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  1. just think about how many ppl play WoT in NA avg 15-25k every day and on the EU avg 30k a day ... that said who u guess has priority on Server Ressources ... just a fact u should think about when u want to purchase something next time in World of Warships ...
  2. World of Tanks / World of Warships / World of Warplanes etc. pp sharing the same Server Cluster ...
  3. Bleispucker

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    i was in a halland ... no cv ... and sure if u cant kill the enemy its on you. your comment is so bad and failed the core of this post. again for you ... this game mechanic is able to take out / cripple ships without even using the guns and thats not right, cause we already have CVs for that yeah sure ships like Salem are able to dodge this mechanic, cause they have fast acceleration and rudder shift also the Gouden Leeuw has 10.3 km concealment and the mechanic has a max range of 13km right now ... and can use this mechanic even for scouting maybe you should start playing the game that your game account reaches the amount of your posts in this forum ... or start using your real game account for posting.
  4. Bleispucker

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    quite frankly ... wargaming doesnt listen to the supertesters ... changes will be made as they see fit, meaning how they make the most money out of it. we have seen that in the past the live servers are used for that cause its cheaper for them to do so ... and less timeconsuming ergo workhours for wargaming employees thats all there is edit if u dont want to be called out as Supertester that u abuse this kind of OP ships ... dont play that ship constantly like someone already mentioned its about moral and decency towards your fellow players. leave a comment in supertester forum and be done with it with this testphase for all who say ... but they have to play it in division of 3 ... no they dont especially not the whole week/weekend.
  5. Bleispucker

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    still waiting for a @administrator to answer ...
  6. Bleispucker

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    no i refer to the game i just had ... no video of that ... i would need to record that and upload on my Twitch channel ... but for this crap i dont really want to do that thats the post about this Alaska Airstrike
  7. Bleispucker

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    it wasnt me who got nuked .... the Guuden Leeuw just stood behind an Island the whole time and used the Airstrikes 2 BBs burned out cause of that ... i dont see the point that something like that should be done on Live Servers ... u can "test" this awefull game Mechanic in the designated TESTservers ... thats why they are there i know already what @administratorwill say ... we need more data ... guess what you can have a spreadsheet from me ... it includes "its *censored fill in your fav. swearword*" ... WoWs doesnt need more Gamemechanics where the Player has nothing to do then click ... we already have a whole Class for that!
  8. Bleispucker

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    can you please stop this Nonsense of Livetest ... a Gouden Leeuw just eradicated 2 Ships without using the mainguns ... just this Damn awefull airstrike This has more to do with an Egotrip of some Supertesters then its really usefull For what have you installed Testservers ... for that they are there or not? edit: i forgot to mention its not about the already posted Airstrikes at the Alska Video or Iowa ... it was my own experience in a Halland i had to watch 2 of my BBs getting utterly burned out of this ... during this Testship was sitting behind an island and did that until the 12 Minutes into the game he didnt even used his Guns ... just Airstriked ... ppl run away from the flank cause who has really feels like playing the Test monkey for a Supertester??????
  9. Bleispucker

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    call it what u want ... they are doing the refund not because of their good heart!
  10. Bleispucker

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    brings u acting like that 1 step closer towards the CC ... i am not the only one who thinks wargaming advertisment is misleading (and no i dont refer to Flamuus video) there are even others in the CC project who said that ... if u dont like what i said maybe one of your fav. streamers will do
  11. Bleispucker

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    the pictures what where shown mislead the consumer that they creators will be all the time on the ships
  12. Bleispucker

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    its called misleading advertisment ... it doesnt matter if u write it somewhere ... its a real thing look it up they dont give refunds cause they are generous ... cause a laywer said better give it otherwise we might lose incoming law complains
  13. Bleispucker

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    they always write it somewhere ... but their representation is a total different and misguiding. dont forget some are very young and some are older .... and some dont even read the text at all cause they just hop into the game on weekends for some hours and dont want to study the whole thing. thats what i mean by sophisticated exploitation ... i am f2p thank god ... but with the signal/achievment change its going to be pretty hard
  14. awesome that they get rid of the friendly fire now get rid of the game bot users ... who actually fire in 2nd row in the first place
  15. Bleispucker

    EXACTLY 1000 secondary shells fired

    my respect that u where able to stay that long alive in 2nd range ... that means the enemy ignored you totally for a huge amount of time or didnt hit you at all