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  1. Black ships... No thanks!

    I agree with this. Fortunately I don’t have the Massachusetts or the Asashio, so if I was going to get them I might as part of this event. I earnt the (mostly) black camo for Dunkerque a while ago and it looks pretty rad. But I have so many ships now I can’t really justify buying more as I cannot even come close to playing them enough...
  2. Most of my ship didn't make it back to port.

    Pity you cant bring that ship into battle - imagine how hard it would be to hit!!
  3. RN cruisers

    Stick with it man. The T2-T5 ships are total garbage (Emerald is possibly the worst ship in the game... the destroyers you are meant to be killing out gun you), but the Leander is a good ship, the Fiji is a truly great ship, and the Minotaur is heaps of fun. Edit: Trust me on this, as I have over 600 battles in my Leander, and over 500 in my Fiji. They're great. Feel free to message me in-game if you'd like to run UK CLs :)
  4. Minotaur - Loving it!

    I agree with this - Mino is the ultimate glass cannon, and in addition it’s damage drops sharply if enemy goes bow on. Any T10 ship is capable of 200k battle if the enemy team are morons; the Minotaur just makes it fun!
  5. Best use of Sovereigns?

    Yes, it is there (at least, for me). Couldnt remember if it was US$1 or US$5, so I erred on the side of caution.
  6. Best use of Sovereigns?

    I earnt the Gallant for free - my personal view is that it is an OK T6 DD, not strong, not weak, just middle of the road. Turns out, it is vastly superior to the new UK DDs that are (at least, the mid-tiers) are quite weak so by comparison it is good. I strongly encourage you to have a look at LittleWhiteMouse's review of the Gallant (and, eg Flamu's youtube video) before deciding to pull the trigger. Tbh, the doubloons probably more useful unless you're actually going to do the UK DDs (I have lost interest, sadly). I dont have the Warspite, but I hated the QE (it was a Cursed Ship), so I'm not super keen on getting her. But I might anyway, only because I likely slowly accumulating free premium ships. My main concern at the moment is whether I'll have enough Sovereigns to get both Bert Dunkirk and the Warspite...
  7. Best use of Sovereigns?

    Yes though, you won’t quite have enough if you only use the free missions; you can finish it for like $5 though, making it a very cheap T8...
  8. Reward

    I got a whole bunch nah of free stuff by playing; far more than not playing. Also, the fun and enjoyment of playing a game I like.
  9. Wow nice. When people rage about my Belfast I tell them I got it from a SC (via doubloons, but I leave that bit out for effect, poetic licence). A better way to get the Atlanta is do some ranked or clan wars, get steel, and buy a Flint - smoke and longer ranged torps is a great trade for a radar and 1 turret per side!!!
  10. Yes. Quite a bit of the more active player base, particularly those who spend money on WG via premium time and/or high tier premium ships (or the Missouri), have large credit stockpiles. Their complaints were heard and credits are no longer in SCs. I’m fine with that. But WG nerfed SCs in other ways all on their own accord. When they originally came out, SCs (at least, seemed to) drop quite often like 5 per cent. They used to have more ships and gold, and when they did drop flags, those containers would have 250. Just search the forums for player complaints they got 3 SCs in a row with detonation flags that they don’t use cod they’re battleship mains. Now, and for a long time, the rewards have been materially less, and players’ complaints about not-so-super modules, 25 dragon flags, and the like, have all been ignored. Conclusion: WG does what it wants and optionally listens to player feedback.
  11. Tier 7 MM

    I have often played a lot of T5, T6 and T7 battles. I find them the most fun and enjoyable in this game - even if the MM can be cruel, I find it’s more important to see it as an opportunity to get more XP. It’s hilarious being in a Leander and beating a North Carolina with a combination of smoke, guns and torps.
  12. The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    You would think that the first half of the season would be easier as better players are on your team. I used to think the same, but twice I’ve reached Rank 5 early and ran into genuinely good players, proceeded to get kicked in the face, and unable to progress. Second half of the season is more frustrating as your less capable team makes more obvious mistakes. But so do the reds, making it a bit easier to keep a star. That is the difference, I think.
  13. The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    I agree - the quality of player to get the Stalingrad needs to have ranked out what, almost 10 times, and/or played quite a significant amount of clan battles in order to get 28k steel - particularly this early in steel's existence. Its like saying Flints are vastly superior to a Yorck on the basis of server stats, winrate etc - it could be superior, particularly in certain circumstances, but also the quality of player is vastly different. On the other point, whilst I'd normally agree that there isnt much difference between a 50 per cent and 52 per cent win rates, in the Ranked environment an average of 52 per cent is vastly better than a 50 per cent winnrate. At 50 per cent WR, the only average progress you'll make is via any saved stars on the losing team - at 52, you'll also be gaining stars plus more saved stars (perhaps not a lot more) which will translate to much more rapid progress through the ranked. More rewards, higher motivation, etc.
  14. The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    Thanks mate! Sorry about the salty talk - but reaching 2.3 then having a 5 battle losing streak, before taking a day to slowly get back up there, following by a 7 battle losing streak (wash, rinse, repeat) just eventually works through one's self restraint. Over 50 battles at Rank 2!!! gah. Hope you have a smoother run next season :)
  15. Bravo, @mofton, fully agree with what you’ve said*. The UK DDs have been hampered by so many things it’s almost as though WG will use them as an example to counter arguments about inexorable power creep. *though the Australians do seem to need sandpaper to play cricket.