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  1. Musings of a pirate

    I just wanted to echo others and say thanks to all the pirate captains for participating in this event and giving back to the community. I look forward to the day when I might be selected!
  2. Opinions on Kongo

    The Kongo is stronger than it stats suggest - I think its been brought down my many new players trying to go up the line to the Yamato before they've learnt the basics of the game. Whilst the T3 and T4 are garbage (seriously, free XP them), the Kongo is good, the Fuso is very good, the Nagato is very good and the Amagi is situationally very strong, but overall good. I have only played the Izumo on the PTS, but I intend to free XP past it for the Yamato. Generally, they can be characterised as strong main guns, but weaker armour. They play like pure battleships should - strike hard and at range (eg, 14-16km) for the most part. I had started BBs on the German line, and with the Nagato I was amazed that you could regularly hit things to 10k+ where normally i'd be surprised for 1 overpen to hit... But they cant take hits, and it is too tempting to drive broadside to get all your guns to whack stuff, to pay attention to enemy bbs shooting back as you're looking down range. German BBs are your main food (aim for top half of the hull). Savour them.
  3. Surely the Texas would have the best AA at T5. Mind you, much of it is small calibre...
  4. Next Free Experience Ship

    Alaska is next, I think. Too soon to tell if it will be a dud...
  5. Is the Nelson a good credit-grinder?

    Sometimes you don’t mesh with ships, but seriously the meta is not against the Scharnhorst. Seriously consider changing your play style to match the ship - it is a well armoured cruiser with torps. Shoot at DDs, even with AP, whenever you see them. Look for lonely and exposed battleships to chase down and torp. Don’t drive alone; work with your teammates. When bottom tier, hang further back and spray HE on battleships to tax their DCP, or make fires that stick. The lessons you learn from Scharnhorst will keep you alive longer in the Nelson. Nelson needs to be closer to the enemy than IJN or USN BBs to be effective - but it can’t accelerate or turn so you eat torps and Citadels if you are poorly positioned and lack awareness of the flow of battle. Scharnhorst teaches you that flow; how to read it, and how to change it. Seriously, Scharnhorst isn’t the problem - I am worried that you’ll spend your precious free XP on Nelson only to face the same problems. I’m happy to division with you and help you learn either ship if you want (I’ll be on in about 7 hours from now).
  6. up coming Dasha captains

    IMO, if you are hardcore and have the ‘native language’ option selected in-game, then it should be Dasha speaking in Russian. If you have that lame ‘English only’ option selected, then the regional voiceover should sound. Seems like a simple fix to me...
  7. Thanks WG for the Okhotnik!

    @warheart1992 is on the money. In summary: 1) Ambush from around islands 2) Execute DDs in gun battles 3) Remember you can’t turn, so dodging torps is very hard - plan well in advance.
  8. Is the Nelson a good credit-grinder?

    I have found the Nelson to grind credits pretty well (even better at Dreadnaught medals); however, as you’ve already got a T7 BB then I think you should save up your free XP for a T9 ship. Instead, ask for help on how to play the Scharnhorst. I haven’t had any problems with her, and I have no idea what you mean by the meta no longer favouring her, and I think if you aren’t doing well with the Scharnhorst then you’ll get your bum kicked in the Nelson as it is far less protected and can often eat citadels.
  9. A Detailed? Look At HS Velos (D-16)

    Well, it’ll have to wait for the Pan-European nation to be added to the game. And I don’t approve of even a short ranged radar. Why not keep the single launcher but give it the top Fletcher torps and a choice of speed boost, def aa, or torp reload booster alongside the USN smokes. Still different to the Fletcher, still justified a tier lower, doesn’t rely on a gimmick...
  10. I’ll be on after work in about 12 hours ... if you’re still on then happy to rock and roll!
  11. That’s awkward!
  12. Well done @Psychodiver ! I think I ran into you once or twice when I was playing my Katori or Vampire... I was like “who is this guy kicking my crapwith a South Carolina!!?!” Had to go hide behind islands and try to push the other side of the map instead...
  13. karma and winning

    Well, I never said that carrying the team always gets positive karma. But being top of the table would be positively correlated... rather than just being middle of the pack each win. I understand what you mean though, I've had battles where I pulled the team over the victory line kicking and screaming, where they did everything they could to lose. No karma or other thanks for the win...
  14. karma and winning

    Wrong. The connection is driving HE spamming cruisers results in lower karma as people are sick of the HE spam burning their invincible battleships down to the waterline. Also, you tend to get more karma for playing nice, and carrying your team, than just being mid-way down the list each battle. Edit: And I'm at 435 karma at the moment...