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  1. THOSE players...

    In most games I play, often times the chat is providing me with another half dozen set of eyes and warning me of danger. I think what this all comes down to is doing your best, even if your best is not good enough to win.
  2. Not a Heroic Achievement WG?

    lol, no.. It's that in this day and age IJN DD's don't seem to want to cap or spot.
  3. THOSE players...

    Granted his very next scene is kinda siding with the op.
  4. Not a Heroic Achievement WG?

    Fake News!! No COLLUSION!!!
  5. As a DM player I love the Cleveland at T8. I can feed the beast with squishy cits. When the T9 and T10 show up the fun will be over. At the moment there are a lot of people who never made it to high tier on USN ships, suddenly finding themselves swimming in Des Moines and Hindenburg waters.
  6. 5 Detonation flags every time

    If it is so rare what difference does it make if the 'collection' rate is lowered?
  7. 5 Detonation flags every time

    I did, just ran out.. 10 battles is easy.. after that the last 2 detonations felt like I was being robbed of half a million credits
  8. So.. when you get detonated 3 times in a day yet can only get 10 det flags per day.. its kind of horse manure. How about 5 flags everytime you detoinate.
  9. it was in fact Microsoft's fault had to reinstall windows
  10. I am having this issue, then in a game the camera wont follow the ship. The last patch completely broke the game for me i guess. Time to find a new game.
  11. Old High Tier economy..

    same here.
  12. Old High Tier economy..

    I would like to see the average age of the people who are 'frustrating' teammates.. I don't mind losing, as long as you lose like an 80's action hero.. make them earn the right to kill you. Instead we get these guys who lose with a whimper. The way I see it, being outnumbered just makes it easier to find a target to shoot at.
  13. Old High Tier economy..

    Can we have ti back please?... pleeeeeeeeease? .. I miss when the cowards couldn't afford high tier.