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  1. Skpstr

    5 Epochs of the Navy campaign question.

    Just keep in mind, you can complete a campaign by repeating one mission per phase over and over. You only get the reward once, but you get the star(s) every time.
  2. Depends on the ships involved. The ramming flag gives you 20% reduced damage, and lets you inflict 50% more damage. So if the enemy BB has 20% more original HP than you have remaining, you sink. The other, and most likely thing, is that he also has a ramming flag mounted. So he's inflicting 50% more damage, against your 20% better defense. If both ships have ramming flags, there's a greater chance of both ships being sunk, than if nobody has one.
  3. As long as you didn't interfere with the initial culling of the Kuma-Kais and Kitakamis, I wouldn't have held it against you lol.
  4. To be fair, that was the case for ALL T4 BBs.
  5. Skpstr


    I meant pace as in gameplay. Everything but DDs are slower then tanks or infantry in a "regular" FPS. You pretty much need that though, to make it feel right. As far as "dumbing down", I mean the move to facilitate the "WoT tactics" that used to be ridiculed.
  6. Skpstr

    state of the game is terrible

    When did they make the game we play cross-platform? What consoles can I play on?
  7. Skpstr

    What is the best type of ship?

    You'll want to try them all, they all have pros and cons. When I started, I only played battleships and cruisers, but as I got into the game, I decided to give destroyers and carriers a shot, and found that I like playing ALL the types. I don't so much have a favorite class, (although carriers are probably least favorite) as favorite ships, and they span all the other classes.
  8. Skpstr

    CV servicing : Aircraft

    I don't think so, I believe the planes are counted as ammo.
  9. Skpstr


    No, it used to be a better game, and it just wasn't the cup of tea for enough people, so they've been continually "dumbing the game down" to attract more casuals. A slow-paced 3rd-person shooter, with early 20th century warships and somewhat complex hidden mechanics, is pretty much a niche title. Which other warship-based "shooter" MOBA (besides the game that shall not be named) is there?
  10. I believe you do need to have at least one battle in a T8 ship to get rentals.
  11. Will you though? I remember having to grind Nevsky when they replaced Moskva with it.
  12. As per your thread title, you should see a urologist....
  13. Lol did you not see the trollface emoticon?
  14. I think you just contradicted yourself lol.