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  1. KurganSPK

    Puerto Rico Grind Question

    Nice - that's what I thought but wanted to be sure, appreciate your response. If and when I hit 34 I'll be sorely tempted. We will see.
  2. Hey all - been playing a lot the last few weeks, mostly grinding some higher tiers and find myself at dock phase 31 without really paying attention. Do I need to hit level 40 (not doable really) and then pay the 10,000 doubloons or do I do this after phase 34 (doable), as I've not bought any packages or paid for any skips? Not clear on how you actually get the ship. Cheers.
  3. KurganSPK

    Firepower container delivers!!!

    how much did that cost you?
  4. don't think you'll get much sympathy CV.. .particularly from BB drivers.
  5. which captain is that - been away for a while and am having trouble with Krem. Get burned down to waterline really fast why I try to tank her. And sitting at range isn't what she's meant to do...
  6. KurganSPK

    Tier 7 Bottom Tiered Again?

    you're doing it wrong then - don't be over aggressive as a bottom tier...
  7. KurganSPK

    Tier 7 Bottom Tiered Again?

    Bottom tier in this game is really not much of a big deal - not compared to WoT at least. I kinda like it... sure you can get deleted faster, but you can also earn lots more XP.
  8. I got the first two on the first day... thought everyone did... (ducks) (via earned tokens)
  9. I did get the 10K one time thing - and then 10k per line I re-ground... so after three lines I was sitting on 40 k... fourth line looks like I'm getting a 2x? Weird that it would be different. EDIT: I am at 50K, so I got a 2x bonus somewhere...
  10. I re-ground three ships and am still short for a RB ship... did I f up somewhere? Or were you able to use a coupon?
  11. Has it been announced or is it in testing? Been away from game a bit and lost track. I'm sitting on 50K research points and wondering if I should cash in for a million free XP and save it for next ship, or grind the Colbert... thanks!
  12. KurganSPK

    Re-grind is not fun

    A smaller Worcester sounds fun to me - I have the Wooster but it is clumsy and big and easily rekt. (I like it though of course) Seen Colbert doing well in randoms....
  13. KurganSPK

    Re-grind is not fun

    i've enjoyed the reset - reset Zao and Moskva... and, gasp, DM.... I've improved a little bit since I first ground them out and am finding the second go around much more enjoyable.
  14. roger.. thx (was in a wolf clan but got booted cuz real life prevented me from logging on for a week....)
  15. thx - that's what I've been doing for the last 6 weeks or so. Did rank out for first time in previous sprint... that's just so painful... So you are saying you should earn 1 in about four months? Then maybe I'm right on pace.