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  1. Hey guys, Been playing the Go Navy Event, just had some questions about it and am hoping you could give me some answers. 1: With the Go Navy event coming to a close, will the arsenal or coal be removed or will it stay? I say this, cause I want to get the Musashi and I currently have around 53k coal. I don't want to lose this investment if they decide to remove the arsenal. 2: How will we be able to earn coal now? 3: If I purchased a ship like the Gangut/October Revolution in the arsenal even though I already had it in my port would I get dubloon or credit compensation or would it not let me purchase it if I already own it? 4: I haven't participated in the Hunt For Bismarck event, and was wondering if the skins unlocked for that event offer any bonuses to the bismarck like increased income, xp, etc. or are they purely cosmetic? 5: How many hunt for bismarck containers would I need to buy to unlock the special skins for my bismarck? Well, that pretty much sums up all my questions, please if you know the answer to these write the appropriate number and answer, and if you do not know the answers to these questions, please don't answer them with inaccurate information. Thanks all!
  2. minim8greyhound

    Couple of questions

    Interesting, so basically tiers 6-8 are good credit makers, and tier 9-10 can make good money its just that after repairs and expenses your net income is overall less than that compared to tier 6-8 premiums? So then out of my choices in the arsenal the Flint would overall be the best credit maker when compared to the black and salem? Is it probable to lose money in the tier 9-10 premiums if you don't perform very well? I'm not talking complete failure, but if you played average with a loss would you be making credits or losing credits?
  3. minim8greyhound

    Couple of questions

    Hey guys got a couple of questions, First, if you get a ship like the black or salem which are tier 9-10 premium ships, do you make even more credits? How much credits do those ships make compared to other tier 8 premiums? Second, why aren't there any German ships in the Arsenal for purchase? I am feeling like I should shoot for the black or salem cause I would like to earn a good credit maker ship. I prefer German ships, but as there aren't any I don't mind settling with french or american ships. Which ship out of the ones available in the Arsenal is the best credit maker? Thanks