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  1. brdhntr

    CV moan

    Imagine comparing 2 ships working together in a div against one, to a single ship doing the same for a longer period of time.
  2. Funny how you missed the majority of the DD players in this thread saying it wasn't a problem. Not nearly the number of DD players crying as CV players who have never tried the changes to the rockets crying.
  3. If they are dodging why fire? Simply pass over drop a fighter and hit them on the next run, your turn time is faster than theirs.
  4. brdhntr

    Abusive purple players

    This is why I come to these forums. Pure comedic gold.
  5. Because "radar" is exactly like "CV".
  6. It appears the PT replays don't work. When I try to open them I get a fatal error and asked to restart. It then restarts the regular game client instead of the replay. Guess you will just have to see for yourself if it makes live server. Not that it would really matter anyway. Anytime someone posts a capable CV player all we get is "BBBBUUTT average cv can't do that".
  7. I dunno, showing the person arguing how CV can't do damage has higher averaged damage in CV than any other ship by a significant amount is sorta how winning an argument goes. Heaven forbid we provide facts in a game forum. It's funny the folks that don't care about stats are always the ones most sensitive to them.
  8. I tested it on PTS with Lex, Midway, and Parseval. In all 3 I was lucky enough to get a human DD. I had no problem hitting the DD's. First one I encountered, I even finished in his smoke as he was backing up. Now this was with Hvar in Lex and Midway, Tiny Tims were tricky and I didn't get as many hits on the DD as I would with the current reticle. It did take me a bit longer to start getting cits on cruisers with Parseval's rockets than it did to hit DD with Hvars, but I'm sure it will improve with practice. My first game in Lex I had almost 60 rocket hits, mostly on the DD's. This change once if it goes as is will help average and up DD's survive a little longer vs a DD if the CV player is average. Bad CV players can't hit DD anyway, so they will still rely on RNG. Good CV players will adapt quickly.
  9. brdhntr

    Ranger CV torpedo bomber question

    US DB's tend to be the bread and butter of the line, but do not underestimate the power of the torps. Torp damage is less healable than HE bombs. You just have to practice with the torps a bit as they are relatively slow.
  10. brdhntr

    Ranger CV torpedo bomber question

    Number dropped per attack varies from CV to CV. Ranger drop is 2. Same for rockets and bombs, the number dropped depends on the CV.
  11. Man, those DD's so much more effective than the CV. CV dead class because we all know that damage numbers below come only from attacking DD, which is no longer an option with the changes. Poor CV has no way to possibly do damage in the new meta. There is absolutely no way you are making these claims to protect your easy mode damage farm. You might want to follow suit with hunter/max and hide your stats. At least make everyone guess as to your motives.
  12. brdhntr

    People dont like CV's even on your own team.

    Your planes control where flak spawns, if you aren't changing course to get the flak to spawn where you aren't going to be you are not doing it properly. Shokaku has no problem dodging flak, can't speak for Saipan or Kaga since I don't have them. I do believe Saipan has Midway planes, so that should not be an issue, either.
  13. I am far from a unium, let alone super unicum. Yet I have significantly higher average damage, pr, winrate in CV with fewer games played than any other ship type. I probably could push that into the purple levels if I actually spent some time playing them on a regular basis instead of once in a while. Problem is I get bored dunking on the other players over and over again. Yet I see players that I've had in games that have no clue what they are doing in a CV come here and complain how neutered they are. One in particular missed my div mate with both DB and TB in a Musashi on his own backing up. He even dropped a TB squad on my Drake where I didn't even need to change course to miss them. Yet he is one of the most outspoken CV guys on this forum. His poor performance in CV is nowhere near a problem with the CV's ability, yet it is accepted on these forums that CV need to be balanced around the likes of him. And he is not the exception when it comes to those on the pro-CV side. Mainly because all of them survive and do more damage, even if their win rate is low, than in any other class. The DD player that hits W at the beginning of the game and doesn't understand a-s-d can actually have a significant impact in a CV doing the same thing.
  14. brdhntr

    People dont like CV's even on your own team.

    I looked, expecting to see a huge drop in damage from RTS to post rework CV on your account. Not what I see. The post rework is balanced entirely on allowing you to get a drop on any ship, so saying you can't get near a cruiser currently is 100% on your skill. The fact that your Kaga is your highest damage despite the weaker planes, clearly shows you have not figured out how to properly attack through AA, and I'm guessing you eat flak more often than not. Therefore it makes sense that the Saipan, which has low reserves, causes you to struggle more. I'm sorry but your RTS damage numbers show you went thirsty more often than not.
  15. That was your cv div mate after he killed the dd, not you. Another really funny part of all this is here is a better than average DD player telling other DD players they need to learn to play better and it should be accepted that all DD players are going to be able to do these things. However, when a better than average CV player says that CV's are not balanced and those struggling to play them need to learn to play better we get "But you aren't an average CV player the CV needs balanced around the average CV player not the unicum." Also, I'm not sure where the "Can't do anything when a CV is in game" came about. Probably from a really terrible DD player that would not have lived regardless. However, it is often said (and my experience) that the ability to do well in a CV is very dependent on the CV player. A red CV player gives me some options (which a lot of CV are red). However it isn't a guarantee. Even a bad cv can remove the best DD player with very little the DD player actually can do to stop it. It is comparable to only one team having DDs, at that point the best hope you have is that the DD players are really bad.