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  1. Good mod - thanks! EDIT - needs update for new Wows version. Happy New Year Mariot!
  2. Can I shut off badges?

    I don’t like them - please give me the option of turning the badges off.
  3. True dat. At least, give us an option with no beer can.
  4. Iowa camo

    This would be great!! Good idea Fuchs.
  5. This. I like them both but am mostly a cruiser guy. Just got Hood in a crate and wow! Warspite good and hits hard but, well, slow. Hood is fast and seems to hit harder.
  6. Musashi Free XP Cost

    Just to be clear - no one at WG has officially confirmed Musashi will cost more Free XP than the Missouri, right?
  7. Is De Grasse going to be available?

    Just got one in a Santa mega box - tres bien!
  8. I have been converted

    Unbelievable AA on this monster - for the first time I can stop looking over my shoulder ....air strike shredder. Really nice upgrade from Colorado! Seems tougher than the Iowa?
  9. Will Hood ever be bundled with a multi-point captain? Then I’d buy her! EDIT - got my Hood in a Santa box - with 10 point Captain ! Nice!
  10. Good mod - thanks! EDIT - needs update for new Wows version. Tanks scripts in campaign. Thanks!
  11. Roma showed up

    I saw Roma’s in 4-5 games today ..... Is she available somewhere? Couldn’t find her in tech tree or shop? Good looking ship!
  12. Nice ship - congratulations!
  13. Should I play IJN cruisers?

    Haze Gray Underway’s summary is excellent. The torps are great and guns are nice! You won’t regret using them!
  14. Pretty good for a $3 Santa box - pretty fun to play, but only if played as a cruiser, not a BB.