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  1. Teahee

    sounds like a player [ISSUE]

    pft wut do u mean. im an absolute joy to hav in a vc with u
  2. Now, now, tell me where the bad man touched you...
  3. Teahee

    New player looking for a clan

    Welcome to the game! Unfortunately most clans will want you to have a bit more experience in the game before they accept you. If you want to ask gameplay-based questions, drop by the ARP Discord at any time. Good luck mate!
  4. Welcome to the Arpeggio of Blue Steel! The Arpeggio of Blue Steel is a community of both casual and serious warship captains from around the world. Our clan prides itself on being friendly and open, and we are always ready to accept new recruits to [ARP]. The clan is growing quickly, and is highly active at almost all times of day. So if you are looking for a place to form divisions, a channel to ask for gameplay advice, or just a community to make some friends in the WoWS world, look no further! With the new arrival of clan bases, we plan on upgrading the respective bases of our main clan, and our subclans, as quickly as possible. This is enabled by our highly active members, and if you are wanting to join a clan for the benefits provided by the base system, we hope you will choose [ARP]. We run two competitive teams for Supremacy League, and also take part in King of the Sea. Two of our clans have reached Typhoon in Clan Wars, and the others have all performed very well. We plan on being highly active upon the full release of the Clan Wars global map. If you have competitive experience, or just want to try your hand in organised competitive play, [ARP] can help to provide you with this opportunity. We try to accept as many players as we can, but we still have some basic requirements for joining our clan. If you don't meet the requirements, but still want to join [ARP], don't worry! We are more than happy to make exceptions for players if they are enthusiastic about improving, and will provide all the support you need to improve your gameplay. All we ask of new recruits is the following: Overall WTR (Warships Today Rating) of 1100 or higher Overall winrate is 50% or higher Owns at least 2 tier 8 ships, both of which are tech-tree ships (not premium ships) Active on Discord at least twice a week Friendly and mature character To join [ARP], all you need to do is come and visit our Discord server, where one of our recruitment officers will help you join our clan. You can find our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/c9Dw7TW If you have trouble accessing the Discord channel, or have further questions, please feel free to PM any of the leadership We have a number of leaders in the clan, any of whom are available to receive your questions and queries. Fleet Admiral: Teahee Admirals: Iris_ Cruiser_Montpelier (Ba)Kaga_Kai_Ni Vice Admirals: IJN_Battleship_Fuso Soullessike Razor_Antilles _aster_ Commodore: AbyssalDragoon MagicalMoonMan Kaitaro ZuikakuKaiNi There are a number of regular questions we receive from new recruits: Do you require a name change? No, there is no pressure to change your name to any particular naming style. Do you have to like anime/manga? No, there are members of our clan who are not fans of either. We do however ask that you respect others who are interested in these things, and be tolerant of them. We try to keep our Discord organised in a way that keeps most anime posts in select channels. What if I am below the required stats for joining? We mainly use stats as a guideline of a player's skill, but we know that there are other factors that can't be measured by WTR. As such, we will make exceptions for players who show signs of improvement, and are willing to be an active part of the [ARP] community. Are there compulsory clan member meetings? No there are not, however if you want to join the competitive side of the clan, you will be expected to attend training sessions and scrimmages. Is Iris a lewd sunflower lolicon? Absolutely.
  5. [pls don't sink meh]