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  1. thunder59

    Submarine Testing

    Will this stupid idea never die!?! You want to put the final nail in the coffin on this game? Just keep going with this idiocy!
  2. thunder59

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    Why no streams? Game is dead? Sad!
  3. thunder59

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    This is totally absurd!!!! With all the problems in this game (like the CV rework), you bring in these fantasy OP Russian ships instead of really fixing the problems the game has already? How about stop nerfing other Nations ships and admit that the Soviet Navy was crap compared to everyone that actually managed to build their ships? Nah that'll never happen! First breaking your promise that Submarines would never be in this game and now this! You seem determined to alienate the player base that actually spends money on this game! Except so many of us are done spending money on this game so I guess you're really just planning to milk it for everything you can.
  4. I'm not one to defend Wargaming but whining about about a charity event is pretty low!
  5. thunder59

    Puerto Rico Grind: A Sinister Long Term Plan

    You are correct yet at the same time raising the topic and showing WG why we are unhappy is far from "sickening" as CAPTMUDDX put it. It is indeed the very reason for these forums. This is by far the worst thing WG has done to date. I've been playing there games since Tanks came out of beta and have never been this pissed about anything! I am honestly dumbfounded at how bad this has gotten. Changes to the game are one thing that has bothered me before and of course they are in business to make money(and I have spent plenty of it over the years), but the outright lying and disregard for customer satisfaction has sunk to a new low here. IMHO, The only thing that will fix this is a HUGE change to this event and a truly sincere apology, to make it up to the players. Do I expect that to happen? Probably not, but I predict they will feel it in their pockets.
  6. thunder59

    Clan Brawls

    You may be pleased but I think most people( at least most I've talked to about it ) are not, if this is to be a replacement for actual Clan Battles. Having this be the only way to earn steel for this patch is frustrating to say the least. Being available for 2 specific nights for 3 hours is just not practical for many! I don't like these types of events at all. I much prefer having Clan Battles seasons available for longer periods of time. If this isn't feasible due to low server numbers then events like this need to be spread out to allow maximum participation. There needs to be more ways to earn this precious resource that you introduced into the game. Or, better yet get rid of it and make the things available for steel available for other resources!
  7. thunder59

    Smolensk is a disgrace

    I may or may not play the game til it collapses as a previous comment said, but I am definitely DONE spending money on it!I quit playing for most of this year after the CV fiasco and with all [edited] still going on I definitely spend less time playing than I used to.
  8. thunder59

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Quite simply because WG expects people to pay to convert free XP through the Grind and pay gold to retrain Captains and so forth. It's so obvious to anyone who understands how the game works. These types of things (and Submarines) that the community has already expressed that they don't want is exactly why people are frustrated and have no faith or trust in WG! If you want players to continue experiencing the game then reward them in ways that don't involve something as tedious as re grinding their lines. That is without a doubt one of the WORST aspects of the game!
  9. thunder59

    Ranked Season 12R (please)

    How about we just state the obvious here? If you don't have a tier 10 with an experienced Captain, you have no business playing tier 10 Ranked Battles!
  10. Server overloaded. Please try a different battle type?