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  1. I'm not often playing below tier 7 these days. I still have 30-40 low tier ships I haven't played for the anniversary first win game because I don't have a ton of time to play this time of year and playing the higher tiers progresses me on the endless missions faster. WG really should put in some lower tier missions to give a reason to play the lower tiers once in a while, and this research reset isn't one I'd even consider. At the lower tiers, I prefer the lower conceal ships. I didn't have much trouble with the T-61 in the last Rank Sprint.
  2. Pulled a T-61. Not sure if I'll use it much, despite being primarily a DD captain.
  3. brdhntr

    I really don't understand this game

    Sounds like you are getting dropped packets. Unfortunately, there is probably not much you can do using sat internet. Take a look at the replay. The ships will likely show up correctly on the replay. I had similar issues when I had poor internet and was using wifi on top of that for Tanks.
  4. brdhntr

    I really don't understand this game

    And there is your reason for the ship seeming to appear out of nowhere. Poor connection leads to wonky spotting.
  5. brdhntr

    I don't get this game

    @NippleSnipplez post some replays to this thread, folks can give you feedback that is directly geared towards mistakes you may be making.
  6. brdhntr

    Military Flag

    Remove Missouri from all accounts NOW! It is unfair such a good income generator cannot be had by all.
  7. brdhntr

    I'm tempted to Quit This Game

    Hmm, I don't run any mods and had been compensating for some time in Randoms. Never really tested it in a training room. I had always felt the dynamic was off, and what iChase posted matched up with my experience.
  8. brdhntr

    I'm tempted to Quit This Game

    Didn't see it mentioned, but the Dynamic Crosshair has some issues. Ichase did a video on how to compensate at different distances. It is worthwhile to look that up and watch it.
  9. brdhntr

    Sync Dropping Even In low Tier

    I believe it was even hinted that they were going to split sync dropped clan divs and then dropped it as a non issue. Like Brhinosaurus said earlier, sync dropping actually hurts my ability to win because more often than not the other div is on the opposite side filling slots that would have been most likely filled with randoms with lower win rate and not on comms. We do it as a competition to see which div can beat the other more than trying to gain some advantage over MM.
  10. brdhntr

    So I got my stock Midway...

    Please, oh great one, teach me how to average less than 25k in the Midway. I breathlessly await your knowledge.
  11. brdhntr

    So I got my stock Midway...

    I'm sorry that pointing out you don't have the experience to do well in higher tiers hurt your feelings. I was trying to help you have a better playing experience, I said nothing about you having a place in the world. I ground the upgrades for the Midway from stock, back when AA was much worse than it is now. It isn't the fault of the ship. I was in your place at one time, and I rushed too far up the tiers for what I was prepared for. The difference is when someone suggested I slow down, I did and learned.
  12. brdhntr

    So I got my stock Midway...

    With only 500 games under your belt, you don't have the experience to be playing in the high tiers and do well. Despite the common thread on these forums that CV's are easy to play, they take a bit more than just throwing money at the game and jumping into tier 10. Do yourself a favor and drop back to tier 6 and get better. Then move to tier 8 and repeat. This game is not a race to see how fast you can get to tier 10.
  13. brdhntr

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    Your max damage in Vlad is 144k and your max ships destroyed is 3, average damage is 57k. For Kaga, max damage is 210k, max destroyed is 6, and average damage is 93k. Even just looking at your Kaga games since the last update you are still averaging 90k+. Looks nerfed into the ground to me.
  14. brdhntr

    What Separates A Good CV Captain From A Bad One?

    You have to realize that the planes try to follow where your mouse is located on screen. A and D will make them deviate, but once you release the key they drift back to the mouse location. Make sure the mouse is pointed where you want to go. The strength of the UK is their torp bombers and the ability to maneuver them during the attack without getting bloom on the target reticle. You can do a 90 degree turn and still keep a tight drop. However, they are slow, and it takes some experience to get the lead. You, also, have to watch the targets speed and learn to judge based on the smoke from the stacks. It takes some practice, but torps on all 3 lines are a lot easier to hit than a DD torps. I don't have sight stabilization on any of my CV's, will have it on the USN when I get the points. You should be focusing on speed and health of the planes as it keeps them alive longer, especially with the nerf to speed boost in the last patch.
  15. When I first noticed this I deliberately moved into a position where I had an island between myself and a ship that was within AA. I was spotted by the other cv aircraft and the ship on the island started firing AA and did not render. I'll try to see if I can get an example.