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  1. UltimateNewbie


    Good point. Still, most ships with solid secondaries may still prioritise survivability, so IFHE might not be common.
  2. UltimateNewbie


    Indeed - it’s a 4 point captain skill commonly used on light cruisers and low calibre DDs.
  3. I understand that it was a TK. But in response, she stopped playing CVs. Thus, the Sims got what he wanted - griefing and bullying CV players into no longer playing. He would call that a win. Still, I think it is wrong, and despicable behaviour of the Sims player.
  4. I really hope not. Particularly given how many teams have a a DD (or two) that yolos and this an instant loss.
  5. UltimateNewbie

    One of My Best Games Ever!

    Nice one! And I am glad that the 200k goal remains elusive so you still have something achievable to work towards ;-)
  6. Sorry to hear you had a shockingly bad run :-( I only worry that you let that Sims win though. Through a huge jerk move, he made sure you couldn’t play the ship you wanted to play - that’s wrong. I hope you sent in a support ticket to get him banned.
  7. Interesting. Others have already pointed out the MM changes that should return some balance to your experience. Still, it reminds me of my own experience in the Dunkerque - literally 100 per cent of battles has faced at least one carrier on average. And this was pre-rework, where there were far fewer carriers that were far more deadly than the post rework ones. And the Dunk had crappy AA even then... Otherwise, an OK ship!
  8. UltimateNewbie

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    Because they clearly haven’t grown up yet, I suppose.
  9. UltimateNewbie

    HMAS Perth

    Hi! Making a decision about buying a ship can often be hard. I would think the Leander easier to play than the Perth - although there are fundamental differences. In Leander, you rush forward to a key position (ie, next to a cap), pop your smoke and plant your feet, killing DDs and dodging torps. Before smoke runs out, you run away. Use your heal to stay in battle longer than you should, and your torps to solo battleships particularly late battle. In Perth, you rush forward to a key position pop smoke and immediately creep away at 1/4 speed. You use HE and spotter plane to farm enemy battleships (shoot DDs if you can, ofc), and make sure your smoke runs out where you will be undetected as you have no heal. Fire torps at anything large that may be chasing you, or yolo a battleship late battle. But the lack of a heal means you can’t take early risks like Leander can. Still, the Perth is a solid ship with clear strengths and weaknesses over the Leander. But try before you buy if you can!
  10. UltimateNewbie

    Coal Ship Conundrum - 9.1 - advice/thoughts?

    Get the Smolensk now and grow into her (particularly in Coop). The others are much more likely to come back sooner or later.
  11. UltimateNewbie

    Mass Speculation time

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve played at that tier, but I would have thought the French would have been pretty strong. Their BBs are about as good as the British, both are better than SC and Kawachi. Frisky was so strong that it got nerfed a while back - long range, good HE, accurate, fast enough, can dodge, has trolling armour, AND has good torps for the tier to deal with BBs. Not sure about the French DD though as I’ve never played it. Still, Bogaytr is prolly the strongest cruiser at T3. St Louis is strong but also slow. Wickes is prolly the best DD if anything due to its smoke, and heavy suicide torps.
  12. UltimateNewbie

    World of Warplanes or World of Warships

    You are the one who made a claim you knew to be false. Not sure what else would constitute a lie.
  13. UltimateNewbie

    Grinding Russian Cruisers (help)

    Good luck with the grind. You have a bit more time - still another update at least, so some 6 weeks or so. I wouldn’t use Free XP to skip ships yet - only if the deadline is looming and you can make it. Also, the Donskoi isn’t bad - you just need to hang a little further back than normal and HE spam battleships, only try to radar DDs etc in the mid to late game where you can close in a bit more safely. Dont waste coal on flags. You still have some time. Focus, and you’ll be fine. Good luck!
  14. UltimateNewbie

    World of Warplanes or World of Warships

    Interesting that you call CV players griefers. Seems to me there are a more than a few players who run around saying that CVs should be removed from the game, often in a rather rude way. Don’t expect a civil debate when your side is also a bunch of raving lunatics - it tends to bring the worst out in everyone.