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  1. Read my other post after that one. I could suggest you go pound sand, does not mean it is going to happen though right?
  2. I find laughter is strange ways. Do see any irony in your statement?
  3. Glad I did not run into you in WOT, I played the Jag 88 with just a 43% win ratio but damn I loved playing that tank lol
  4. You are right, I misread what you said. My bad, sorry
  5. Firing of turrets

    There was some things in WOT I did not discover till 3-4 years after I started but there was no way I was admitting to that hahahahaha
  6. Firing of turrets

    hahahaha, I have been doing wrong all this time. Get out of zoom mode ya big dummy. Boy did my game just get better. Those pesky DD's will be a little easier to deal with now. Too friggen funny Where did I put that noob hat? I know its around here somewhere.
  7. Firing of turrets

    Going to have to go into a training room and check a few things out. I might have been screwing myself all this time.
  8. Firing of turrets

    What turret controls firing? Lets say all guns are loaded. My bow turret is facing forward and my other guns are still coming around to the front. I can't fire my stern gun unless my bow gun is facing that way too right? I proudly wear my profile picture now hahahaha
  9. Replays

    I am messaging the players in that battle to see if they have the replay, I want that replay lol
  10. Replays

  11. Replays

    Thanks but probably too late to get that last battle though?
  12. Replays

    How do you enable replays? Can you replay both random and co-op? I am still logged in and want my last battle replay or is it to late to get it?
  13. I gave plenty of examples about this mod and we could go back and forth till we are blue in the face. Mods that give any advantage over another player should be removed. There are a few mods that would help an older player like me with old eyes. But here is my take on that. If by helping myself see the game client better in any form or fashion also hurts the game when players abuse those mods to gain an advantage. I would rather see them removed and I will deal with the other player being able to see the client better than me. Cause after all this is a team based game and I will do what is best for the team and not me. I would rather be beaten by a player with better eyes than be beaten by a mod this is being abused. I don't even play random battles so these mods don't effect me but I do believe in standing up for what is right and what is wrong. I am going to go sink some ships, keep it civil if you want to keep this post open.
  14. My fingers are getting tired giving you all examples of how this mod is advantage. I need to take a break and give my some what arthritic fingers a rest.