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  1. USAF 1981-1987 (462 load toad) Hahn AB Germany 50th TFW (Hahn AB 10th TFS, Ramstein AB, Zarragossa AB Spain, Insurlik AB Turkey) USN civilian contractor 2009 (NWDC Naval station Newport RI)
  2. Ami16th

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    Just a couple of questions: System requirement disc space Starting bonuses ... test server only or is for the live/production server
  3. While attempting to purchase premium air drop containers in the container GUI, everything worked up to "purchase" whereas I could not click on the button. Creating a ticket is useless as well since in that GUI, they ask for a purchase price which is an unknown factor.
  4. Ami16th

    DEs and Frigates

    This will probably start an argument unintentionally, but here it goes. Would WG at some time create a new ship class DE ( US Destroyer Escorts ) and Frigates "FF"( classification of other than US ). They are generally a slight bit smaller than a DD ( roughly 10 meters shorter ), less armed but utilize depth charges & hedgehogs and travel at approximately 23 miles per hour ( slower than DDs ). From the 5 classes of the US DEs from 1943 - 1945, only 3 have 1 3er torpedo tube. 1st & 2nd have 3x 5" guns 3rd has 3x 5" gun and 1 set of torpedoes 4th and 5th have 2x 5" guns and 1 set of torpedoes. WG has experimented with submarines and this could be a way to hunt subs. How would this effect gaming where BBs and CVs are involved though? Should the MM be changed to the point where a DE/FF couldn't be part of a battle involving BBs & CVs?
  5. Even though we've had several micro patches, the port GUI still encounters micro lag ( stuttering, minor freezes ) . This does effect drops. Wargaming cannot expect users to constantly upgrade their systems with "high end" components such as graphic cards due to the end user sales prices. End users due have family and real life where they cannot invest in a computer. State side I would say every 6 years, but in Europe where the price of living is far much higher, they cannot afford these commodities. Even to this day, my rig is still considered high end even though it was originally built in 2013, but with the future of gaming in mind. Please tone down the port GUI.
  6. <o The_Hutt, -"BSM", didn't you mean BMS? -" Give the carrier the ability to set up CAPs " They do but to a limited effect. Too bad they don't employ HAVCAP, TARCAP Air superiority etc... <o Ami