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  1. What are "decent" stats?

    Average XP listed in WoWS stats is with premium boost and win bonus factored in (not sure if flags and camo are). Unless someone is tracking their average XP after each game from the report window, there is no way to know what their true average xp is.
  2. Crucis, I'm a lot like you. I do really enjoy the fully coordinated play in CW (even taken on calling responsibilities in WoT, and ran M--M for a while), but I have days where I just don't want to be social. My clan was started by a few of the guys from WOT M--M and we don't require coms when playing. I often play a game in between paper work for my business. Doesn't lend itself to div and coms, so if I am asked, I just decline and go on. TBH, I really don't like playing div with other players I don't know well. I still do it to try to get to know some of the newer guys and help if I can, but it is really hard for me to do, and my play usually suffers for it. It sounds like your current clan supports the way you prefer to play, but if it ever changes, our door is open.
  3. Hey, I played a few rounds with the guys last night. Did fairly well overall, but a couple of those teams would have been easier to take if I had been drinking.
  4. Need it to actually snow to be able to sleep in the snow. We only had freezing rain. Dodging falling trees and branches on the way home made for a fun experience.
  5. Because I can. Besides power was out at the house until yesterday evening, so it worked out perfectly.
  6. Hunting season is closed. It's currently get all the work done that I neglected during hunting season. That, and do the taxes. Need more recruits to fill in for me. Will be camping in the rain and snow this weekend.
  7. All of my reserve spots came from flag crates, I've received quite a few port slots from credit crates, so I try to mix up the crate choices.
  8. Bump from page 3 because if I can't find time to play, I can at least find a way to contribute.
  9. NEW operation bot settings

    They repair over time. Has always been that way.
  10. Only time other than super container that I received port slots form crates was from the credit crates. I get plenty of captain slots from the flag containers.
  11. koboye will have to give details as to how he came up with the name. The core of the clan were in a clan together in WoT, and none of us are Navy that I'm aware of.
  12. So I take a weekend break for Warships to do some home remodeling and come back to find this on page 3? The shame!
  13. Back to top after long weekend.
  14. Had some good folks in Discord with us last night. Stop in and talk/div with us.