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  1. wiztaxi

    grind smaland or keep free xp?

    I would say just get the Halland.
  2. wiztaxi

    What are European DDs Like?

    If you get a match w/o CVS prepare for supreme entertainment value from euro DDs. Lulz to be had everywhere. With CVs everything changes. CVs make the game "all about them." Not that you cannot be successful with a single CV in game but if your team of Team Potato and you get isolated by rocket planes, etc, then its the same garbage meta experience with any other DD.
  3. wiztaxi

    Whats next in the Armoury?

    I wish I could sell my Smolly back due to IFHE nerfs gutting the ship. I would get the Thunderer instead. Troll guns are trolly! :)
  4. wiztaxi

    First T10 Ship

    Yamato. Still learning how to do new stuff tactically in this messed up meta we have with WoWs.
  5. wiztaxi

    What losing looks like without a premium account lol

    So like if you buy a year at christmas it's what 47 bucks? That's less than 4 dollars a month. You can't even visit Starbucks once for that. I spent more at 7-11 for a few donuts and soda. That gets your smoking buddies only 1/2 a pack. You get the idea. :)
  6. wiztaxi

    Ranked is EXPENSIVE! ( I know u Know)

    Dont play DD and CA...problem solved.
  7. wiztaxi

    CV 42 F.D. Roosevelt inbound.

    SKY CANCER inbound...General quarters!!!!
  8. wiztaxi

    Hiding in smoke

    He prolly got hydro'd and wasn't aware lulz. Tricky German mind trick.
  9. You could give this new CA line a temporary shot in the arm with a maneuverability buff. Then the people who know and understand a CA's role can at least get along with them for a bit while the whole spectrum of balancing takes place. Alot of us CA types have been using ASDF to get through rough patches with cruisers for a long time.
  10. wiztaxi


    I still say that we should have CVs vs. Subs in randoms. Just corral them up like that. Then all the mouth breathers can have their "new unit gameplay experience" together while the rest of us an get back to the small scale tactical naval war simulation we have become used to without the "sky cancer" plague.
  11. Armor layout needs to be examined I should think . Otherwise why even put forth the pretense that it is a "HEAVY" cruiser line?
  12. wiztaxi

    This is why CVs are hated and broken

    The epitome of "sky cancer"
  13. Don't let the haters shame you into NOT free exp-ing past the horrible downgrade most t9 tech tree ships turn out to be. There are some decent t9 prems but nothing in the tech tree that does not represent a let down from t8.
  14. wiztaxi

    The hate for cv's!

    And they need to make it available ASAP. That's the point. And it would be VERY easy to implement, simply a opt out dialogue box in the impacted tiers when matchmaking intends to produce a 2CV+ per side game. Imaging a prompt, "Multiple per side CVs detected, EXIT now YES or NO"
  15. wiztaxi

    The hate for cv's!

    That's a negative ghostrider. People who want their small scale tactical naval war simulation "back" should be able to have it free from a unit type that has no place in that type of engagement framework. It really is that simple.