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  1. New Forum Changes

    How do the new Facebook style emoticons translate to reputation, or is everyone now permanently at whatever Rep they had before, permanently?
  2. Let's battle content

    The Let's Battle Tour was pushed back to November 4th, and I opened a thread sometime around September 27th asking if it would be possible to still get the physical items mailed to my friend and I, because the event was moved we became unnable to make the new date, November 4th, and the rules state you must show up to get them, which we would have barring the hurricane - the decision was made to postpone it the week of. So I asked in the official Let's Battle Tour thread, because Niko had been frequenting it. When noone answered I PMed NikoPower, it's still marked unread. So November 7th I asked Support. After the first response was literally a copy paste of the "sorry it's been postponed looking for you on the 4th! I got a human response. This is in the attachment. I was told "there a many people with this issue and the team is working to solve it" I let the ticket close as this seemed like I'd been heard. A few days ago, Radar X was active, I pmed him, same thing - it's still unread. It is now December 13th. All I wanted was a yes or no, and noone can even give me that. It's not even about the messenger bag or pins at this point, I'm being actively avoided and it's irritating. I also have not received the invitation card, so I paid $20 and don't even have the ID, while my friends came November 9th (so neither of us would have gotten in anyway.) Nice going on that.
  3. Notser: Shimakaze Supertest Discussed

    So if someone else comes in and locks it, is it double locked ? if so does that make it the only thread that's been locked twice? Inquiring minds need to know http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view8/20141121/5140148/in-after-the-lock-o.gif
  4. Notser: Shimakaze Supertest Discussed

    Stealth level 100
  5. US and other call Loot Boxes - Gambling

    To add to this, the whole kids angle is that it can develop conditioning for gambling in children. The argument is that it paves the way for gambling down the road by being "Gambling-lite". I detest the things. Why can't I just BUY the skins/stickers with in-game/real currency? It used to be on "level up" you were given an in-game currency and from there bought things in a game. Now it's Level up>get lootbox>maybe get currency and some other bobbles that you didn't want. Loot boxes are a game of chance
  6. Perhaps someone here can point me in the right direction. At present I can only run the game on mid level settings with 16 FPS. I feel this is way too low for what I'm running, as I am above the "recommended" settings for everywhere I look. (I think I am, but diminishing returns and all that jazz) All my drivers are up to date, and my Mobo requires ethernet, so the issue is not connection speed. Currently I am running Windows 10 Intel Core i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz 16GB Ram on a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (3Gb dedicated) Warships isn't the only game this has trouble running, I can hardly play Forza Horizon 3 on 30 FPS (Locked) because the game crashes for no reason after about an hour and a half or less. I know the i5 is a bit older, but so many games are still asking for an i3, do I really need to buy a new i7+mobo+ddr4 just to play on acceptable settings? I ask because 3 months ago I ran it smoothly on High at 25-30 fps, and now my other computer (Andromeda X51) barely runs the game at all (Low at 7 fps), when in the same frame it did just fine at mid level settings. People are running the game on a friggin' tablet and I can hardly manage with a $1000 desktop a year old - what gives?
  7. Gonna get Missouri tomorrow, any advice

    The Trumpwagon video is pretty dead on. You make 200,000 on a low damage death+loss. It's fantastic - I'm sitting on 60M right now after buying a Yamato with it. If you need XP it makes that too. its AA eats most planes, so CVs stack em 2-3 flights deep just to hit you. (4 of 6 US planes usually die before the bomb/torps fall) She does play identicle to the NCar, and has a 9 km Radar so late-game she can also help hunt DDs. best of luck - you won't need another premium ever again
  8. I'm guessing my answer was "no"
  9. A solution for Old Collections

    That's right, my bad. Either way however, they added the mission chain and held the event as a one time deal. My point was that, not so much the Bismark itself. I do like that the Halloween event has made a return, and hope that more events become annual things rather than one time events (like the Kamikaze deals - I wasn't playing and missed both of them, and in turn am denied them now entirely as an easy example)
  10. A solution for Old Collections

    I agree -they're very briefly available. In a larger sense, it'd make sense if they did something like Overwatch, where these individual special events are annual, and are added to every year, but that's not how WG works, we've seen that time and again. "One time" collections seem to me, as a player, a waste of Dev time. Certainly there should be hallmarks to long-time players, but those should come in the form of account anniversaries and WG anniversaries, not a bunch of half-filled collections barred to new players because they didn't pick the game up in time and say "oops so sad" no chance at a FREE Bismark because you didn't play the game during this ONE special period some years ago.
  11. @pigeon_of_war what of physical items? A reschedule is fine, but given the 2 week timeframe I (and others) cannot rescind that vacation time, and will not be able to make it on the 4th. Is it possible to have the monogramed bag and other items sent to us, as this was an unexpected tragedy? Or is the plan to stick by the "must be present" policy?
  12. If the rescheduled date just doesn't work, can we get our stuff sent to us? Like, I'd love to go, but I doubt it'll be in the first week of October when I'll still be there (i.e. a "postponement" of 3-4 days). I heard/saw that people's things were sent to them for waiting at the Tank event, if people can't attend because of this (unexpected) change, would you extend that to us, or no?
  13. Arpeggio event

    I like this. This pleases me. But no, my mention was right before the final Kongou fight, the Americans show up and those are the listed (classes) ships, right before they all get obliterated.
  14. Should I take the Missouri challenge?

    from the looks of it scuba diving is about to be their next past-time. And yes, the Missouri is worth it. As probably the worst player with one, I turn 200,000 and 600XP as a profit on a loss where I died and did little damage. She does not contain a Citadel, only a money printing facility. She is the single easiest ship to gain access to the "Million's Club" if you are good and enjoy the playstyle enough to do amazing in. And at tier 9 she can sorta stand up to Tier 10s right out of the box. Do you not like Destroyers? How about planes? Most ships have to choose based on class. Missouri gets a radar, and with Manual AA munches down poorly placed planes. easily one of the best battleships in the game, at no effort in American Battleships. (Could do every tree and still get the T9 US) It's a gudbote. I was paid for this review by the Missouri. It paid me a solid 80M to my account as a bribe to say these things. Have a Yuro. Bear in mind this was on-release. with stealth firing and the original citadel placement. Also language I think, probably. More than likely.