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  1. Carrier_Ikoma

    T4 AA ship

    I agree that it is unfair to the enemy CV that gets pulled up through no fault of his/her own. But, if word gets around that it no longer works, people will stop doing it, so hapless T4 solo queuers will stop getting pulled up. Rough as it is, I think this is probably the only way to go....
  2. Carrier_Ikoma

    T4 AA ship

    Oh thank finally. When did they make that change?
  3. Carrier_Ikoma

    T4 AA ship

    If you don't mind jumping up a tier, Nicholas AA hull will outperform anything at T4. Div up with a CV buddy and you won't see any tier above 5 too, unless someone else has the same idea to make such a div.
  4. Carrier_Ikoma

    No halloween this year?

  5. Carrier_Ikoma

    Campaigns; Do they still have a place in the game?

    Unfortunately it's hard to know what they are thinking. I'd give more than a penny for dev thoughts on those topics...
  6. Carrier_Ikoma

    Campaigns; Do they still have a place in the game?

    Paraphrasing from memory (so don't be surprised if I didn't get the exact nuance), the response I remember was more or less "pass on events you're not interested in or until you feel like you have the energy to do them again, 100% completion is not expected", etc etc
  7. Carrier_Ikoma

    [All] Hosho with Midway/Hakuryu Torpedo Bombers

    Oh, thanks for that. @Albrecht_Brandi Can you please precisely clarify the following: 1. Which ship(s) do you wish to be modified? 2. Which plane these ship(s) should receive? 3. Which ship has the plane in question 2?
  8. Carrier_Ikoma

    Campaigns; Do they still have a place in the game?

    There was some past Q&A with sub on reddit where he hinted they weren't quite happy with campaigns. So I guess that's why we aren't getting more... Would be great to hear some elaborate on devs' thoughts on them, though.
  9. Carrier_Ikoma

    [All] Hosho with Midway/Hakuryu Torpedo Bombers

    Oh I see. So I could do the model swap. But someone else would have to do the hardpoints. I don't have GZ, and the floatplane, as a spotter, won't have any existing hardpoints set up - it would take a lot of training room testing to get it right. Is there someone that would be willing to do the hardpoint setup for the Arado-196?
  10. Carrier_Ikoma

    [All] Hosho with Midway/Hakuryu Torpedo Bombers

    There's a layer to model swaps that can be tricky: planes need to have the same hardpoints. For example, I can't easily put Tenrai's (hakuryu TBs) on the Midway, because Midway drops 2 torpedoes per plane but Tenrai only has the hardpoint for one torpedo. You can change hardpoints but this is tricky to test, I haven't really grinded USN CVs so I can attempt modifications but I can't test them. I can look into this when I have some time (no promises it will be quick), but again, I can't test it myself. But a few things I need to know before I can move forward on it: 1. From the model names you listed, it sounds like you want a torpedo bomber to be replaced by a dive bomber. Is that correct? 2. Can you tell me what CV the AAB702 is attached to? Just to save me time diving through files Right, purely visual, and only for you. Can you imagine how people would flip out if you could mod performance stats? And WG would fix that pretty fast, I'm sure. Creating (and animating) plane models from scratch is far, far beyond my capabilities. I can only change out existing plane models. Sorry.
  11. Carrier_Ikoma

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    Just wanted to mention that the CV bug where planes, after being recalled, remain hanging in place, unmoving for a long time, is still present. I've included screenshots and replays in past bug report threads so I won't be redundant. But the bug still hasn't been fixed.
  12. Carrier_Ikoma

    VENOM's Review of CVs and their Gameplay

    So simplest part first: All IJN CVs have AP bombs except Kaga, which has HE bombs. USN HE bombs deliver decently high, consistent damage. AP bombs have the potential to citadel, and can delivery large blows if this happens - however, this requires a great amount of precision, a decent amount of luck, and some ships just have armor such that you can't do it. Now for torps, mostly their T10 characteristics but some apply to all tiers: USN - highest alpha strike/salvo damage, worst aiming, slow torps IJN - middle aiming, fast torps, middling damage RN - extremely short range torps and they're slow, but they have the best aiming. If you know what you're doing, and then approach parallel to a ship, then turn in while aiming to still get a perpendicular drop. In terms of aiming, RN are my favorite. They can pull off silly drops that no other nation can do. But the IJN fast torps are nice because they're easier to lead, and the USN torps are nice for blapping big slow targets for a large amount of damage. Kaga is an exception to much of the above. In general, premiums may be an exception to any particular point. It's worth noting that 2 Shoukaku torpedoes do more damage than 3 Kaga torpedoes.
  13. Carrier_Ikoma

    Ark Royal out in NA Store now

    Can anyone recommend any reviews for this ship?
  14. Carrier_Ikoma

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    They messed up the mixing yet again? I don't think I've known another game to go through as many sound overhauls as wows...