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  1. So is the server down for the day? I just got home from work and wanted to try it out.
  2. I am both happy and upset by this. Happy you guys are actively fixing the test, but also upset it is being moved back an entire day. I had today off and set an event for streaming the testing. Advertised it everywhere. Now tomorrow is my monday, so i won't even really be able to play again till tuesday, Let alone have a stream event.
  3. Did anyone else's download just stop?
  4. Thanks. I couldn't find anything about live streaming so i wasn't sure.
  5. Question: This is for the people who got accepted, but also stream. Are we allowed to live stream this content?
  6. and here I see a mixture of both AP and HE.
  7. tell me these don't look like AP?
  8. You are correct it does, but the shells being fired on my screen are blue and seem to just bounce. Odd. Maybe I have a mod screwing with me
  9. mustangman6579

    I was dead....

    this. I hate CV play.
  10. As the title states. For a VERY long time my monty has fired HE. Now as of today, I see AP being fired out of it. Making my HE flags worthless.
  11. Hmm, never thought about that.
  12. This should NEVER happen. *warning language* https://clips.twitch.tv/PreciousLightPterodactylBuddhaBar
  13. Here is the clip from the stream to see it moving. https://clips.twitch.tv/LivelyDifficultLobsterWoofer
  14. I only had 760 HP left, so I knew it was gonna be a suicide trip to launch these torps. But i was trying to reset the cap AND maybe sink a ship so that my team could win(they potato'd). So as soon as a launched, I died and was able to follow my own torps. I got to see the new effects up close. What you see is, warning red flashing lights, water being pumped out, and steam coming out of the engine exhaust.
  15. mustangman6579

    1 flag? 2 flags? Naw, lets just do ALL the flags.

    Yea, that fixed it. So it's a mod problem then.