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  1. Thanks are due...

    You’re also welcome to Leander div :-)
  2. Thanks are due...

    Always happy to division up with you on the Leander and/or Farragut. Except when I’m offline, of course.
  3. Devastating strike

    QFT. /Thread.
  4. just so you know i quit this game

    No recent changes to sonar, so... bye. Let me know if you'd like to learn how to play, though.
  5. just so you know i quit this game

  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 20th, 2018

    I, too, appreciate the Scharnhorst for those reasons - the joy of chasing down an enemy battleship and torping them, particularly a tier or two higher than you, is great (but dangerous!). For similar reasons, the Gneisenau gets an honourable mention. Still, my favourite ship is the Leander (closely followed by the Fiji). This is a more challenging ship, but its 'aggressive defence' playstyle by rushing to the edge of a cap, smoking up and holding it/supporting your DDs wins battles. May not get massive damage totals, but every hit counts. And it has the tools to do well near those caps - smoke, sonar, heals and torps. The Fiji is very similar, but trades 1 torp per side for a 50% increase to the number of guns - which is a good trade, tbh. Still, I dont like the smoke firing mechanics negative impact on UK CLs - I think their bubbles should be no more than sonar range so at least you can counter-spot the enemy dds lurking near you.
  7. Everyone Complaining about MM

    Makes life much harder for ships that are very dependant on knowing what the enemy team has. Eg, you’re a ijn dd - do they have heaps of gunboats? You’re a UK CL - do they have heaps of radar? You’re a carrier - are you rooted because you’re USN and they’re not?? Not sure we need more passive play as teams shadow box to find that stuff out.
  8. Ah, I see. I haven’t seen the Irish team play but have seen a few bokka and wallaby games - very solid play. You can hear the thud of the players running into each other at 80 metres over a roaring crowd - glad I’m not playing ;-).
  9. Welcome aboard! Just curious: a Marine and a rugby fan??!? What team??
  10. Expected date for USN Cruiser split

    WG tends to be super generous with line splits - assuming it follows the russian DD split, if you have the USN cruisers Tiers 6-10, you'll end up with both new lines tiers 6-10. Hence, a 'free' tier 10 ship.
  11. Expected date for USN Cruiser split

    Maybe not wrong, but perhaps the players are just calling for some clarity in plans? Is that too much to ask for?
  12. Expected date for USN Cruiser split

    As I am not a super tester, it is unclear when they have what.
  13. So, does anyone know? I’m currently grinding the Baltimore and only about 1/4 of the way to the Des Moines. But I can free XP the rest to get a ‘free’ tier 10, but I want to use as much normal XP as possible. Knowing how much time left to grind the Baltimore would thus be helpful. Another thread suggested it might be 0.7.3 but that seems too soon.
  14. PSA Lemming trains at high tiers.

    This is why lemming trains fail. Most frustrating.