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  1. It depends. Finnkax is a decent player. If you get several others of that calibre, they can teach others to go from bad and new to at least mediocre and semi-seasoned. From there, if a player wants to improve, they move on to a higher-calibre clan. You guys have a subclan for learning basic level improvement?
  2. There's no such thing as bad pizza or a bad BJ!
  3. That's the kicker, who says it isn't? WG designed the ships, they decide what ships are supposed to do what job. If we, as players, have evolved the meta differently than WG intended, and have found (or even invented) different jobs for different ships, that's on us.
  4. Yup, just a different kind of ignorance. That goes back to the whole polarisation thing. People think that if you don't get into a cap ASAP, lift your leg and stake your claim on it, you're abandoning it to the enemy. I'll admit, being a pretty crappy DD player, I'm not really sure how to do it otherwise, but I know it's both possible and usually preferable.
  5. Follow-up To "I Got My T10!"

    Lol if it keeps up long enough, Stockholm Syndrome will turn him into a WG shill......
  6. Sure it would be nice, any incentives for winning, or playing the objective, or playing more agressively, would be great. Who wouldn't want more rewards for what they do anyway? Whatever they do to incentivise "correct" play is only going to (for the most part) benefit those who already play that way. Everybody else is either going to not want to leave their comfort zone, or not change anything because they're unaware of the incentives in the first place. It's a shame, how many people likely play passively because they still think service cost is based on damage taken.
  7. Follow-up To "I Got My T10!"

    You don't. Remember that Sims you bought? Did you buy it, only to never play it again after you got a T10? No? Then when you play it, you'll earn credits. I'm on a free account. I have a Hindenburg. Does it lose credits if I have an average or worse game in it? Yup. But since I have 40 other ships, I don't worry about it, because I'll most likely make back what I lost playing Hindenberg by playing a game in something else. If you want to play nothing but your T10s, then yeah, you're going to at least need a premium account.
  8. Depressed

    My advice (since you sound like an at least somewhat serious gamer) is, find another (single player) game you like, that has a completely different pace, and play it instead for the night. As long as it's a good game, (I'm playing Grim Dawn and Civ5 as well) you'll quickly forget about your frustration, and you'll be keen to play WoWS the next day.
  9. Actually, you get a slower rudder shift, so if you're running the Steering Gears 3 upgrade, that's a big hit to rudder shift.
  10. Because a T1 CV would be like shooting fish in a barrel. This would be extremely frustrating for new non-CV players. Plus, the CV players aren't going to pick up any knowledge in T1-3 that they shouldn't have figured out in 5 minutes anyway. How hard is it to figure out how to auto-drop on targets that have no AA, or experience in dealing with planes? Heck, they're still figuring out how concealment works, and how to shoot. At least at T3-4, most ships have some semi-effective AA, and the potential targets are at least versed in the basics of operating their ships. If you want CVs to have more practice, double the XP requirements. It's not like the amount of games currently needed to go from T1-3 would provide much an extra learning period.
  11. ....until the top players agreed to blacklist each other. Eventually, there would be like 200 players not blacklisted, and then we're back to square one.
  12. You do realise that the "blacklisted" players would end up being the majority of the players, right? Heck, I'd ask to be blacklisted lol. More robust queue, and I'd probably be a better player there by comparison. Plus, we have people reporting others for chat violations over totally unrelated things. People would be getting blacklisted just because they sunk another player, or were skilled and properly aggressive players, but somewhat mouthy. Whatever WG does, they absolutely cannot put the ability to inflict meaningful consequences in the hands of other players. It would be a shitshow.
  13. No, it doesn't. But the fact you thought it did highlights an issue with any incentive. It doesn't matter if your reward system is precisely tuned to encourage exactly the behaviour you want, if most players aren't aware of it, it does nothing. Heck, getting the fixed service cost instead of one that was damage-based, completely removed any economic reason to play passively. I don't even remember how long ago that was, and we still have people posting here that aren't aware of the change. And that's just on the forums, where people are generally more well-informed. How many players that don't pay attention to anything until they're connected to the server and sitting in port? IOW, any reward-based encouragement to play in a particular fashion will be ignored by a large number of players, possibly a majority. And the win bonus is only 50%.
  14. The problem with "roles" based on real-world history is that the gameplay isn't based on it in the first place. You mention capping as a DD role. That has no basis in real-world history. A BB's role was to be a floating fortress, invulnerable to anything smaller, unless overwhelmed by numbers or aircraft. Cruisers were meant to be the main combatant in areas out of reach for BBs, or when there weren't enough BBs to go around. DDs were designed for roles that don't even exist. CVs were only vulnerable to aircraft unless surprised. And ship roles evolved widely in the 50 years and two world wars that this game covers First and foremost, this is a game. That means that all ship types must be fun and rewarding to play in their own fashion, and their roles are whatever gets the best results within the framework of the game.
  15. I'll find out at lunchtime if my backup PC will run the game. If so, Bismarck and Hipper will be ready.