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  1. I miss playing DDs

    I am still enjoy playing my dds, all the radar can make it a challenge. It has been a lot of fun to out think the radar boats in order to secure caps, and to win against the odds. I got the z-46 on, 7/15/18, right in the middle of the influx of radar boats. I would guess I have seen on average around 3 per team each match, the highest I have ever faced is 5 or 6. In 26 games I have an 80%+ w/r solo averaging over 2k xp per battle. I am also an aggressive player, I see my role as contesting caps, spotting, and engaging enemy dds as soon as I can.
  2. You need to complete 21 of 26 mission to get the ship.
  3. 9/11 Memorial Thread

    I was sitting in the back of the school bus on the way to high school and briefly heard something about a plane hitting a building in New York. After arriving at school I finally was able to get the full story from the news on TV. We spent the rest of the day arguing with our teachers to turn the TV on so we could keep up with what was happening, some caved others made us work. When I got home I spent the rest of the day glued to the news, I still have a copy of the local news paper from Sept. 12th, 2001 with the front page picture of the towers right after they were hit.
  4. Sportsmanhip is defined as: fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition. Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sportsmanship With that in mind running just to hide yes. Running to do as much as you can to make an attempt at winning no, the game mechanics with repair costs being fixed provide little reason not to try to squeeze out every ounce of damge or xp to increase whatever earning you might make. c0Ldz3r0
  5. With the number of guns and rate of fire you should be scoring more than 60 hits in a match. Let the guns go, take shots that might hit rather than only waiting to take shots that will hit. The rate of fire lets you take more chances than ships with longer reloads.
  6. HMS Hood Buff!

    Anyone questioning the Hood's AAA buff should go watch Flamu's video he posted showing it nuke Midway planes in a test battle.
  7. If the MM formula is similar to tanks, stats are not used to pick the teams.
  8. So... about that Hindenburg...

    Just out of curiosity how much free xp did it take to go from T1 to T10?
  9. I like it, as primarily a BB driver its nice to enjoy matches where it isn't a cruiser HE fire storm.
  10. Tirpitz Citadel?

    I have managed to get citadels a couple of times, against them while in my Tirpitz. The last one i got was at 12 km and the round went in just below the front section of the superstructure. It seems that the sweet spot is located more midship rather than under the front turrets, where i get cits on most other battleships.
  11. Draws are skyrocketing

    I also have not experienced an jump in draws and I mainly play SLOW USN BB. I hate to be a person that rags on stats, but almost all the pictures people have posted in this thread so far are not of performances that would have impacted the outcome of the game in a dramatic fashion. It is all about putting yourself in a position that allows you to put accurate fire on target every time your loaded. If I can take a BB that has a 30+ sec. reload and land as many shots as some of the cruiser games posted in this thread, something somewhere is being done wrong.
  12. Will it get edited even though the "swastika" is backwards?
  13. HE And Fire Damage

    It would be nice to see someone from Wargaming address the fire concerns. After hundreds of posts and comments about it in closed beta, now starting again in open, you would think someone somewhere at wargaming could comment on the situation. If they have and we all have missed it they should stick the post.