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  1. donlokiman

    The Hood - So broken

    So the people who bought it are supposed to do now what people shouldve done the first time.. I dont even want the ship I can sale a Scharnhorst to have guns that perform like this. Atleast maybe give us a gun upgrade (downgrade) that gives us the old ones.
  2. donlokiman

    The Hood - So broken

    You could do that before if you treated every ship like you were aiming at germans.
  3. donlokiman

    The Hood - So broken

    I came here to start a threat about the broken Hood guns.. It is really quite useless now no targets take damage when you shoot them. Just overpens and .. well thats pretty much it when shooting cruisers.
  4. donlokiman


    If F key insta vanished planes (even after the patch its still a stupid mechanic) can we just bring back invisifire. Was playing a game and used my defensive fire, and like they are saved by David Copperfield, you just see planes fly upwards and go away. Why make them invisible to other players? It is a very confusing to watch and kind of silly, im not sure how you chose to do it this way. I get you are going to add a few seconds to the time they can be damages, but come on, unless you are adding 10 seconds, what is a couple hundred DPS of AA going to do? If the planes are doing 200+ knots back to the cv why not just let us shoot them down. Why make an unlimited resource so survivable? All it is doing is generating hatred and making things super confusing. It is like shooting a shell at a ship and if I see I am going to miss hit F and I get my reload back instantly. I think WG may have made this a CV game with non-bot targets. Why even have the CV, why not use landbased airfields at this point. Dedication to the game means I will still play but .. damn.. WG.. when Anthem starts looking like a viable alternative youve offially EA'd the heck out of this situation.
  5. donlokiman

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    CV Prerework and CV after rework
  6. donlokiman

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    Dude. XP in this game is based on percentage damage. People who do really really well in this game are taking damage 1 ship at a time. So if PlayerA gets 100k damage by doing 25k damage to 4 BBs he has contributed very little to the team or the fight. However PlayerB who does 40k damage because he did 10k to 4 dds will outscore PlayerA and do far more to help the team. I am telling you right now that Gaishu_Isshoku is probably not PlayerA. You cannot compare dmg numbers so easily. He posted the 550k game because that is beyond any sane number a single player should be able to get even him, and 1 week into a totally new gameplay mechanic. What will happen in 6 months? 550k for everyone! I need the Oprah Bees Gif.
  7. What gets me annoyed is the rise in the use of the word 'falsehood' since 2016.. but yea you are right.. lol
  8. donlokiman

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    You are interpreting average damage totally incorrectly. Look at the persons overall stats with their average damage. I can average 70k average dmg and come in first place way way waaaaay easier than trying to do it with a 180k dmg game. Damage in a match means practically nothing when trying to actually win the game and help the team. It has made it much worse. The cycle times on planes is what makes it worse and they travel so much faster. Before if he parked planes over you then he tied up the squadrons and tended to ignore the rest of the map. Now though, he can spot you, let everyone know where you are, attack someone else and have a new fresh squadron back over you in 35 seconds. 1 cv can make capping a point totally impossible for as long as he wants now AND kill whatever is trying to cap at the same time. Only the very very very best cv's could even attempt that before.
  9. donlokiman

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    When Gaishu_Isshoku says its OP and unbalanced that is saying a lot.. he himself is OP and unbalanced...
  10. Congrats WG, you brought the Kitakaze back..
  11. [Wrong threat move along nothing to see] lol
  12. donlokiman

    Defensive Fire or Radar.. pick one?

    Because people are overly passive, and if cvs are back the problem will be worse. Though this wasn't an issue when the T10 economy was crushing for passive players, but there is no bringing that back. For the record though, I think that other than spawning the planes right when the match starts (needs a weapon cooldown like everyone else) the CV rework is better than before and not overpowered or fundamentally game breaking. I think WG balanced the game around CV's not playing, and now its super obvious.
  13. I love USN cruisers, DM is my most played ship. However if CVs are successful then having both defensive fire and radar at the same time should not be a thing. This is brutal gameplay for DD's and kind of trickles down to being brutal for BB's.
  14. Technically this is what happens now. For DD's it should just be, if you are outside of its gun bloom spot range you only get a minimap reading. For cruisers I do not personally think its an issue being shot at from 25km away.
  15. donlokiman

    The real rework issue

    When Ranked is the sanctuary all hope is truly lost... I refuse, I will take my beating like an obedient free to play player.