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  1. Monty 100% Vermont is NOT tanky at all. Anything that touches you does 10k dmg.
  2. Y’all are taking this pretty seriously. It’s just a pixel boat. If the grind and money is worth it to you then get it, or if it’s not worth it then don’t. You’ll still get two other premiums for almost nothing. There’s also a ton of other tier 9 premiums that you can get (for free and for money) so what’s so special about this one?
  3. R1CK

    Again.. why no skill based MM?

    I don’t really have any strong opinion on whether matchmaking should be skill based or not, but when most games are landslides, I question the argument that fully random matchmaking is keeping things interesting.
  4. Good stuff guys, keep it up!
  5. Just here to say that I think the removal of the ocean background noise is an improvement. As always, great podcast! I love seeing the little red notification on my podcasts button indicating that there's another one ready keep it up!
  6. Great stuff guys! I always love seeing a new episode ready for DL. One personal suggestion though, remove the seagull background noise. It always makes me think there's something wrong with my vehicle lol.
  7. The interview with the historian was great, (as were the other episodes) hope to hear more from them. I never bother to look that stuff up myself but if it falls on my lap I'm all ears.
  8. Pro editing made a difference.