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  1. What part of "less effort on my behalf" didn't you get lol. They are doing enough for the whole WOW population.
  2. Well for me, I can either watch the rage in the game or watch the rage here with less effort on my behalf, sooooooo?
  3. I see a lot of "no i am not, your a poopoo face" in this thread. Keep up the good work.
  4. wildcat18

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    I think my post some times get misunderstood, just like I am probably misunderstanding your post.
  5. If you read my whole post, I said I know nothing about the FDR. Just going by the post about it. I could care less about the FDR.
  6. wildcat18

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    WG has openly admitted that they build frustration into their game to get people to grind, buy items etc to eliminate that frustration. With built in frustration, that will most likely help build toxicity at the same time and WG knows this. So toxicity is ok with WG when it helps their bottom line but against toxicity when it hurts their bottom line? I neither like or dislike flamu and try to make unbiased opinions.
  7. wildcat18

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    I have no idea, WG are the only games I have played. I am sure there are other games with toxic players. So the point of your post is to let me know there are other games with toxic players? That relates to my other post how?
  8. Don't know anything about the FDR or what it did to the game. Your opinion seems to be negative about the FDR and what it did to the game. Did you still continue to support the game with your wallet? How many did after the FDR effected the game?
  9. wildcat18

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Do you wonder just a little what made a player base toxic? If I was a new player I would kind of wonder what makes people toxic in this game. Did the game make them toxic or was it just them and no matter what the game did the result would be the same?
  10. Negative feedback, weather you listen to it or not can't be good for the bottom line. The only thing I can think is they must not care about the product they put out cause there will always be some sucker who will buy it? If that is the case, I can't blame WG for not listening to feedback. I blame the consumer for continuing to buy a bad product then complain about said product. If someone is foolish enough to keep buying a bridge from me, do you think I care when they tell me the bridge is unsafe?
  11. Never heard of the guy till today. So I have no opinion of the guy. From what I have read, he was a little toxic but WG knew this going in. So WG wants their CC's to give them feedback on the game to make a better product. WG used his questionable attitude and popularity to help sell the game. Then when the opinions of the CC did not match what they wanted to hear, they cut him loose. I will take the side of I don't like flamu (have no opinion of the guy but will take that stance just to showcase the argument). So WG hired a salesman to sell their product. When the salesman told people it was not the best product for us to buy, WG let him go. So now I have to question the product, Is flamu right and it is a bad product to buy? Is WG right and it is a good product to buy? I would think, myself and others would question how good the product is based on WG reaction to the salesman. Toxicity aside, was his opinion dead on?
  12. I made assumptions based on what I read. Still interesting reading though.
  13. wildcat18

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    I think I am going to need two screens, one to watch this entertainment and one to watch the WOT crew 2.0 entertainment. It don't get no better than this, you just could not make this stuff up and have it come out any better than the way WG did. Congrats to WG for putting on a good show.
  14. I missed the party too? Damn rng
  15. So let me see if I got this right? WG puts a (from what I read in forums) stat shaming, raging player, not afraid to speak his mind, who is good at the game and popular into CC position? I can only assume WG put him there for PR. Then when the PR thing did not work out. They fire him for the same reason they hired him? Never heard of flamu until today but congrats to flamu. Way to ride that crazy train for 4 years lol.