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  1. Ugh First Thing I See Logging On

    Less about loyalty and more about preventing bandwagoning. People assign value to winning even if it has no additional rewards. By allowing players to switch sides every day, you nullify the value of even having picked a team. So if the plan is to give free additional rewards the "winning" team, it only means on the last day, everyone will be on that team, and only the "honorobru" will "accept their loss on team Eagles because of dignity and loyalty" Win the overall competition AND free schwag for pulling a Ghirahim every so often? I'll take it.
  2. Decrease In Quality of Customer Support

    Not gonna lie, I always get an answer, but the first reply is always a canned auto response that doesn't solve the issue. Some things I've asked also don't properly get answered because the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. "Hey is there gonna be a mailing process for physical merch for the Battle by the Sea event in Corpus" First reply was the notice that there WAS an event in corpus, a month after it'd happened. "No uhh, you guys delayed it because of a Hurricane, and I couldn't attend because the delay was announced the WEEK OF" actual human: We don't know, rest assured we'll figure out something, there many like you! Don't refund the ticket because it'll help with identification! No reply since. No updates. I paid $20 for an event I didn't go to, and got brushed off for nearly 3 months afterwards, and even now have nothing to show for it.
  3. I don't understand, what's the issue here? If friendly torp damage is removed, those 45 torps do nothing to allies anyway?
  4. I'm not sure I understand this, does the damage to the victim cease as soon as the aggressor turn pink? I don't understand the "Immediate infliction of mirror damage" issue, I've never received reflected damage if I wasn't pink, was that something new? I was under the impression there was no reflected damage unless you were ALREADY pink, which is naturally easier when you cause an ally to flood. I also really love the "which *apparently* didn't add to that teams chances" sarcasm. like legit 10/10
  5. Not gonna lie, if someoneis gullible enough to fall for it, they probably weren't going to use their smoke/DefAA at a smart moment anyway.....¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I see this as abuse of the reporting function, assuming hes telling the truth and it IS only once, at the beginning of the match, and he doesn't say/do anything to be harsh about it otherwise. There's no reason for people to receive chat bans for trivial things like this over the repeated uses of slurs I see in matches, which often go unpunished. In fact, the only rule you could potentially argue here is 2.06. Spamming or posting nonsensical messages is prohibited in the game and battle chats. This also includes excessive use of caps, as well as excessive posting of battle results. Where "nonsensical" could be taken as encouraging people to perform "ill advised" actions. That and contesting a sanction on the forums, but that's a different issue. Other than that, the rules state nothing about saying "lol alt-F4 for free gold" which was common in tanks a few years ago. The consensus then was, "you fell for it, learn not to press buttons chat says get on with your lives" I'd appeal it, this isn't a big deal and should not be cause for strikes against an account - at most a warning should have been issued and heeded, theres bigger fish to chat and over, say, the racially/sexually charged t8-10 matches I've seen.
  6. Unknown error, Game will not load

  7. Unknown error, Game will not load

    Correction, it is not fixed. I loaded the game, changed it to High Settings, and it worked for a battle with the Murmansk. I noticed it crashed on the results screen, and wrote it off, proceeded to try and play the Atlanta, and I never made it past the load-in screen. The game immediately sucked up my cpu and then freezes. I can load the garage, the missions screen, I just can't play a match. Being a clean install, I wish a Moderator or Dev would respond or acknowledge this as an issue. All I want is to just finish the North Cape missions :(
  8. Unknown error, Game will not load

    I reinstalled and it worked fine, I didn't change anything with the computer overnight, which is why it was an unusual error. It was whenever I tried to launch the game, regardless of thumbnail or via launcher, so something became rekt in my wows client
  9. Unknown error, Game will not load

    OK, running a full reinstall, what do I do should this issue persist? Open a support ticket?
  10. Unknown error, Game will not load

    I'm not tech savvy enough to know what's wrong here, but the game worked fine on 1.6.2018, and tonight I get this message. Do I need to just re-install the client?
  11. Out of body/ship experience

    No dev/Moderator has acknowledged this thread, or the issue as far as I'm aware. It's not in the thread of bugs they're aware of, and I haven't ever seen a red name in the "reading" list for this.
  12. I want to put mm is rigged threads to rest.

    I mean, EA tried something so ham fisted like P2W lootbox based-gameplay in 2017. That kind of [redacted] stopped flying on PC and Console PvP a long time ago in NA, however successful it is on Mobile. I can't see why a company that bases their entire premise of balance on a "blind" match maker (Not factoring players, but rather its a box with players in it to make matches with) wouldn't make it tilted in a way that makes them more money. I don't know what way I'd do it to be hidden, but I know that if it was truly a random matchmaker, I'd run the risk of somebody being able to constantly "hit the jackpot" and not need to spend money. At this stage, I'd be surprised if Wargaming were indeed an innocent party and not trying to bilk its players without them knowing. I realize thats what it may have started as, but not with as many steps the world videogame markets have taken with Microtransactions and Lootbox "it's just cosmetic" defenses. Every company has sat and watched it happen, with varying results (EA pushing the envelope while Geurrilla Games including them but not charging IRL cash at all), and with the Free to Play model, I can't see how they wouldn't try to match it lock-step to make more money. We even got lootboxes via EXP, and for sale in the shop now - I don't see Wargaming as a "better than them" company that wouldn't attempt it behind the scenes. EDIT: I will say I appreciate that it's smaller scale here and not stupidly blatant things like biased MM for premium players, or modes exclusive to Paying players. Even if it did start as mildly pay to win in tanks, the company has evolved and taken steps to be better perceived by the gaming community as a whole.
  13. I want to put mm is rigged threads to rest.

    One of them I watched came up with: Matchmaker and RNG are indeed influenced by personal performance, in a bell curve. When tracking the stats of a 35%er it was noted that their shots were consistently more accurate and more likely to be on a team stacked with a better composition than the opposing team. Compared to someone doing well whose shots were more likely to be a hair off Target and we're placed in a composition where they were one of the "better" vehicles and in turn expected to do better just to win (a team of fairly squishy allies and said person was a medium-weight with enough armor to turn the tide because of their skill) It's also been 5 years since this was done, but it stuck with me because of the findings across a couple hundred battles IIRC. Not enough to be ultra conclusive, but evident of some kind of skill-based influence DOES exist, much to the constant denial.
  14. Out of body/ship experience

    rezzing this, as it's not just one instance. The camera backed out just before I died, and beforehand I was able to continue shooting. As is visible the shots and torpedoes froze mid-flight, the North Carolina actually re-appeared when spotted again. Water and my ship on fire continued to move, however my ship did not sink. Shortly after appearing the Ncar stopped moving as well. When the round finished the map darkened and after 45 seconds the results screen loaded. Port loaded slowly, and none of the UI other than the "redeem container" which is in shot #3. Could not alt-F4, had to end process via Task Manager.
  15. In almost a year and a half? Someone earlier mentioned they'd gotten the Mo AND Nelson without paying for them, so your real issue here was the time investment. While agree that games should be games and I shouldn't be forced to play them like a job, there was ample time to go "wow I really want that, I'll play more" and push through. I too have many real life obligations - it's caused me to miss out on Yamamoto, the WG birthday events, the Kamikazes, and many other events. It's something that you must come to accept. If you don't play this game as a second job, you will not get everything. Nothing wrong with it, that's just the model they have going.