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  1. mustangman6579

    Bug? Glitch? Hack? TB torp hit shows "flooded by Algerie"

    This so much. It's very annoying.
  2. Ah, so possible a lot of the normal ranked players were burned out or simply didn't play. This right here could explain a lot.
  3. Didn't they only add 1 ship? Or was it two? Weird to think that could be only it.
  4. mustangman6579

    CV Rework Feedback

    I never got one this time. I got to play a lot more and actually had some good feedback too.
  5. So I know this topic is way old. I just haven't been on the forums in months. So sorry this is a month old topic now. But what changes between sprint 1 and 2? Because 2 was single handedly the WORST season of ranked I've EVER played. I felt as if I was being trolled. Never have I seen so many people TRYING To lose a match. I'd run out of reports in just a couple of games. Example, here is sprint one. and here is Sprint Two. The only real difference in my stats between the two beside of obvious w/r, is the k/d ratio. WAY lower because I kept getting teams who didn't shoot anything.
  6. mustangman6579

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    How did you guys keep track of exactly what you got? I didn't save it as I went.
  7. mustangman6579

    CV Rework Feedback

    Did anyone from the last test take the survey yet?
  8. IDK about you guys, but I have been seeing a LOT more 0 damage pens lately. Even had one yesterday in the cit area of a CA. But I can't tell if I am just noticing them more because of dispersion seemingly getting worse, or they are actually getting worse.
  9. mustangman6579

    CV Rework Feedback

    So, does anyone know why the test server went down about 6-7 hours earlier than the announced time?
  10. mustangman6579

    CV Rework Feedback

    So since it cut off eary, I was only able to get in 2 hours of play. Here are my thoughts(wasn't able to play t10 once again). AA. WAY too strong. IDK if this was done so that as players fired HE at ships it would soften it up or what. Rockets. 1000 damage a pass is weak and fire chance too low. Tiny Tims. No idea. never even got 1 to ever land. Bombs. I honestly didn't get enough hits to say anything. They seemed about the best balanced thing. Torps. No complaints. Worked well I thought. Aiming. AIming was way off this patch. I felt as if that went backwards. While flying I felt that aiming the rockets was off. The bombs were much easier to aim from flying to dropping. But not the rockets. While switch modes, the rockets seemed to be ahead of the aimer, and the bombs behind. To me this made it feel not smooth at all. Not being able to trust the aiming circle while flying isn't very fun. Aiming part2. While I like the idea of having the aim circle not close in when making adjustments on the attack run, I feel that it grows too harshly. That you get punished to making even the slightest mouse bump. Fighters. I love how they are deployed now. Near instant. But what I don't like is they seem a bit dumb and the patrol circle is too small. A slight buff to their awareness and circle size would ne nice. Maybe a way to manually move the circle? Or follow a boat? CV: Controlling it is very wonky and half the time you cannot tell it where to go. So many times i opened the map, and told my CV to go somewhere, only to just have it keep clicking the map.
  11. mustangman6579

    Well RIP Test session 2.

  12. mustangman6579

    Well RIP Test session 2.

    Been playing on it for about 3 hours. All of a sudden, the bonus money stopped working. Now I can't even test CVs. I'm done. The only [edited]day I get to test this, and it isn't working. GG WG,
  13. IDK what happened. but no one is getting any bonus money for playing ships now. So can't even afford to repair CVs....
  14. and here I see a mixture of both AP and HE.
  15. tell me these don't look like AP?