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  1. UltimateNewbie

    Wasn't 8.9 supposed to drop today?

    ITs due in an hour or so, right?
  2. UltimateNewbie

    Winners of the Huanghe 1000 fiesta!

    Not 1000 battles, 1000 wins. Has about 1600 battles in her. OP: well done. And nice generosity as well. I am closing in on 1000 random battles in my Leander and 1000 random battles in my FIji. Round numbers are so nice...
  3. UltimateNewbie

    Are Russian BBs getting nerfed?

    Hahaha, finally I managed to get a ship just BEFORE it was nerfed, rather than just after. The Hindenberg, Conquerer, Yueyang, and I think one or two others got nerfed when I was up to the T8 or T9. This makes a welcome change.
  4. UltimateNewbie

    Auto Log off if AFK for long periods?

    Its quit ea while. I do it from time to time, I'd say its like 3 hours.
  5. UltimateNewbie

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    That wouldn’t surprise me, and with a replay we can confirm that. But the OP asserted to the contrary...
  6. UltimateNewbie

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    If you are claiming that you were detonated above 75% HP, please post the replay for the forums immediately. Remember, replays are now on by default so go grab it now. We’re always after actual objective evidence that demonstrate hard coded game mechanics don’t actually happen, so we’re happy to be proved wrong. Otherwise, queue “replay or it didn’t happen” posts.
  7. UltimateNewbie

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    Whilst I understand your frustration with being detonated, ultimately, warship detonations are historically accurate and did happen surprisingly often. The game probably, if anything, under represents the number of detonations that actually occured. In WoWS, the mechanic was recently changed so that a player can only be detonated if their HP was below 75 per cent. I think this is a reasonable compromise, given you can also hoist up a little coloured rag (in the form of a Juliette Charlie signal) to 100% prevent detonations ever. Remember, the developers' motto of 'balance trumps realism'; given the realistic mechanic of detonations is not unbalanced, it wont be removed. #StandardWords
  8. UltimateNewbie

    Why no bonus for buying doubloons in bulk?

    I don’t see how that follows. Previously, to get those doubloon rates whales would needed to he dropped $100 on doubloons. Now they can get the same rate (essentially) for $50. I don’t see how that is consistent with a rude gesture.
  9. UltimateNewbie

    Sims, Yay! or Nay!

    It’s pretty good. Plays much like a USN DD, the torps are a bit slow but it’s quite functional. And the XP generation is good too. No regrets with mine.
  10. UltimateNewbie

    So what is the best tier to play now?

    Currently enjoying T6. The changes to MM to ensure you're not forever bottom tier means you only see T8s about 45% of the time now, which is nice...
  11. UltimateNewbie

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    Tier for tier, the T-61 is clearly the superior choice of the lot. Fast reloading torps, smoke, hydro and comfortable guns make her a deadly cap contester and stealth torper late battle. Still, the Anshan is solid, including because of the free XP bonus. It has hard hitting guns with great arcs and velocity but hampered by really slow turret traverse. As such she is a mid range spammer rather than a cap knife fighter, like Soviet DDs. But she has torps with usable range. I don’t have a Z-23, but I’ve never been scared by them. I would suggest a pass, and get the Haida at T7 instead. The Loyang is still strong. It’s like a Benson minus one gun, not quite as quick but super powerful long range and long duration sonar.
  12. Duca ‘s guns were weak, iirc, which was its main drawback. Also, if Aigle was the only T6 on the list you didn’t have, you should have bought it for coal so you could have been awarded doubloons...
  13. UltimateNewbie

    Ship choice.

    Yeah, I can understand that. Gneisenau has better secondaries (with the B hull) because it has more 150mm mounts - though with recent buffs to German secondary pen this is less of a problem. The Gneisenau ‘s main guns also perform better against battleships, which are easier to hit. The only real issue is that the 6 guns hold her back. As Scharnhorst has more guns and faster reloading at 20 sec, they are better for shooting to DDs and most cruisers (more shells in the air, less overpens). Still, she won’t be as good at killing DDs as a cruiser or gunboat DD is, as Scharnhorst is not as fast, or has hydro, etc for proper anti-DD work. But overall, both ships have great AA, secondaries, torps, side armour and decent speed (28-32kt at T7). These aspects make them forgiving, because if you drive up to a T7 battleship like Colorado, shove him up with torps, and still die, you’ve still done a fair bit of damage, got a fair amount of XP and credits, and most important of all - plenty of fun.
  14. UltimateNewbie

    Ship choice.

    The Scharnhorst is similar but far more forgiving, more fun and earns better credits than the Spee, but is still an excellent captain trainer. Scharnhorst is the closest thing to a no regrets premium ship this game has. Just don’t try to snipe cos of wonky main guns.