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  1. Does the MM take into account you ranking (if you have one) in random battles. I been noticing since starting ranked battles that I am doing on average much poorer when playing lower tier ships. Is this coincidence or is MM matching me up with other ranked players (players with about the same rank) in random battle.
  2. Hay is today the last day to cash in 3rd anversity tokens before they get converted to cash or something??
  3. What would be your 1st mod for the yamato???
  4. damage control party mod 1, what is the benefit. It saids increase the action time of the damage control party by 40%. So if you were on fire or flooding does it put out the fire 40% faster. Because if you use the damage control party it goes out pretty fast. Or does it increase the time where it would repair and second issue after you activate the damage party. For example you have a fire you activate the repair and then you are hit with the torpedo which flooded and is still repair because the damage control party is still activated. Either way see like the benefit is not all that great. p.s. Is there a better 1st mod for the IOWA besides the damage control party mod 1. .
  5. Tank_Ace

    Yamato ship captain build

    for the yamato what would you get first for #2 EM or AR
  6. How should I build up the yamato. in captain skills. Typically for BB. I do 1. PM 2. EM 3 SI 4 FP or CE For skill 2, I am considering AR but never had on any of my ships. And for skill 4 I am considering FP because the Izomo I am getting fire bome all the time I would think it is the same for the yamato am also considering AFC for extra 20% range Also what mod should I consider. Never used mod before (Want to earn my ships)
  7. Tank_Ace

    Using repair Kit

    so just to clarify. If you don't have DCP or not planning to use it. If you wait until the fire is out then use heal, you would recover more then use heal say 1/2 way through the fire??? Would this be the same for flooding. That is If you don't have DCP or not planning to use it. If you wait until flooding is done then heal, you would recover more???.
  8. Tank_Ace

    Using repair Kit

    If in are in a bb and you are on fire and you want to use your repair kit to heal. Do you get more overall healing if you use the repair kit to heal before the fire is out or wait until the fire is out first. For tit does not matter When I said the repair kit it is the healing part not the put out the fire part which is just repair. Is it the same for flooding.