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  1. wildcat18

    Thank you WG from a CV player.

    If the cost of service is reduced, at what point can carriers break even without premium account?
  2. wildcat18

    CV ships

    Hmm the T-50-2 of wows maybe?
  3. wildcat18

    CV ships

    Anyone from the test server say anything about subs being good CV hunters?
  4. wildcat18

    CV ships

    Pretty narrow minded thinking right there in my opinion. Every Cv thread? Over react much?
  5. wildcat18

    CV ships

    Just to clarify things, this is not an anti CV post by me. I have no opinion of it one way or the other. I don't play CV's cause I am learning the ships first. In my opinion, you need to learn the ships first if you want to be a good CV player. There are multiple mechanics in this game that can be taking advantage of to get an advantage over another player. CV's are one of those mechanics, as is vision, smoke screens, speed of ships and so on.
  6. wildcat18

    CV ships

    I would find him funny and entertaining. Those CV questions will still get answered, trolling or not. I have been on the forums long enough to know info on everything is here. All the noob CV player questions get answered
  7. wildcat18

    CV ships

    I will assume a good(guessing) CV player will step right up and help. The trolling will never end no matter how serious or non serious they may be. Two sides getting wound up over is more reason to try and laugh about it.
  8. wildcat18

    CV ships

    Define much time? There are two ways of looking at that.
  9. wildcat18

    CV ships

    I know, but some have accused me of liking to stir the pot. I see no truth in it though.
  10. wildcat18

    CV ships

    Pretty funny post and i laughed, but I missed the punch line on this one. Help me out, im old.
  11. wildcat18

    CV ships

    I have not played one but from what I read, CV's are the Arty of WOWS? If CV's are the arty, what will subs be? Should I prepare myself for the "remove CV and Subs from the game" threads?
  12. wildcat18

    So what changes would you make to submarines?

    It will be funny to look back at these post when in the future subs and x ship and x ship are the new meta and just about everyone has 3-4 subs in their port.
  13. wildcat18

    Casual players perspective

    You found me out, i am a 22 year old balding woman
  14. wildcat18

    Casual players perspective

    I read where people call CV's unbalanced because its an enemy you can't shoot back at and damage back. Extreme vision mechanics where a ship can shoot at you and you never see them. No difference their right?