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  1. Indeed, the AA on Pensacola and New Orleans is actually pretty bad really, Phoenix and Omaha aren't standouts either. Definitely not like the Cleveland anyway. So AA being the national flavour - regardless of this theory being useful, the lived experience is suboptimal. Mind you, German cruiser Torps are only 6km, and many Russian cruiser Torps are only 4 km, so they are limited in their yolo role. But they can still yolo, and USN cruisers can at best ram ftw.
  2. Still have t had a SC since December of last year. Been opening prolly 2 containers a day on average. The only good thing: at least they've changed those damned modules being the highest chance of drop. In the event that I ever do get a SC, it is now much less likely to be total garbage.
  3. Here I was thinking that SE meant smokescreen expert, and that somehow the 20 per cent larger puffs gave you more space to shell-beat. Which would mean, ofc, that the enemy had pretty leet aim. Survivability expert makes a lot more sense. Well done!
  4. Nice stats on her! Also well done with the Yorck too; o think I only managed 43k and 38k respectively on them (almost entirely pre buff). Your win rate will go down with a larger number of battles, but still, well done.
  5. Hi man, I apologise as I suspect that me/my teams were the cause of some of your losses - I kept calling you out as a great Perth player for priority destruction (cos it's true!). I was the Leander driver mostly opposing you (or in a Farragut being chased by you, heh). I I know exactly how you feel though - I had a similar (but smaller) slide in my Leander too. I really think it is because UK CLs are fine and able to carry before Rank 5, but after rank 5 the meta is just so bb heavy cruisers generally, and squishy cruisers in particular, are a tough choice. Recently, I've been having much more success joining the queue as a dd when there are a heap of bbs in the queue, and going Leander when lots of DDs and 2-4 bbs (overall, not per team). As as I don't have a Perth or a Warspite I don't feel qualified to give you advice on how to play, but one observation in my Leander has been to not support your DDs quite so closely at the start - particularly if your team is gunboat heavy and the enemy is torp oat heavy. Holding back a touch more than I would in random seems to catch DDs a bit more by surprise, or when their Torps or smoke are on cd, or otherwise make them panic. Obviously, this risks losing a dd early and possibly the game, but the Leander gets stronger through the match with smoke, sonar and heal so late battle it can act like a dd and smoke bbs or take caps. Can't do that if you died in the opening exchange.
  6. I had no idea, and had some extreme mine-dodging beats on my first run, but still managed to get 5 stars (and end up top on my team) with some crazy number of plane kills, like 24 and 10 boat kills (damn, those things are FAST).
  7. QFT. The others have answered your questions, but just wanted to also way welcome to WoWS.
  8. How annoying are those people who hit the ranked battle button and then go AFK before the battle starts? Guaranteed to always be on your team, and never the enemy team. They are the most annoying of players, who cannot commit to play a battle type that is - by its nature - competitive, and will almost always result in a loss for your team. Well, today I was one of those AFK players. As you can see from the attached picture, the map loaded. The teams loaded, but I never received a 'start battle' button. I closed the WOWS client and restarted. After loading, same deal. Happened four times. Then, after restarting computer, tried again - same thing. Then, second try on restart, the battle loaded. For five seconds, I couldnt even get a shot off on the enemies that surrounded me. Good times. Sorry, team.
  9. Not just limited to gaming, sadly.
  10. The Atlanta's torpedos are a Lie. Its fake news. Please continue driving up close to Atlantas as you see fit. Nothing to see here. Carry on.
  11. I dunno, Gneisenau has materially stronger AA cf Scharnhorst. Unless they have a low point captain, or are otherwise stock, ofc.
  12. QFT. Edit: Also this, totally stolen from the interwebs.
  13. Computer says that your stats are higher than mine in all respects - plus, I think I had a winrrate greatly in excess of my skill before Rank 5. Mind you, I've been improving since the Ranked season though, as I was watching better players (like you!) quite closely and how they played, and now apply that to normal random battles. Eg, I am now a lot better at dodging incoming fire than I was.
  14. Last ranked season, which was my first ever, it took me 266 battles from Rank 23 to Rank 1, overall winrate just short of 55 per cent. It was, however, running at 75-80 per cent until Rank 5, after which it took a week to move up each rank (I got to 1 star away from ranking out 6 times, each time dropping back to at least Rank 3 with consecutive losses... sigh). It can become quire frustrating. Suggest leaving enough time for you to walk away from time to time - chasing your losses is really bad policy. EDIT: Forgot to mention, you dont start at the bottom of the next ranked season (based on some formula that is normally published with the Ranked Season announcement) - therefore, as you wont likely be starting from the bottom Rank 23, it should take you fewer battles. Good lucK! Surprised it took you that many, given you were generally better than me. Mind you, whenver you were on the red team I did go out of my way to kill you as early as possible (sorry about that!) .
  15. I've seen people from both of those clans, including in the same battle together. Whilst hilarious, they are also terrifying when on the red team! ;)