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  1. NitroLauncher717

    Thank you Wargaming

    I too would like to step forward and say thank you for not going forward with changing purchased items. I realise that some things are released stronger than intended, however that's why it's imperative to listen to testers' feedback. I realise that many of the forward facing PR people are bearing the brunt of dislike for the attempt at reversing a long standing desicion, however it was put in place explicitly after changes to a premium were mishandled. I do not own the Gulio Cesare, however it's important to speak against allowing premiums to be changed at will, rather than listening to testers when they are there for the explicit purpose of testing these things. It's also important to give voice here to descicions we like, rather than only descicions we disagree with. I'm am happy with the decision to not alter premiums in large ways after release with exception of keeping them up to par with equal tier counterparts when power creep finally passes them, or mechanics changes that affect all ships, not just that one ship (like the CV change).
  2. NitroLauncher717

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    Numerous people, in numerous threads, more qualified than us here have offered proper reworks, to all kinds of scrutiny and even praise. To say CVs are "not broken" is wrong, because WG itself has admitted as such by overhauling them in the first place. We wouldn't be having a CV 2.0 if WG didnty see the legitimacy of it. I thought WG learned its lesson with how poorly received "Gimmick" classes are with Arty. Through beta and all the way until it was completely overhauled it was, and remains, divisive. A class that does not play like any other class in the game, whose rewards are tied to not risking the craft itself. It's a hot button issue there, it's a hot button issue here. CVs get a mechanic all to themselves, without risk of losing the craft itself. Sure, when its out of planes its useless, but a player with even 1% hp is still enough to win a game through other means, even after everyone else on the team is dead. This is true for Arty as well. Gimmick classes that can swing the tide of battle by their sheer presence is not fun to play against, or lose because of. I'm not going to say CVs are not skill based, because the better CV player wins games over his forced counterpart. Otherwise no. Playing against a T6 cv in a Kongou is suicide. you can do next to nothing about it if he decides you're "it" Kongou has a slowish Accel, it struggles to turn (Thats a US BB trait) and can't stop in a timely fashion, much less gain speed back after a hairpin turn. It's also half the length of Staten island, so in many cases, you eat 2 out of 4 of any Torp Drop, assuming they used Auto Drop. Near the beginning of games, you are often not in a viable position to huddle with allies to fend off the planes, especially with the way some spawns are (one has a BB spawn 2-3 squares from the nearest ally, its ridiculous). I feel like this is an issue with spawns though, and not fault of CVs for taking advantage of a lone ship. In OPs case, if there was nothing he could do, then it just displays that the game has things that need to be rectified. Certainly, a CV player cross dropping and scoring kills is fine, but if these conditions are met too easily, too early, then it can (and has in this case) negatively impacted the way the game is viewed. And while it may be whining, a game people stop enjoy playing isn't a game they stay with. And, if you missed it, player retention for Tanks has slipped. We're not exactly hot stuff here either, a 10% loss of average populations would be kind of a big deal. Best to work with people on things like "X is broken". Not cater to all of the complaints, but like arty, maybe consider there's some credibility to issues players point out?
  3. NitroLauncher717

    Ugh First Thing I See Logging On

    Less about loyalty and more about preventing bandwagoning. People assign value to winning even if it has no additional rewards. By allowing players to switch sides every day, you nullify the value of even having picked a team. So if the plan is to give free additional rewards the "winning" team, it only means on the last day, everyone will be on that team, and only the "honorobru" will "accept their loss on team Eagles because of dignity and loyalty" Win the overall competition AND free schwag for pulling a Ghirahim every so often? I'll take it.
  4. NitroLauncher717

    Decrease In Quality of Customer Support

    Not gonna lie, I always get an answer, but the first reply is always a canned auto response that doesn't solve the issue. Some things I've asked also don't properly get answered because the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. "Hey is there gonna be a mailing process for physical merch for the Battle by the Sea event in Corpus" First reply was the notice that there WAS an event in corpus, a month after it'd happened. "No uhh, you guys delayed it because of a Hurricane, and I couldn't attend because the delay was announced the WEEK OF" actual human: We don't know, rest assured we'll figure out something, there many like you! Don't refund the ticket because it'll help with identification! No reply since. No updates. I paid $20 for an event I didn't go to, and got brushed off for nearly 3 months afterwards, and even now have nothing to show for it.
  5. Saw this guy on Steam, reminded me of you.


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      Why do we not use the PM system anymore?

      These are just comments on your profile.

  6. Next patch... 3QZ40jUsS8i3-6f01KToVA.png

    1. NitroLauncher717


      You're doing kidding. I spent $20 for nothing. AAASS! Also, not like it's gonna make the Texas sell any better. Tier 5 is still broken. That said, Murica Divisions coming SOON™

  7. omy this is noice.

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      It's smooth, doesn't lag for me, there's borders.On the forum mainpage the image looks like crap the way it's not to the width of the border and then all that blue to see the Kaga through a crack - but that's a flaw of the Kaga Banner, but overall it seems modern, not a 2000s era forum page.

      I like seeing the number of replies on "now" topics,

      *edit, you can upvote replies on personal pages? what is this witchcraft?

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      I can't hide the WG staff posts, now my page is waaaay longer than it should be.


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      Not saying it's perfect, but it looks and runs nicer for me. Curious to see if they've fixed the double log-in process.

  8. NitroLauncher717

    What's a good safe mp3 download site?

    I use Ummyvid for downloading YouTube as MP3s, used it for awhile now. Free and offers MP4 Dls, or just the audio from the video. (I just use it on Lyrics versions of songs)
  9. xTheCanadianX visited my page! I am not worthy!

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      I visited your page after seeing you in battle, even less worthy!