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  1. How do I get a bayard, siroco and so on... so I an get my republican tokens? thanks
  2. In the pass, I was able to see the smoke outline of my enemy if I zoom in to get the range and shoot into the smoke. But I can see the outline recently. Have the settings change??? If so How do I get it back?
  3. thanks one more question on that. To get to the upgrade you have to work toward various stages. Do you lose the work you put in or is it simply just you get a new ending date when old expires. thanks
  4. Hello I got a Unique upgrade offer when I got the Gearing. I have certain time limit to compete personal mission to get a hull unique upgrade. There is a time limit to compete the mission. My questions is if I don't complete the mission. Does the offer eventually come back so I can get the upgrade??? thanks
  5. Tank_Ace

    Help! How do I get 25 more ironium

    lesson learn don't count on those freebies continuing. Also don't start unless you know you can finish. But still they should have the irondium end date match the even end date.
  6. Help. I need a total of 600. I am 25 short ironium short. the Ironium does not go away until may 28. But I don't see any more events to earn more. Are there going to be more events coming? If not how do I get more? thanks
  7. I stand corrected. that is why I ask. Did not know you only need 6 of 8
  8. Am I right in think you can NOT complete 1st state "fly strike and win" without paying money because one of the "mission" you need to recieve 500000 HP in a boise or Nueve de julio, right? thanks
  9. ok so if I am going to get the early access uk cv I have to get it before March 27????
  10. So if you got early access uk CVs you will lose them on early Wed March 27???
  11. hello, I need 360 more gold wings to get the next british cv. How do I get more (what is the best way). I was getting them completing the daily missions. But today I notice you don't get wings when you complete the mission. Today I got camo. Are they going to bring back wings for completing daily mission in the coming days.
  12. hay on the lion if you get the 419 guns do you lose the number of main guns because you get larger guns or do you still get 9 min guns??? thanks.
  13. hay when you get enough of those little wings to get a british CV. Do you get to keep them forever or just until the even is over?? thanks
  14. Does the MM take into account you ranking (if you have one) in random battles. I been noticing since starting ranked battles that I am doing on average much poorer when playing lower tier ships. Is this coincidence or is MM matching me up with other ranked players (players with about the same rank) in random battle.
  15. Hay is today the last day to cash in 3rd anversity tokens before they get converted to cash or something??