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  1. So, I understand that to start your own clan it will normally cost 2500 gold doubloons. However, it is currently listed on 'sale' for 1000 gold. Anyone know how long that sale lasts for?
  2. I enjoy the mid tiers, of 4, 5, 6, and 7. I know that tier 5 and 6 in particular get a bad rap from matchmaking, but I still prefer them to the high tier play. I enjoy the mid tiers as there is a combination of the chaos of low tiers, where people don't know what they're doing, with more experienced players who tend to be more willing to cooperate as a team. The battles tend to be less campy and more dynamic, which I enjoy. And I don't find the differences between the ships themselves too much of a fun destroyer any more - the joy of killing NCs in my Leander makes it all worthwhile. Good XP too!
  3. Solid battle. But you were top tier, so it only counts for half :-p
  4. Why not both??
  5. That'd be great! It would also be good to be able to buy the garish camo after you've bought the ship for doubloons. I'd do that for the Texas, but alas not an option.
  6. Your avatar. Is that F-Troop? Yikes, I am feeling old.
  7. Destroyers Clemson 153 battles 72% win rate. Farragut 84 battles 64% win rate. Leningrad 54 battles 74% win rate. Cruisers Leander 363 battles 57% win rate Neptune 188 battles 46% win rate Fiji 125 battles 61% win rate ... Yorck 113 battles 59% win rate Pensacola 97 battles 54% win rate Battleships Scharnhorst 299 battles 57% win rate Tirpitz 246 battles 58% win rate Bismarck 183 battles 52% win rate Gneisenau 151 battles 60% win rate Carrier Langley 2 battles 50% win rate. So, in summary, my DDs are seal clubbers, my UK CLs are good performers except for the Neptune for no apparent reason being a full 5 per cent below server average WR, and I earn credits through my German battleships. Also, somehow, I am actually good in the Yorck and Pensacola, despite hating them. Also, I seem to be good at DDs despite thinking I was bad at them (and only 12% of battles in them). Still, my favourite ships are Leander, Fiji and Gneisenau.
  8. Hi. I don't think we've met, but thanks for calling me clueless. Name calling often wins arguments. But it other than that, I am not following your argument. I mainly play mid tiers (5-7) as I find them the most fun. Therefore, I might be amongst those "most players" who don't bother with top tiers; I am hardly a 'serious player' - just look at my username; It is not clear what this has to do with proving that the op is correct, or that I am incorrect, or establishing another point. If your point is an emotional one - people like being the bully and driving the overpowered ship - and that a game that forces them to be food for other bullies is not fun, then do I really have to point out the problems with making that work?
  9. Apologies, I did not use the correct term. Instead of saying the point was to make players play the same ships in a variety of ways, I should have said that the effect was to do that, or die quickly. But I disagree that faster battles and variety in gameplay are stupid. Synced drops have a fair chance of finding themselves fighting eachother, so improved comms is less of an issue. And you don't need radios to cooperate with your team; you should be doing that already.
  10. The point of being uptiered, particularly 2 tiers, is to ensure that you can play your ship when you aren't the dominant force as well as being able to wipe the floor against lower tier ships. It means that you don't get to be a bully all the time. Personally, in my cruisers I prefer being uptiered massively. Doesn't matter if it's a same tier bb or a be 2 tiers higher, they will delete your broadside. But being uptiered means the fires and/or flooding damage is greater and the XP is higher for the same work. Play a bit more defensively, survive to late battle, then do a hard carry. Better than whinging, anyway.
  11. Wow. I received 1k gold from my SC and I thought I finally got something nice, but you've done very well. Good work.
  12. QFT. Totally agree with this post. Also, awaiting next ranked season so I can get my Flint...
  13. I saved up about 40 for no particular reason, but then Ranked came around and I wanted the flags. Had plenty to use...
  14. Oh, I still have ramming flags left. Yummy.
  15. I agree. French cruisers also have plane equipment further forward, as the picture suggests.