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  1. You've hit it closer than anyone else here. Despite the interface and controls changing massively, one core - and IMO, disastrous - thing has remained the same. AA is automated and WG even put back auras into it. So we're doomed to be balanced towards what hardcore, unicum players can do with CVs, which will always be relatively strong because they know exactly how much AA they can penetrate and for how long, and exactly how much damage they can get through, and so on. And since it's automated, you can't directly do anything about it. While the more average CV players just get wiped out by the AA. They'll probably quit in time, just like with RTS mode carriers, leaving the gameplay as something for a very small number of hardcore players. Just like before the rework.
  2. Carrier_Ikoma

    The Skull Throne

    I just wanted to say I appreciate your reviews and how in depth they go a lot. Over the years they've played a key role in deciding if I might enjoy a certain premium and so whether or not I should buy. So! Thank you. I also think you said this better than I ever could. I get the reasons to balance ships, but... when I buy a premium, I'm one of those that gets them based on their performance/specifications. When that starts to be in flux, even if I like what I see in your or others' reviews, nonetheless I can't help but feel a lot more tenuous about reason to make a purchase. What exactly am I buying if everything is subject to change? It already makes my Kaga and Saipan purchases hurt (I bought with cash, not doubloons... so I can't get a true refund), even though I know a CV rework needed to happen. But at least that was to rework a whole system/class, not aimed specifically at those 2 ships.
  3. Carrier_Ikoma

    Can We have Zuikaku?

    Just curious but what features would you like to see in a premium CV? I'm honestly pretty disappointed with kaga and saipan in the rework - I prefer tech tree ships over them now.
  4. Oh I see, thanks for the heads up
  5. No indicator means they're not armed yet.
  6. Carrier_Ikoma

    The Great Forum Shuffle!

    Off topic is now below the international forums. To me it would make sense to have sections grouped by language, instead of intermingling...
  7. Carrier_Ikoma

    T10 AA, what ships surprised you as CV?

    IJN ships mostly.
  8. Atlanta for me. Definitely had some good times with that boat <3
  9. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV streamers?

    Thanks for the links Feel free to leave a link to your stream
  10. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV streamers?

    I'll look forward to it
  11. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV streamers?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Well Mr. Gibbons I already watch and he does occasionally play CVs, but not very often. Venom, AFAICT, is the same way. I see him live on the World of Warships twitch page, but I haven't seen him streaming CVs yet. I'll try to catch Gaishu and see if that's any better.
  12. Carrier_Ikoma

    CV streamers?

    I'd like to find some streamers that I can learn CV play more in depth from. But there's a little bit of a problem. Finding streamers that stream CV gameplay is nearly impossible. When non-CV streamers occasionally step into them, they do something like 15k damage in a match and basically... they're not good sources to learn from. The usually community recommendation seems to be Fem but as far as I can tell, she hasn't been streaming CVs since the rework so that's also not an option... Now with all of that said... Does anyone know someone that regularly/frequently streams CV play (in English), and that's good at it? Tier 8 play in particular would be great but at this point, beggars can't be choosers...
  13. Carrier_Ikoma

    Winning Effort Wednesday - Your Mission

    Delving back into the world of CVs after so long... To some extent I miss the impact I have in BBs. But sometimes you get some really neat opportunities to assist teammates. Maybe a DD is struggling to skirmish against two cruisers... I can send in some planes to distract or maybe even kill one. Or maybe my team's guy was winning a skirmish... but a red is about to pop out from a flank to tip the odds in their favor. Well, not on my watch. Reds on our cap zone? I can harass and try to reset them while what's left of my team pushes into their base. Red bow-on BB halting my team's push? If he's not escorted, I can put some torps into his side - maybe making him turn. While I do have to try to be conscious of other things too, my very favorite thing about CV play is when I get to help a teammate turn a losing skirmish, push, or defense into a winning one. - When I'm in a BB, it's pretty much shell stuff until it gets away from my cap zone.
  14. Carrier_Ikoma

    So what BB line do you think is the best

    For me it is IJN. When I tried other lines, I found I wasn't willing to trade out good gunnery for other perks. IJN BBs have a number of weaknesses... often terrible AA (well, high tiers are better now with the rework), bad armor... but very solid guns, generally. All that said I see people doing amazing things with the French BBs, and they seem to have incredible AA too. I'm not sure what their tradeoff is but it's a line I may explore in the future.
  15. Carrier_Ikoma

    Top Shot Tuesday - Most Torpedo Strikes

    The problem is multiple armaments. I can see % of torpedo hits/accuracy, yes... but not how many ships were killed with torpedoes as compared to dive bombers or main battery.