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  1. tigerkiller1000

    CV changes nausea

    The changes made to the CVs in the past update have made the class harder to play as it is causing nausea. More specifically it is the changes to the CV take off and the engine boost FOV that are causing issues. The FOV changes for when slowing down and then speeding up are causing nausea, combined with a hyper sensitive camera upon take off makes for a dizzying effect.
  2. tigerkiller1000

    Research Bureau bug

    Reset my US CA line, had two ships in port, New Orleans and Des Moines, from the line. Credits were added, research points applied to the ships, modules demounted, ships remained in port, ships in tech tree were still researched. Tried to pull the command out of New Orleans and had a transaction issue, tried to enter co-op battle with New Orleans and received another transaction issue. Waited 5 minutes and ships still remained in port. Exited game and re logged in, ship were finally no longer in port and were unresearched. It seems there may be an communication issue between server and client (My highly unqualified opinion) in the Research Bureau when resetting ship lines that in the whole process of selling, unresearching, and applying research points something hiccuped and left the ships in the players port
  3. tigerkiller1000

    USS Johnston DD-557 may have been located

    Pretty amazing find, But in the video they mention finding a number 3 battery gun, Johnston shouldn't be found with her number 3 gun. From observations by the crew of the Samuel B. Roberts "At roughly 0800 USS Samuel B. Roberts report that Johnston came sailing up within a hundred feet of the ship. Johnston's bridge was battered and had been abandoned, and her mast was doubled over with the radar swinging like a pendulum, one torpedo mount was gone and the No. 3 gun was completely gone" (http://www.bosamar.com/pages/de413) Now its not impossible that the No. 3 gun would be found with the wreckage as Johnston would sink less than an hour after this. Plus this wreck seems really spread-out with no map of the wreckage posted, nor will i think there will be one.
  4. After taking my time looking at how the CV rework has panned out through my own experiences, I've noted several things and thought up some changes that I believe will help out game-play against CVs without nerfing them in the sea bed. First thing i noted was that the Carrier serves as the Great Equalizer, smashing pre-existing class imbalances into oblivion. Granted this comes at the cost of having each team having a very strong ship. Second, The Great Equalizer doesn't fairly affect all ship types, DDs suffer the worst. However this also doesn't affect all tiers the same. DDs at tier 6 suffer more from rocket attacks than bombs, and DDs at high tiers suffer from bombs more than rockets. So I thought up several changes that should be able to fix most of the DD suffering while not obliterating the CV game-play either. 1. Reduce the flight speed of the rockets fired from the strike aircraft by 25%-50%. I personally think that the strike aircraft should be quick attacks to damage to targets in high AA and to smack around other vessels that are not well armored. They also are effective scouts but not the best for every nation. This job title doesn't need the rockets to be insta-damage. Requiring more lead on a target will allow targeted vessels to have better chances of dodging an attack while also allowing the strike aircraft to retain their spotting and speedy attacks. It also allows for the reduction of the set-up time for the rocket aircraft for a little bit better easy of use. These next two changes are in specific relation to the Midway, as Midway is the DD murdering psychopath of the high tiers. 1. Reduce bomb damage from 11200 to 9200 or 10000. Midways bombs do a LOT of damage, nerfing the damage down to Lexington's level or just reducing the damage to 10k should increase the chances of survival against the HE bombs from Midway. Another possible change that could be placed in would be decreasing fall speed of the bombs, but I dont think this would have much effect for DDs because Midway players like to drop their bombs at the last second on DDs which is so low that it wouldn't make much difference. 2. Change the Torpedo Bombers from their 3x3 (3 attack runs of 3 planes each) to a 4x2 (4 attack runs of 2 planes each) and increase the torpedo damage from 4233 to 6467(Lexington torp damage) or to 5350 (middle ground damage) Part of the reason why Midway players stick to DBs or strike aircraft is becasue their TBs suck. Incredibly wide spread, with very slow torps, and low single torp damage makes them effectively worse than Lexington's TBs. With Midway you are lucky if more than 4 torps hit a maneuvering target while you could hit all 3 with Lexington, causing more damage. By changing the TBs damage, but also reducing the amount of torps dropped in a single run the TBs are an actual upgrade but also not game-breaking. And with actually usable TBs players wont be targeting DDs as much as its easier to hit CAs and BBs with TBs. So am I crazy? Stupid? Or do i have a good idea here, even if it is just a starting point?
  5. So first and foremost, I've like the concept of the Carrier and AA rework. The execution has been meh to say the least. After playing roughly 25-30 games, majority in carriers, a clear issue has been making its self known. My Dive Bombers have incredibly low survival rates and as a result are causing the least amount of damage in any game. TBs and AT squads can usually get 2-3 launches, DBs are getting 1. Considering the only marginal differences in HP and squad sizes between TBs and DBs. After looking into the stats of the AA damage I found out why. Short range AA damage is the highest damaging AA of all and is basically guaranteed damage. Lets see an example, Bismarck with the B hull has a total of 527 Continuous damage per second within 1.5 km. Lexington's DBs with survivability expert and DB mod. 2 have a total HP of 2043 per aircraft. the time it takes for the bombers to just drop bombs is roughly 3 seconds, and will average 5-6 for any accurate drop. With this in mind you will lose almost 2 aircraft in a single accurate drop. This does not include any damage taken prior to 1.5 km. Now if the DB want to go for a second run, they will have to back track through short, medium, and long range AA before just lining up the second attack run. For a 9 aircraft squad you are already down to 5 or 4 badly damaged aircraft just coming off the first attack. The AA rework has been working OK for the other aircraft due to the fact that they keep moving at high speeds, allowing for Hit and Run style assaults. Fine tuning is still needed but that should be an easier fix. Dive bombers don't have that speed advantage unless they're German, resulting in high losses and lower damage returns. For 9 bombers I only seem to average around 8k per squad. Attack Aircraft manage higher damage returns! This needs to be changed, Dive bombers are already the hardest to aim aircraft, so these low damage returns basically makes the bomber useless. So how should this issue be addressed? Without changing how the AA works I would say greatly increase the number of DBs in an Attack. Basically make it so the entire squad goes in for the attack. Now keep some moderation in mind and also reduce the amount of bombers in the Squad. For Lady Lex it could be 6 bomber strong squad all dropping at once. This enables far better damage potential against enemy warships and actually provides an incentive to use these difficult aircraft. Please give your thoughts, Am I crazy for having issues with DBs or do you notice this too? Is going to this to be too similar to the old system? Would that actually be good thing? Am I right about this execution of the rework?
  6. tigerkiller1000

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    So here's my take on the rework. Keep this in mind, I have only been playing at T8 and T6 carriers. 1. Highly inconsistent, planes will make it through mino AA one second and die to Montana AA the next. 2.Very very little room for error, especially at T8. with boost, in 5 seconds you can go across 2 ships AA fields. Good luck dodging all that Flak 3. Carrier based fighters dont follow the 1 fighter=1kill guild line that they were posting about. fly 9 Dive bombers into fighters and you'll loose all 9. 4. Major overall potential damage decrease, 300,000+ damages games are no more for carriers unless all enemy ships turn off their anti-air. 5. Smoke issues, If AA now works on line of sight, why can ships shoot at my planes when i cant see them in their smoke screens, doesnt matter that one of their allies can see me, their AA guns cant see shinola Now these are all just issues i can currently see, 4 is probably for the better but it should be toned back a little. Biggest thing to note however, is that all of these can be tweaked with a micro patch. Honestly controlling the planes and watching your AA light up the sky like its the forth of july is very soothing, but trying to attack through that is a guaranteed slaughter for most planes. And being helpless to really defend yourself from that isnt fun. Potential fix ideas: 1. decrease the max speed of the boost 2. decrease accuracy of flak 3. fix smoke AA and carrier fighters Beyond that everything else comes down to fine tuning. For those are shocked to find that their AA range has been nerfed, actually play your ships about 20 times. It truly hasnt been nerfed. For those shocked to see 2 or more carriers on a team, your new around here, as MM prior to 8.0 could allow up to 2 carriers per team.