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  1. I don't have any class, so I can only bump it to the top.
  2. Use this to your teams advantage. Get in a position where the enemy can't shoot at you and your team, without traversing guns a lot. Shoot, and get them to start firing at you. Go dark when the heat gets too much and wait for them to traverse to the other greens. Shoot some more. They either have to ignore you and take tons of damage, or keep moving to you and give your team free shots. Also, move in to 10 k or so, turn out and away at an angle so you can bear all guns on the target, then start shooting. They now have to compensate for horizontal and vertical movement, and most players struggle at that. Small changes in rudder will often put the shells in the water nowhere near where you are. Finally, don't underestimate the power of those AP shells on broadside targets, even bbs. I average 57k damage in the Kiev, it is a great boat.
  3. A true bird hunter doesn't run hounds, and never sends them out without the expectation that they come back when called. He would, also, never spoil his bird dog.
  4. Did you already trade in duplicates to finish one or two collections? I haven't started the 5th part and I only need 4 to complete all the collections and I have 12 duplicates. You should not trade in duplicates until you have all the boxes opened. Otherwise you are trading 4 duplicates for a collectible you might get later.
  5. To Pay or Not to Pay

    Spending money will not make you better, asking for help in specific areas (like how to play certain ships, even offer up a replay and ask for tips) will. Buying ships and doubloons will help keep the game going, so it is a good thing to spend at least a little, if you get value from playing the game (why would you play if you didn't). Buying premium time is a good way to make the grind a little less burdensome, doubloons to help retraining captains helps to get them to 19 pts faster, and you can use doubloons to demount modules when you sell a ship and move it to the next. All helpful in the long run, but won't do much for improving how you actually play in a match. When asking for help, be prepared for criticism, if no one points out things you are doing wrong, you can't fix it. Don't be discouraged or upset by someone who may respond with "Get Gud", (it's the internet), just ignore and focus on the helpful responses. If you ask for help in a reasonable manner most responses will be helpful, and many really good players are willing to help.
  6. I was in a game with you last night where you were having the trouble. I was having no issues with it, so it is likely something between you and the server. I'm in Michigan, had 35 ms ping. Played 4-5 games that night with no issues. I have seen this once in a while, and it is usually something to do with my wife and kids all streaming different things at the same time. Really sucks the bandwidth. That and if you have Windows automatically updating, make sure it isn't downloading an update while you are playing.
  7. Folks were made aware of the Diana program, this just suddenly started dropping and it appears not to be an incentive for new players or has been horribly messed up (who'd of figured) because folks that have been playing regularly are getting it while folks that haven't played in a while are not. While I'm a bit put off by WG doing this, if they had announced it and followed through with it correctly (ie folks who really haven't played got the gifts) would not have been much of an issue. However, the way it was handled is in standard WG manner of accidentally dropping the grenade with the pin pulled back in the crate of grenades. And you seriously can't be comparing the DoY mission to logging in and getting the package that has been dropping. At the end of the day this won't stop me from playing, but it has made me reconsider opening my wallet to pick up a few things I had considered over the Christmas Holiday. I've been a player of both WoT and WoWS for quite some time. Spent money only sparingly because of many of WG's policies and screw ups. This certainly doesn't make me regret doing so.
  8. Tier 10

    Seriously, just ignore him. Keep playing. Your low WR in tier 10 is largely due to small sample size, right now. If it continues, then start to worry. Teams have been terrible with the holidays rolling in. It is amazing how teams can completely throw away a sure win at the last moment, especially at top tier. The guy giving you advice does 40k average damage less than you in Yammi. I've seen him play and it pretty much means your team is down a ship from the start and a top tier bb usually at that. Don't sweat it, keep playing well and it will turn around, maybe take a break to let things settle a bit. I know you were probably just trying to vent a bit to feel better, but on these forums venting is more likely to cause you even more grief.
  9. Didn't know that (never enabled or used them). In that case it would be hard to tell if it was a connection issue. I play a lot of DD and haven't ever experienced that before.
  10. Is it true...

    Got 1 from a credit container last night. This is the third one I've gotten from a credit container, and I don't often choose credits (and usually not on purpose).
  11. WTR is Trash

    You need to go find a book or website that discusses statistics and read about the basics. Be particular attentive to the discussion on sample size. As far as the two sites listing as BAD vs unicum, obviously they are using different equations so without specifics of the two sites it isn't possible to discuss why. But my guess would be that sample size has a hand in that, as well. You would think a "former professional data scientist" would know that.
  12. Was looking at her yesterday, wondering if I should pull the trigger on Nelson, or finish grinding out the xp for her. Looks like some grinding over the holidays is in order.
  13. I'd gladly take it over the spotting aircraft one I got on Saturday.
  14. That smell is you. I was the one farming damage off you as you raged while sitting on the back boundary after letting your team get owned. If I'm trying to throw games, I'm pretty bad at doing so. If I ever decide that is what I want to do, I'll look you up and get your strategy. It works pretty well for you.