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  1. Slyguy3129

    Game Won't Run in Full Screen

    Working as intended my [edited]. They are the dimensions of my monitor, as 1280:720 is standard. The problem is WG has broken something and doesn't intend to fix it. And I abbreviated the ratios.......
  2. Slyguy3129

    Game Won't Run in Full Screen

    Never mind, finally got the game to remember how to full screen. I still have to remind the game how every single time I load into it. It's like a pathetic version of "The Notebook". Any ideas on when this will finally get fixed?
  3. For atleast 18 months now, whenever I start the game, the game loads into Windowed mode. Before 8.4 I could eventually get the game to remember how to go full screen by going into options, selecting 19:16, then selecting full screen, then apply, then bumping it down to 12:20. Every.Single.Time.I.Open.The.Game. Now I can't even do that to get the game to run fullscreen. What gives?! The game flashes a few times, and doesn't even change the resolution now.
  4. Slyguy3129

    State of the playerbase?

    That moment when you realize a PC game from the 1990s is better made, and more fun, than a game in 2019. It will set you free. Plus, most of those games are now Abandonware. Which makes them even better.
  5. Slyguy3129

    PSA: 8.4 Update Changing Game Modes For Many

    Too late, assumed game went CoOp only and uninstalled.
  6. Civility on Forums died the same time getting help and good info from forums died, circa 99.
  7. Well they can continue doing what they are doing then, which is making CV players Rage quit. Different Tactics Same Result.
  8. Yep. Remove them. Pretty simple. Select all CV files, then hit the Delete Key. Problems solved.
  9. Slyguy3129

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    If this adversely effects the mouth breathers in HE Fire Hose ships, them I strongly approve this change.
  10. Slyguy3129

    Balance Torpedoes

    No GrandPapa, we call that lying. Now please turn the PC off and go back to binge watching TCM.
  11. Slyguy3129

    Balance Torpedoes

    I don't know how strongly I'd set my entire argument on someone who deliberately changes peoples quotes to give the wrong impression of the comment they were quoting. But hey, if doing so seems like a stable decision for you, go right ahead. I'll try not to laugh too hard when it falls through.
  12. Slyguy3129

    Balance Torpedoes

    So you admit to deliberately miss representing my own words in a quote. Then continue to do the same thing again. That Alzheimer's must be kicking in strong today. Oh well, eventually you won't remember how to power up the PC, and the rest of us can game in peace. Till then I guess.
  13. Slyguy3129

    So what's the point of DD's anymore?

    I love that way more than I should. But to be fair, that can apply to all "X needs a Buff and Y needs a Nerf" complaints.
  14. Slyguy3129

    So what's the point of DD's anymore?

    Meh they'll just change the reward and lower the needed number to fix that.
  15. Slyguy3129

    repair and fire suppression resets?

    I'll second Douglas MacAwesome's response. I figure that's what you are seeing.