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  1. Duke of York: inperspective

    Actually, I was referring to the lived experience of other players that I mentioned earlier in this thread. You know, where I said that the NA stats showed that the Duke of York had a higher winrrate than all the other Tier 7 battleships and higher damage than all Tier 7 Battleships other than the Nelson and KGV. Based on the same source above, In addition to being top for win rate, Duke of York is also top 3 in XP, and frags. Turns out they are very different, actually. Something I dont actually understand, but still, I am just basing this off the performance of the server that we are on. This, of course, negates most of your arguments that follow. Agreed. I also stated that it is possible that with relatively smaller sample sized the results would be skewed. It was also a reward for players who had the skill and inclination to grind for it, which also typically inflates the numbers than a pure pay-for-ship stats. I agree that the DoY has its failings. As you and LWM have pointed out. But the fact remains that she is outperforming most other battleships in most stats on the NA server, including - critically - winnrate. On that basis, perhaps there is a philosophical question as to whether a rubbish ship that utterly trounces all opposition is actually rubbish? My original point was that the DoY doesnt need buffs as it is effective and is currently competitive. I think the lived experienced of players on this server suggest that is correct - at least, for now. If buffs were to be handed around, I think there would be higher priority candidates than the Duke of York. Also, even after all this analysis, it doesnt mean I want the Duke, want to drive it or wouldnt rather drive my Gniesenau, Scharnhorst or even a Leander instead.
  2. Duke of York: inperspective

    The lived experience of this ship says otherwise. Also, at the very least, it's credit earning is higher than the tech tree ship! ;-)
  3. Duke of York: inperspective

    Currently, Duke of York has a higher win rate than KGV and Nelson. It also has a higher win rate and damage than Hood, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Sure, given the event and the small sample size (there are 3x more Nelson battles), the stats could be skewed towards better players. Nevertheless, all the other ships are more fun to play. That doesn't mean the DoY is ineffective or not competitive.
  4. Duke of York: inperspective

    I am not certain that the Duke of York needs major buffs like that to be effective, let alone competitive. Still, I have found her to be terribly inaccurate. But that could be my fault, since I got the AA range mod over main battery accuracy mod.
  5. Rename Supercontiners

    Well, if you are only playing a quarter of the game, is it no surprise that most of the containers aren't delivering for you? Perhaps you could broaden your horizons and find a use for these free rewards??
  6. Rename Supercontiners

    Engine boost module is good for Soviet DDs (which are really cruisers) such as Khab and Leningrad. But they are also very useful on the French heavy cruisers - go stick it on a Charles Martel and dance/sprint across the map. It makes a huge difference.
  7. I decided to keep the Fiji because it was good fun. Jack Dunkirk was excellent for that ship; the faster turrets help track DDs (only Minotaur doesn't need the EM skill), I added smoke screen expert to make massive puffs which, at the time, meant higher survival whilst slowing down when there was only 2 puffs, and faster consumables are great because smoke = life. He is perfect for that ship.
  8. I hate to be 'that guy', but they are probably raging at you because a quick look at your stats shows that you are a 46% winnrate player on high tier carriers. That gets people mad because they assume that you're awful and thus the enemy carrier is going to run you over; though your carrier stats (other than Independence) arent bad except for winnrate (perhaps deal more damage to higher priority enemies?). Still, you general point - rage against carrier players - reflects their criticality to having a great battle. Earlier today, I had a carrier that was truly excellent; it was marvellous watching him/her torp dds in their smoke, bomb bbs just after they had put out fires (when i saw that, I started calling targets more - was appreciated), and so forth. They got High Calibre about 8 mins into the game - and the enemy carrier player wasnt actually bad, just out microed. S/he ended up with 2.6k base XP, and I in my Nagato 2.4k, next best was about 900XP on our team - ie, our team was trash except the CV who did a hard carry. Without that excellent CV player, we would have lost. With him/her, we won. They are that important. Which is why it is so disheartening to have a great carrier on the enemy team, and a poor one on your team. Carriers do area denial to DDs, which is essential to victory. They strike lonely battleships to knock out a flanking threat before they kill all your capital ships. They make battleship drivers hesitate before putting out multiple fires, making them weaker and weaker over time. They are constantly spotting targets when it would be too dangerous for a dd or cruiser to pop their heads aroudn the corner. They are killing enemy planes before that strike your ships and enabling your dds to cap and to torp. And if you have a bad CV player, you are getting none of that, and the enemy is. So for the rest of your team, regardless of how good they are (or think you are) you lose, most of the time. That's why there is so much hate toward carriers that arent good, or at least arent as good as the enemy carrier. Its a rough world out there. Ofc, if a battleship, cruiser or dd fails, there is usually a few others that can pick up the slack. That is almost never the case with CVs. Keep at it though, you'll get better soon!
  9. Premium ship captains

    Ah, but 'function properly' and 'do the very best in her' are different standards of play. I agree it functions properly with a normal UK CL captain, but you're not going to break records in her. But yes, she needs IFHE less than the Kutuzov as she sees more tier 6s and less tier 10s than the Kutuzov does.
  10. Premium ship captains

    Its a good question. For instance, the skills for Belfast (DE, IFHE) are really not a good match for the rest of the UK CL line. I've been using my UK CL captains on the Belfast unmodified though, despite not being optimised for the Belfast. I still do OK in the Belfast, but I think it is one of those ships where if you want to be the very best in her then you'll need a dedicated captain with DE and IFHE. Train > gain.
  11. Can We Have a Frustration Thread?

    After 56 ranked battles, STILL at rank 6. Shouldnt take more than 50 battles to move past one rank, but it does, and I'm not even close to getting out of it yet... Correction: now back to rank 7. Awesomesauce. This is so annoying, because I am not actually a terrible player, and I've ranked out twice before... It shouldnt be impossible, but it is.
  12. Interesting post-game dialogue.

    It is certain that they will do nothing if you dont...
  13. I dont think I will ever get them with honours given I dont play carriers. But good achievement, congrats! :)
  14. Roma

    Holy crap man. You alone will keep the servers lit for months. Thanks for supporting the game way more than me, so I can keep playing!
  15. Premium Ship Quality Overall

    WoWS doesn't share that same initial philosophy. It's premium ships can be better or worse than tech tree counterparts. However, they do tend to be an opportunity to be different (such as a different sub-class) to the tech tree equivalent. For instance, the tech tree Gneisenau has 6 x 15 inch guns, and the premium Scharnhorst has 9 x 11 inch guns (plus minor differences to secondaries and AA that are better on upgraded Gniesenau hull, and Gneisenau is a rich faster), but otherwise are the same ship. However, because of the gun layout change, the two ships play very differently. Finally, always always always Google for LittleWhiteMouse premium ship review on the vessel before buying it. You would then know to steer clear of the Indianapolis. Good premium ships are the Guilo Cesare, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, Harekaze, De Grasse, Texas, Anshan, and there are many, many "decent" premium ships. Mid you are new, the first couple probably most new player friendly. Good luck!