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  1. So glad to see everyone else having this issue. I have read the mission standards over and over again trying to figure out what I was missing. I wasn't. I am stuck on the 1600 XP mission as well. Kinda aggravated with it right now. Have restarted several times.
  2. Are we down or is it just me?

    I would think it has more to do with the addition of the Anniversary items that kick in today.
  3. Santa's Serect Stash Awards

    Dang ... I just posted the same question in the Forum. I wish I had seen this first. I was curious as well if anyone else hadn't gotten the "Special Reward" for the last 3 that turned gold.
  4. Not sure this is the correct place for this. Sorry if it isn't. But here we go ... For The New Year's Medal Marathon we were supposed to get "rewards" when a certain number of folks completed them and they turned gold. When the first 2 changed, I got my "Special Crates" cool no problem. Over the past couple days 3 more have changed, but no crates for me. I have completed all the missions and was kinda looking forward to the Hoarder Medal reward. Has this happened to anyone else???