend cash, dubs, or sweat on a T4 CV.....
  5. And the pic of your wife and new daughter clinches it for the less observant.... Cute little thing BTW. (although they usually are, it's a defense mechanism that prevents their parents from strangling them before they reach maturity lol)
  6. Don't even need to do that. You have a distinctive style that makes you easy to follow, just like zarth12. (my apologies for the comparison lol)
  7. Skpstr


    Do you want black helicopters and a midnight knock on the door?
  8. Skpstr


    Many of us just went by games played, assumed you were new, and treated you accordingly.
  9. That's what I'm thinking. You just play the odds that, even though you'll take some damage, the CV player won't get a good enough bead on you to really hurt you. I've used planes to bait smoke on DDs, especially if they're near a cap and you have no radar cruisers nearby. You can either delay their capping attempt by forcing them to wait for the cooldown to try again, or lock them down in their smoke, and enable teammates to blind torp them.
  10. Sorry I left that out, I did consider it when replying. It does provide context, but it's a non-specific context, as it applies to any online game with dedicated proprietary servers, not just WoWS.
  11. If you buy into the illusion that the newest shiny is going to make you win more, then you're completely correct.
  12. Not blaming the individual for being weak. Blaming them for being foolish. As I said before, if you're talking about addiction, any amount of exposure is dangerous. Just because a game has less "predatory" monetisation, doesn't make it any less harmful. Someone who has an addiction issue is going to buy everything offered. If they're playing LoL, they're going to buy everything available. By advocating "friendlier" monetisation, you're saying that it's better to ply someone with alcohol than meth. You're actually enabling the addiction, trying to keep the person "functional", as opposed to solving the root problem. I'm saying that someone with addictive tendencies should avoid F2P games entirely, and not feed their addiction at all.
  13. Because WG took advantage of their addiction to pixel boats.....
  14. Skpstr


    And if he's new, and not familiar with how concealment works, Tenryu's fiendish stealth isn't going to help him.
  15. TBH, I didn't feel that the edit was important, as (to me anyway) it implied that those of us who pay are all addicted to some degree. That may be true if you want to get right down to premium account use, but that's common to a lot of games, so I ignored it as an issue of wider scope than we're discussing here. I pay for premium, (didn't the first 3 years) and I bought a Graf Spee during that Steam intro sale they had. I figured ~10 bucks for ~5k dubs was a good deal. (I turned around and bought a Duca D'Aosta with the dubs, but that's another issue lol) That's it. I actually do agree with you as far as what WG does taking advantage of addictions, it's just that at some point, you have to take responsibility. WG isn't handing out alcohol at AA meetings by surprise, the alcoholics know that the alcohol will be there beforehand. I don't blame the alcoholic for drinking the alcohol WG supplies, but nobody else is to blame for them choosing to go to a meeting where they know there will be alcohol in the first place. IOW, I don't blame an addict for spur-of-the-moment weakness, but I do blame them for putting premeditated effort into putting themselves in that situation.