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  1. brdhntr

    CV Tips and Tricks

    You aren't bothering to respond because you just want someone to feel sorry for you and make it easier than it already is. You keep moving the goalposts. First, not enough damage, but you do more now than you did pre work. Then it's can't kill a DD, but that isn't preventing you from surviving the DD you can't kill. Now it is the cost is too much, but if you aren't making credits now, with more damage, you weren't making credits before the rework. You have all these excuses as to why it isn't you and that it needs to be made easier for you to farm damage off the other ships. You feel you should be able to jump into a completely new ship type, jump right to Tier 10 and just roll over the red team, when you couldn't do it before the rework. You jumped on the Hak at the start of the CV rework because it was broken, and now you're mad because it was reigned in.
  2. brdhntr

    CV Tips and Tricks

    69% survival rate in your Hak, 10% higher than pre rework. Tell us again how terrible you have it. BTW, it is no different for the Ryujo, which has less rockets per attack. A good DD is going to make it hard to impossible, the average DD is going to die. Then again, it is very rare for a DD to be a problem until late in game when things are already decided.
  3. brdhntr

    CV Tips and Tricks

    You average more damage in your post rework CVs than you did in the RTS style, and you pretty much jumped straight into Tier X in what is basically a completely new class without learning in the lower tiers. How easy should it be?
  4. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    Then you can post the replay.
  5. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    The DD had his AA on and it allowed him to stay spotted. If they would turn off their AA this would not happen. It is not the CV's fault they are taking advantage of a misplay on the DD's part. As far as the tier 10 economy, it is like that because WG wants folks to play lower tiers to fill them. Since Tier 10 is always top tier, folks would always play tier 10 because they don't get the -2 tier games. Problem is they introduced a lot of things to make Tier 10 play viable economically. Way more than in tanks. It is still not uncommon for average players to lose money in a Tier 10 battle.
  6. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    I know it has been noted that the Midway is much better than Hak, now, but I haven't seen any numbers on the Hak damage since it was nerfed. I have not argued that CV's in general, and most certainly not specific CV, need some buffs. Any buffs to CV help me, because it has been my most played ship type since the rework dropped. But if players can just jump in CV and do BB level damage at tier 10 in a few games played, it is not going to be good for the game. You had to grind to those other tier 10's learning along the way. Playing 100+ games through lower tiers to get to a tier 10 allows you to learn as you go. You have to understand that because the CV damage mechanics are so different from the other ship types, starting CV after the rework is almost like you are reset back to the first week you started playing. You are completely relearning ship defenses, aiming, positioning, etc with CV.
  7. If you are going to take that position yours is less than nothing. You are averaging more damage in your few games in a tier 6 CV than all of your tier 6 BB's with more games by a fairly wide margin. How much better do they need to be? I'd be all for it, because it would only help to improve my paltry damage I'm able to attain in them.
  8. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    You can have any opinion you want. What tier?
  9. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    So how should the economics change? Do you expect to make money at tier X on average? They seem fine lower tier, but I'm expecting to lose out in tier 10, on average. The games played is relevant because you claim you quit because you are impotent by mid game, so you aren't going to take the time to learn how to play them. Any ship takes some time to figure out how to effectively use it. With cv's I think it is far worse than the other ship types.
  10. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    I didn't speed read. You said you didn't want to appear as good as a good CV player, yet you expect to be performing well and making money at tier 10 with about 100 games in the entire class since the rework. I'm saying that isn't a reasonable position to have, especially with the constant changes to cv's after the rework release. I have more tier 6 cv battles under the rework than you have in all tiers, and I'm really not going to expect to jump into a tier 10 and be breaking even at this point. If WG had not hammered CV's, the player base would have suffered. It is better to hammer a niche OP ship type that few folks play, that are vastly affecting the other players' ability to have fun than to slowly tone it back and let the majority get beaten to the point of quitting while they slowly get it right. The only thing that really saved most of the players in the first roll out of the rework was that the majority of the folks playing cv hadn't really worked out the targeting mechanics all that well on DB and TB. It could have been much worse. (Not that I think WG came even close to a sane decision rolling out what they did and trying to balance that on the live server.) It is definitely closer to a balance now than what we had with the initial roll out, and we are seeing the smaller tweaks, now. It probably isn't fast enough for folks who have been anticipating the rework, and it's probably too fast for the folks that don't like cv's in general.
  11. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    I make money just fine in cv's on a standard account. If you aren't making money, at least at the low/mid tiers, it isn't the fault of the cv economy. And I would like to know why you should expect to not learn how to play the ship, yet expect to be potent in the game? Also, you played relatively few games in the lower tiers to actually learn the mechanics, and get the feel for the rework, jumped up to tier 10 and after the nerfs and a few games gave up. I'm far from good in cv, but I decided to play them a fair amount after the rework to get a feel for it, and hopefully provide a data point that can be used in balancing. Given how it is pretty much a COOP mini game taking place inside the PVP game, I think the cv is relatively close to where it should be. The uptiering needs some work (actually, plane HP and AA need to be reworked to more normalized numbers IMO) if they aren't going to limit cv tier MM. Even with this, I've learned enough to perform ok in general when +2 uptiered, but I'm pretty much at the mercy of the team for the most part. Also, the nerfs limiting the attacks on DD's went a bit too far, especially for IJN, which can't use HE DB (this if from a DD main). I, also, think the spotting on cruisers that was changed today was needed, but haven't played it, yet. Also, the tier 4's are atrocious and I actually think tier 6 are better for learning than the tier 4's. The attack and aim times are so bad that even small miscalculations (especially on DB) mean an attack run ends before you can make a successful drop. I know that is because of the low aa at that tier, but I think it would have been better from a learning perspective to make the attack runs longer, but lower the damage on the weapons. As it is now, I really can't see an average player starting at tier 4 cv and wanting to continue to play. Reason I asked the original question is that in a lot of the cases (and the one I quoted in particular) the person wanting cv buffed, simply want their easy damage farm returned. In the case of the person I quoted, he does far more damage in cv than in same tier ships of other types he plays. Yet somehow the cv is under powered. Given you are playing pretty much solely against AI and RNG, I'd expect damage a little harder to come by.
  12. brdhntr

    Props to new Patch WG

    What would it require to be more enjoyable?
  13. You do more average damage in the reworked Ryujo than you do in Tier X cruisers. You do more damage in CV's than any other ship type. You can farm damage all game because your carrier can't be hit by the other CV and you don't have to expose your ship to damage in order to damage the red team. You don't have to play against the red team, just the AI of their ship AA and farm damage. This is what most players opposed to CVs are upset with. If you actually had to worry about the other team's CV's things would be a lot more balanced. CV's should not be boosted so you can farm more damage.
  14. You are trying to equate survival of the ship with survival of the ships weapons. I am all for CV's getting a better counter ability to each other to lower their survival rates, but asking for the ships weapons to be destroyed while the ship lives 70% of the time is just so far out there. If you are going that route, then all ships weapons firing automatically take a random damage roll. Once the weapon's HP pool is gone, that weapon is unusable for the rest of the game, and they can hope to get a chance to cap before the game ends.
  15. The other night I was flying around an island blocking sight of a Mass from me. I knew he was there and was deliberately trying to avoid him to strike a Gneisenau. I was inside his AA, but figured the island would block me. The red CV planes spotted me and I lost my entire squadron to the Mass AA before I could fly out. I was in a Ryujo or Ranger, can't remember.