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  1. Carrier_Ikoma

    Any serious discussions on Real Manual AA

    They have said that a priority sector rework is the highest priority of their game logic developers right now. We don't know what it will look like yet.
  2. *surprise poke*

  3. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Rework- Tough to kill. Why's that?

    They do. Just stop shooting into the flight deck with small caliber AP.
  4. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Torpedo spread

    My build does change a little depending on nation. On RN and USN CVs want torpedo acceleration. On my RN CVs I run Demolition Expert as well. I do not run Torp Accel on IJN CVs - their torps are fast enough, and torp acceleration increases the arming distance, making drops close to islands harder to do. On all of them I use the extended torpedo bomber attack time - because all nations benefit from being able to start attack runs and fly below the flak floor before entering AA.
  5. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Rework- Tough to kill. Why's that?

    And those wooden deck CVs can be citadel'd with low caliber HE. They don't bounce anything. Also, high tier CVs have worse armor than british cruisers. They aren't anywhere close to battleship level. Typical forum hyperbole ~
  6. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Rework- Tough to kill. Why's that?

    This is one thing that has nothing to do with the rework. Late war CVs had better armor. Still pretty bad armor, but doing things like shooting low caliber AP at the armored flight deck will bounce, yes.
  7. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Torpedo spread

    Glad it's been helpful; I don't have any formal CV guides posted. But if you have any more questions, or if you're wondering about how to optimize something or deal with a situation... feel free to post, I'll give an answer if I can and I'm sure others around here will too. Good hunting!
  8. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Torpedo spread

    I usually "pulse" the boost to make it last longer. I don't actually slow down during an attack run unless it's a very weird setup (and TBs flying below the flak gives you very little reason to). Slowing down a bit can help when turning to line up a second run. Also I should mention that when I was talking about 10km runs, I was mostly thinking about T10 planes. At T6 you'll probably want to start a bit closer.
  9. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Torpedo spread

    Yes. TBs, with the exception of Hakuryu's special 4-torp drop, fly below flak during their attack run. Taking the module ensures you can begin the run outside of flak even if you're out of boost (if you begin it in flak, there's a risk that flak will spawn in front of you during the descent). If there's a CV line where it's least necessary, that's probably the RN - their tight maneuvering and fast aiming means you can dodge flak before a run more easily, and you'll get the narrow spread quickly when you start the attack run. But even for RN CVs, it's helpful.
  10. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV Torpedo spread

    It is not manual, it is based on keeping the TBs steady. I recommend this: 1. Take the module that extends TB attack run time by 5 seconds 2. Start your attack run from 10km out (you will want to use boost too). 3. Try to lead the target from the beginning so you only have to fly straight for those 10kms. That should get you a narrow spread and minimize your time in AA.
  11. Carrier_Ikoma

    Collect the Ribbons - 13th - 20th

    Wish this contest had started just a day earlier so I could have used this one... But my entry will be a quick but mediocre win I got in this morning: And that's my last game in Akizuki. Farewell, my fine DD. Wish the final match was a better sendoff ~
  12. Carrier_Ikoma

    Are Captains Goldfish?

    ...I like this idea. I don't have enough time to train up a captain for every tech tree ship I want to keep. I would definitely go for extra specialization slots so I can move the captain between 2 or 3 ships at will.
  13. Carrier_Ikoma

    Modding SDK - extracting model issue

    @MatroseFuchs Would you be able to offer any advice for changing the model (not texture) or JSA037_Hakuryu_Space? 2019-04-11 19:46:20.826: INFO: [Print] Failed to registerShipMod: unknown ship JSA037_Hakuryu_Space I still haven't been able to find a way past this error.
  14. Carrier_Ikoma

    WG, you owe premium CV owners another refund window

    Well, sure. Anyone's welcome to disagree, of course. But I'd also suggest that maybe WG shouldn't be selling premium CVs until the 9.x series of patches or they're otherwise fairly sure there won't be more significant changes coming, at least for a while. My #1 gripe is that WG is pulling this after they said they were done with Premiums. Even though some of the changes are class wide, the impact is high.
  15. Carrier_Ikoma

    WG, you owe premium CV owners another refund window

    Here's a funny twist: I don't even own GZ. Yes, I know the EULA lets them do anything and everything. But to make changes of this magnitude after they've declared they're done, the right thing to do is to extend the refund window.