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  1. ... then the Wooster needs smoke ASAP. This has gotta be the most BROKEN ship I've ever seen WG come up with, and I thought the Stalingrad was bad... This is clear cut Russian bias.
  2. mustangman6579

    Fire Prevention skill. Is it worth it?

    No. I never use it as it doesn't do what it says it does. When it was a 1 point skill, it was worth it. Would be worth as a 2 point, maybe even a 3. But in no way is it ever worth 4. First off, it doesn't reduce your changes by 10%. It merely takes off 10% on the attackers fire chance. Meaning, if they have a 30% to cause a fire. To you it will only be 27%. Is it really worth spending 4 points to cut down only 3% of each shell coming at you? No. It also cuts down from 4 fires to 3. Big whoop. I've have 4 fires on me only twice ever. That was only because 3-4 ships were shooting me all at once. Not gonna live through that anyways.
  3. If you don't buy the prem containers, then there really isn't a point. Don't waste your tokens.
  4. So this doesn't come out of my mouth often, but I may have caught a hacker/cheater while playing. Fairly sure the said player is a bot, but what got me, was that this players guns, were fulling tracking me the entire time though I was never spotted. I clipped it from the live stream, and saved the replay. But before I send it in as a report, I want you guys to watch and maybe explain how this person is not cheating. Therefor saving time of others. The story is, game just starts, and this DD makes a beeline straight forward. No one knows why. It's why I figured it was just a bot. Anyhow, I turn to keep unspotted. As I turn away, his guns follow me wherever I go. Up till the point where he dies. How is that possible? (EDIT: So sadly after watching the clip, it is harder to tell due to the lower res. SO I will upload the reply as well) Please tell me if I have the correct replay, as for some reason I cannot open it. 20190517_220959_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  5. mustangman6579

    Container a day?

    My friend was telling me about it yesterday. How he got one of the missions to get a russian BB from the container a day for the event. I was all, what container a day? Maybe the losing team gets containers?
  6. mustangman6579

    Container a day?

    So a friend of mine that also plays this game, informed me that I should be getting a condainter a day from the honor/glory event. I have not seen a single container at all, and have only earned 2 random ones in missions. Am I missing something, or is he wrong?
  7. I got nothing because I am too poor to buy any.
  8. mustangman6579

    To you who didn't pick a side yet

    This is the thread I came looking for. Thanks. I got burned hard in sharks vs eagles. Didn't wanna do it again.
  9. mustangman6579

    Is anything going away this patch? Ironium? Forins?

    Thanks guys. I will be spending tonight.
  10. I couldn't find anything, but didn't wanna get caught with my pants down. Is anything going away this patch that I need to look into spending now?
  11. mustangman6579

    Twitch container drops.

    Nope. I was in other peoples streams all day yesterday, and partly today. Then I myself streamed for 12 hours Nothing allday.
  12. mustangman6579

    Twitch container drops.

    There must be as now it is 36 hours and nothing.
  13. mustangman6579

    Twitch container drops.

    Take it no one knows?
  14. mustangman6579

    Twitch container drops.

    Update. I just now logged in, and seems that 24 hours from the time I got my last drop, i am still not receiving anything.
  15. mustangman6579

    Twitch container drops.

    So I guess there is a max allowed per day. As when it first kicked off, I seen about 5 packages from twitch. But then I had a 12 hour hiatus. Is there a way to know how many you can get a day?