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  1. ErikTheVikingMoose

    New Tier 2 BB request

    Mikasa is all lonesome at tier 2. Mikasa needs a Rival at tier 2 . I think that USS Maine BB-10 or Missouri BB-11 would be a great choice for a rival. The USS Maine BB-10 that I am referring to is not the USS Maine that exploded in Havanah 1898 , but rather its replacement commissioned in 1902 and served until 1922. Read all about it here , lots of pics too https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/photography/us-navy-ships/battleships/maine-bb-10.html USS Maine (BB-10) - Wikipedia Missouri (BB 11) (navy.mil)
  2. ErikTheVikingMoose

    USS Nevada

    Cool video about USS Nevada , the only USN BB that was at Pearl Harbor and D-Day / Normandy , and was tough enough to survive two atom bombs. I know i would like to see USS Nevada circa 1944/45 in the tech tree , she is without doubt worthy of a spot. And now this video about USS Nevada , about 14 minutes long
  3. ErikTheVikingMoose

    USS New Jersey Tour

    This is the best video tour of a Iowa Class BB i have seen so far. If you ever wanted to see the insides , now you can.
  4. ErikTheVikingMoose

    What the Devil is a Destroyer Leader?!

    A U.S.N Destroyer Leader , USS Mitscher DL-2 . My Dad was a radar operator on this ship , I don't recall the exact dates but it was sometime around 1956 -1960 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Mitscher_(DL-2)
  5. I thought you too might find this interesting. This is a U.S. Navy film about how the automatic guns on USS Salem work. Features the 3 inch AA guns and the 8 inch main battery.
  6. ErikTheVikingMoose

    Inside USS Missouri Turret , Live Fire

    Another good one , helps explain what you see in the 1st vid
  7. ErikTheVikingMoose

    Inside USS Missouri Turret , Live Fire

    Stumbled across this tonight , thought you all might find it interesting too note how it does not look all that big, until he jumps down there
  8. ErikTheVikingMoose

    CVN 78 USS Gerald R Ford

    Thought you all might find this interesting, a short subject about CVN 78. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJdHh5zn8Zw
  9. ErikTheVikingMoose

    The Minor Powers

    I stumbled across this article and thought you all might find it interesting too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_major_World_War_II_warships_built_by_minor_powers
  10. ErikTheVikingMoose

    Cv rant thread

    no more broken than DD with unlimited torpedo reloads.