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  1. As I said in the other thread, I think the French cruiser line is most forgiving for new players to get started on. The Soviet and USN cruiser lines are solid and straightforward - the Japanese tend to be a bit squishy, but I support not more so than the Soviet line... Definitely, do not start on the UK CL line - that requires a lot of knowledge of the game mechanics to do well in them.
  2. Question about Premium Tier 6 Cruisers

    Personally, I've found the French cruiser line pretty forgiving for new players - fairly modern ships, plays logically, decent guns, good torps, strange spaced armour means you dont die in 1 salvo at low tiers... overall pretty solid. And the De Grasse is a good ship. I havent got it, but the Molotov has excellent guns - and that's it. Often dies to 1 salvo from a battleship (or even other cruisers), so not very forgiving for new players. But both are decent ships. Stay away from the British cruisers until you're more familiar with the game... Good luck!
  3. Strangely, the 30 planes mission doesn’t need it to be done in just one battle. Did mine over three battles. I dont ask difficult questions.
  4. Perth is a nice ship

    Nice battle. I've found the Perth quite hard to play - it is quite different to the Leander despite being fundamentally the same ship. I think the key is to sneak up as close to the battle as you can (as per the Leander), but use your creeping smoke to run away slowly, as opposed to planting your feet and fighting hard til your smoke ends then slinking away (as per the Leander's playstyle). Still, havent really got the right mindset yet.
  5. Buying a ship with Free XP?

    Generally no. Finishing the grind on a fully upgraded ship is better than starting a grind as a stock ship. You can use free XP to get critical modules (eg, the Chapayev’s B hull to get access to its powerful radar consumable). There are exceptions to this - the Emerald is so awful it’s the only ship I have free XPed past, and I am thinking about skipping the Izumo entirely. The other best use for Free XP is saving it for free XP ships, like the Nelson, Musashi, Kronstadt or Missouri (if the latter is brought back). You can use Free XP to upgrade a captains skill points, however this is typically also a waste. Particularly if you already have a 19 point captain and can generate free captain XP instead. Good luck!
  6. Player psychology in battles.

    Yes, I remember those bullet lollies when I was a child. But they were sweet, not salty.
  7. Player psychology in battles.

    After cooking them over the burning wreck of you hull, I will find them very delicious. Maybe even a tad salty.
  8. Player psychology in battles.

    This may shock you, but I find winning fun. And I find losing because a moron on my team yoloed when they didn’t need to infuriating. Still, with your attitude, I truly hope that you are on the enemy team so you can have your kind of fun and I can have mine.
  9. Hi, welcome to WoWS. I have to agree with the other players who have said: none you propose. The best bang for your buck, and some of the most fun premium ships that also happen to be newbie friendly are the Guilo Cesare (T5 Italian BB) and Scharnhorst (T7 German BB). After getting one or both of those, you can grind IJN cruisers to Myoko - if you enjoy that, get an Atago. Grind USN DDs to Nicholas (though I prefer Farragut) before getting the Sims or Kidd. And give IJN DDs a go before getting the Harekaze - they tend to be feast or famine, so can be a hard line to play. Personally, I think USN DDs and German Battleships are the easiest and most forgiven ng to play - very newbie friendly. That’s why I do well in them. UK Cruisers are probably the hardest - don’t run those until you get familiar with the game mechanics. Otherwise, good luck! Feel free to message me in-game if you’d like someone to run with.
  10. 6 bombs drop. 5 hit. 4 over-penetrate ?!

    Why not? Because direct strikes are now more effective, so you can cycle your planes faster??
  11. Extended losses

    Yep, these streaks happen. I’m in a losing streak at the moment, where my teams are refusing to be carried to victory despite me driving my favourite ships with 60%+ WRs. You’re doing the right thing by walking away. Try doing it sooner though, say after 5 battles. Still, even if you are going to lose, take the opportunity to practice something, like ambush tactics, or shooting BBs through the bow. Try and be the top of your teams leaderboard. Think critically about what you did wrong before you died, which could have been a few seconds or a few minutes before. All of that is useful salvage from the loss. Good luck!
  12. Player psychology in battles.

    Why trade a high chance of winning by camping for a reasonable chance of losing by pushing the enemy when you don’t need to? seems illogical to me. How many people come on these forums complaining about teams throwing a certain win because some muppet decided to yolo? That’s what your push would have looked like to other players.
  13. Mikasa needs dispersion fixed

    I would be OK with either of those suggestions, but t not both as it would be OP. Personally, 6km secondaries after max skills would be awesome and hilarious, so I’d prefer that...
  14. 6 bombs drop. 5 hit. 4 over-penetrate ?!

    Isn’t this normal carrier play? also, the waiting DBs are risking enemy fighters deleting them - but increase aggravation for the B.B. driver if the fighters don’t come (in time)... Firey salt generators: active
  15. I’m not sure about immediately lighting the ship that is using radar, but I think a system where an RPF-style marker pops up with the general direction of the radiating ship that narrowed over the active duration time to make it more precise would be good. In addition, a 45 degree cone, that eventually became a line in the minimap (but no terminus) for you AND any of your team within radar range would help balance realism, teamwork and cooperation. Most of the time, experienced players will be able to make reasonable guesses as to the location of an unspotted radar ship on the basis of team composition, radar range, spotting distance and the location of islands or smoke clouds. This measure would help newer players at least know which way they have to swing their guns when radared. However, there is counter-play opportunities for highly coordinated teams - a friendly DD is about to get spotted, cruiser flips on radar to encourage player to swing their guns away from friendly destroyer, who gets spotted but has a few seconds more life to make a play. I’d be ok with a situation like this, which uses existing code (RPF, minimap lines) as much as possible.