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  1. Help

    Don't listen to them. They are all trolling you. You must save the entire game on a thumb drive or something or it's all lost.
  2. Spotting issues

    So it is a bug. Man it is so very annoying. DD does his job and spots. i see the target and try to take aim, only that the ship never renders and it slips away. Then the DD yells in chat "why is no one shooting!"
  3. Spotting issues

    Ok, I have had something that happens to me every game. I need to know if it is a bug or not. Someone else will spot a ship, and I will see it on the map. Problem is, it will take 1-3 seconds before I can visually see the ship. Sometimes only for a split second and it's gone. Giving me no time to aim. If it's a bug, i can easily reproduce it and make a video. if it's a game feature...why?
  4. So what's with the new BB gun bug?

    Yea. I have also had it on cruisers as well. But very much more on BBs I've even watched entire salvo's pass right through ships. Gotta love ghost rounds. have not had that yet. A few times I've had that as well. Can't click on a ship to target. Sadly I have mods installed now. But I have had this bug both with and without mods. Although I haven't had it in the last couple of days. Even that doesn't help. Only spamming the mouse clicks does.
  5. The issue seems to be more common, when in a turn, your guns come on target, and refuse to fire even when they are green. I've had it happen when even not in turns, but it's more easy to replicate while turning.
  6. How to get the eagles to win?

    oh god, this got derailed HARD. lol
  7. How to get the eagles to win?

    Well, seems WG's solution is to rig it so you can't choose. I log in and see this(first time I logged in all day) and I've played this long, and have not gotten asked to switch sides yet. GG WG. Rigging the players games yet again.
  8. Because you SHOULD have more HP done in fire vs any other damage to you right?
  9. Why does OBS make WOWS stutter?

    3000 is still quite high. Takes a pretty good computer to pull those numbers. 760 is quite old for streaming. Most streamers have a 900+ series. 4g of ram is BAD! VERY BAD. 8g will just BARELY work if you are using the same computer to play off of. What CPU? What are your OBS settings? Seriously, you might want to NOT stream. You sound like you are using an old computer like I used to. I never even tried to stream, because streaming is VERY hand on your computer if you are also using it to play on. If you want to use this comp to stream, you need to buy another to play off of. Not trying to be an [edited]about saying you shouldn't stream, but NO ONE wants to watch a slide show, no matter HOW funny you are.
  10. I would like to believe that, but yesterday the exact opposite happened to me. I was in my shima, full hp, and couldn't avoid another Shima's torps and died in 1 hit. So why would one DD only take a 15k hit, while another dies...to the very same torpedoes
  11. Gearing broadside. I was in a shima.
  12. So, please tell me why, reasons OTHER than damage soak parts of a ship or torpedo protection belts, WHY a torpedo would NOT do full damage. IE, your 23k damage torp hits a full HP ship with no protection belt, and it only does 15k.
  13. Interesting because I also tested this, and found it to be not true....Hmmm
  14. Awesome, new event question

    You know, that would be VERY useful info to know. Like, maybe it should say that in game somewhere...(if it did, i sure missed it)
  15. Awesome, new event question

    But the countdown isn't finished yet.