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  1. UltimateNewbie

    Flint and the CV rework

    I don’t have an Atlanta, but I do have a Flint. I wouldn’t underestimate the value of that smoke generator as it enables you to fight in open water in addition to islands. Radar isn’t helpful if you’re dead. I enjoy my Flint and have no regrets getting her. The other steel ships are so pricey I don’t have a prospect of getting them anyway.
  2. UltimateNewbie

    Ranked Season 11

    That is true, but at T5 there are multiple problematic premiums as you’ve outlined :-p
  3. UltimateNewbie

    Ranked Season 11

    Indeed. It makes T6 ranked less attractive, as I think that tier is the best balanced and no radar. But now, there will be CVs whereas T7 won’t (but will have Belfast instead).
  4. UltimateNewbie

    Ranked Season 11

    Agreed. WG have made it really easy to sit this one out. Well, I have my Flint now, so no need to do 200-300 ranked battles in a desperate struggle against stupidity. Mind you, I could just roll in my Missouri to get a cool 200 million credits... but it seems unnecessary.
  5. UltimateNewbie

    Snowflakes: the optimal strategy

    Don’t be a muppet and yolo rush in; do so on my team and I’ll knock some of your karma off! If that’s not a threat, I don’t know what is! Seriously, someone on your team needs to make your team win. You should contribute positively to that effort. Even in coop.
  6. UltimateNewbie

    any sales on tech tree ships coming up??

    You might want to consider keeping non-essential ships T5 and above given the upcoming ‘snowflake’ event, and selling it only after that first win.
  7. UltimateNewbie

    Taking torps for the team.

    There was a thread on exactly the same issue posted just the other day - why not post in there? Refer to my answer in that thread here. Similar in principle to @Westo454.
  8. I have taken torps for a random friendly - it rare that I am in the right position and have sufficient awareness, but if I'm in a UK CL or something with excellent healing, and the BB behind me is low HP, I'll eat a torp to keep him alive - prolly done it about 4 times in 10k battles or whatever. The exception is if the BB has been whinging or otherwise border humped the whole battle being useless - in which case obviously my HP is more valuable to try and force such a team to win despite their best efforts to throw the battle.
  9. UltimateNewbie

    Karma -1 REALLY!

    Strange. I’ve been accumulating Karma primarily by forcing my team to win when they insisted on losing. Just passed 500 a couple of weeks ago. You weren’t bragging when you killed people, I trust? No one likes a show off.
  10. I am excited for the Exeter, really looking forward to it. Plus the recreation of the Battle of the River Plate.
  11. UltimateNewbie

    Should I skip HMS Emerald?

    I’ll be back from work in about 12 hours. If you’re on then, we can Leander div!
  12. UltimateNewbie

    Should I skip HMS Emerald?

    I’ve played the Emerald, and it has been the only ship I have skipped using free XP except the Izumo. And I don’t regret it. The key lessons to learn in the Emerald is how to get close to caps without being spotted, when the smoke up, how to gun DDs, and most importantly, when to start running. These skills are all useful for Leander, Fiji and the rest of the line. Playing the Emerald makes you appreciate the Leander more. Emeralds guns are crap but you have a super heavy torpedo armament. Leander loses one torp launcher from each side but - finally - the guns actually work. But Leander needs a 10 point captain (ie, Concealment Expert) to be effective. Hit me up in game if you want to div in your Leander. Sorry @Estimated_Prophet
  13. Hi! Looks like you’re having a rough run. This is to be expected as you’re playing an open water light cruiser. The difficulty is compounded by being T6 - if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll get uptiered most of the time and facing heavy hitting, long range and accurate battleships like Amagi. My suggestions: 1) Turn off matchmaking monitor, or whatever you are doing to check the stats of your team versus their team. It psychologically tilts you to getting angry and/or depressed, causing mistakes. Be aware that your team can be rubbish, but don’t use a tool to tilt you before the battle even starts. 2) stop caring so much about shatters. Your primary mechanism for doing damage to capital ships is through fires - the rest is just a bonus. I ‘ripple fire’ to spread my salvos out a bit to try and set multiple fires each salvo - doesn’t work often, but enough to be useful. 3) target selection - focus burning down battleships at your max range, and pick the battleship that has just used its DCP or one that is about to eat some torps from a lurking DD, in hope that he DCPs your fire then dies from friendly flooding. You should still shoot at DDs, and AP into broadside cruisers at close range, but lumbering battleships at max range are primary targets. 4) pay close attention to which battleships are targeting you and when they are about to fire. Don’t wait for the muzzle flash - I like waiting to 25 secs and going into full reverse, then just as they fire doing a hard turn - to them, it looks like you stopped on a dime. Impossible shell trolling means your team is not taking damage. 5) watch the flow of battle - if most enemies moving to your weak flank, then fall back/kite them EARLY. If they are weak and your side is strong, be more aggressive - but not reckless. 6) Don’t die cheaply or early. Stay alive as long as you can. Given the choice between firing and taking damage, stop firing, go dark, and wait for the target to become distracted with something else. Importantly, some of your teams will just fold. But doing the above means you punch above your weight, becoming a true asset for your team.
  14. I agree with this, and the other posters that suggested waiting for the 30-50% sales. Regarding Dunkerque, I like her, but literally 94% of my battles in her have had carriers - the AA, even when fully buffed, is awful borderline non-existent. You shoot down 1-2 planes after they’ve dropped you, unless higher tier in which case you get 0. The sells can be quite wonky too, but Dunk has great straight line speed to flex across the map when needed, and can chase down her primary food (cruisers). Of the other ships you mentioned, @Tanuvein, I wouldn’t really bother with them.
  15. UltimateNewbie

    So. In game chat bans

    Well, it is even easier to reform then: stop with the generic opener.