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  1. Slyguy3129

    Possible Download Throttle Options?

    Hmmm. I've checked there, and thought it used to be there. When I click the sprocket I get: Basic/Updates/Support Clicking on any of those does nothing oddly enough. My launcher must be bugged. I get "Active X" errors when it first opens and have for years now.
  2. Slyguy3129

    Ships for Resources CV.

    I was referring to your name.
  3. Slyguy3129

    Which ship to get with my 1M free XP

    My suggestion is get the ship you want.
  4. Hey guys just spit balling here, but is there any way to throttle the download speed for the launcher/updater? Ordinary I'm sure everyone wants to download at max speed, and so do I, but sometimes it's nice to be able to throttle it. Just curious as to what others might think. Just a quick setting in options to set download speed to "X". Obviously not the most important thing in the world.
  5. Slyguy3129

    No love for Indianapolis?

    I.E: If people do well in a ship we ninja nerf it to death. If people suck in a ship we ninja buff it to oblivion. "Yay".......
  6. Doubtful, considering I'm on the forums waiting for the update to finish. Don't be sore because your main requires no skill and people point it out, hate you for it, and devise tactics to keep you in que longer than you are in the battle.
  7. I remember when a lot of "supported" mods got people banned. Those were happy days. If you download it to get an edge, it's a cheat and everyone using it should be permabanned. Not just the mod itself.
  8. And if it required any skill at all people wouldn't hate them for it. But it doesn't so people do, hence the name SkyCancer.
  9. Slyguy3129

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    How dare these guys charge money for premium currency! They should just everyone tier Xs, unlimited silver and unlimited gold. Or, you could just buy some. But if it makes you mad they dare charge, then please leave, with your attitude you won't be missed!
  10. If it doesn't come with the main download no one should have it.
  11. Everyone should have it or no-one should have it. It's a cheat no matter how you slice it if everyone doesn't have it.
  12. Best thing I've read all day. Tier X SkyCancer getting only 16K damage! Wouldn't surprise me if CV mains are deliberately underperforming in an attempt to manipulate the spreadsheets and get a buff.
  13. Slyguy3129

    A BB with SAP and smoke?

    Every single one of these ships was capable of "making smoke". Yea, the less skilled, usually dinkydirty drivers hate when reality gets in their way of lulz. Live with it or leave. If it's being added, it's being added.
  14. Or you could just grab the game for free from any abandon-ware site. It's been there for almost 10 years or more.It's 100% legal. Despite what some idiots might tell you.