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  1. I have more than 200 games at Tier 10. It is rare for that situation to happen, unless the game is already done. You really are overstating it. I have 70+ survival rate in tier 10 CV's.
  2. I wasn't aware the CV is unable to launch planes and attack when spotted. I've taken out the spotter when play CV FAR more often than the other way around.
  3. The data on the rework CV population has been posted numerous times. I don't have it handy. As far as more playing it, the gameplay gets really boring. For me it is as fun as playing PvE, so I just don't do it often. I know a lot of players that won't play them because they feel the interaction is unfair.
  4. We had an iteration where AA was probably close to that. CV usage plummeted because most CV players won't play them if they can't simply dunk on ships as they see fit.
  5. Preferring to not play in the presence of CV does not equal unable to handle the presence of CV's. Many of the best CV players on the server play in these tournaments.
  6. Dodging a competent surface ship player's salvo is significantly easier than dodging a competent CV captain attack. I, also, have disengagement options for the surface ship player's attack, not so against a CV that knows what he is doing.
  7. That is because how the encounter ends is almost entirely on the CV captain. You can maneuver all you want, but you darn sure better pray the CV captain is playing with his face. And Yammie swatting planes from the sky, lel. I play tier 10 carriers. Yammie is nothing but a damage piñata. Heck it is even for a tier 8 CV. I make a lot of mistakes in CV, so I miss way more than I should and I still have no trouble doing damage in them. And I seldom have problems with lack of planes due to AA. When I do it is because I messed up, not because of some amazing AA that didn't give me a chance to let my planes survive.
  8. I've been all the way to rank 1 in the old leagues and up through the various leagues in the current one. While the bad players will drop off as you go up, it is still just like randoms. Once the good players rank out it isn't much different from one league to the next. Upper ranks are pretty competitive the first few days, but it drops off fast as those folks rank out.
  9. If WG considers Ranked a high level game, they have no ide what those words mean. Ranked is a grind to see how many games it will take you to rank out. Good players will do it quicker, but the skill level in Ranked is in no way good.
  10. I am not claiming any certain percentage of 44% and below, I would guess if you only looked at current active players that would be higher. If you filtered for active with more than 1,000 games that would probably get better. However, with even 5% of the overall player accounts in WOWS at 44% or below, at any given time they can make up a significant number of players in the que. I just had a game with only 16% of the players were below 45%, nearly half what you saw. Which one is the right number. My next game might not have any. I was commenting on your use of RANKED games to come to a conclusion. You then show one game in Random to prove your point. Honestly, you have made a stand and you aren't going to change it regardless of what is said here on the forums. If what you are saying is true, you should really go find a game where the game isn't programmed against you. Especially when the folks who work for the company that makes the game have said that you are wrong in thinking the mm uses wr.
  11. At this point in time, the majority of the players in rank are those that need a LOT of games to rank out, or play very little rank. This means there is going to be a disproportional number of lower stat players in the rank que. Even more so if you are looking at Bronze ranked battles. You are, also showing a whole 7 games, which is hardly anywhere near statistically significant. Finally, with the lower number of players in que for Ranked vs Randoms and the fact it is tier limited, you are FAR more likely to get the same team mates in a battle during ranked in consecutive battles than Random. Even using Randoms such a spread would not be unusual for a 7 game streak, but it is pretty much guaranteed in Rank que at this point in time.
  12. brdhntr

    Scharnhorst the dominate ship in T7 Ranks?

    I dunno, I'm 14 for 16 in Atlanta.
  13. brdhntr


    You don't need a super unicum to help you improve. Even someone with significant games that maintains 50% is going to see things that help you improve.
  14. brdhntr


    First, you need to look at the teams. The majority were bots, they are going to sail right to your cap. You took a slow bb way off to the edge of the map, and kept going, even when it was obvious the reds had broken through. You needed to be more central and help remove that initial rush and allow some of your bots to survive to absorb damage. You, also, took shots at high HP targets when others were an easy one shot. Allowed them to do damage that they shouldn't have been able to. You, also, missed several shots because you didn't notice the ships were in a turn. Need to watch that minimap, a bit better. Red CV's were quite a bit better than your CV's and with only 3 human surface ships, that can be a hard win. You definitely didn't help your chances with your ship placement.
  15. brdhntr

    Planes...Planes....Planes Everywhere

    Yet these two carriers were 2 of the top three on their team and did better than half of Soshi's team if we adjust xp for the 50% win bonus. And that's with a huge number of lost planes, far more than is typical even for bad CV players. Love these guys that bemoan how hard CV is. It is your least played class, yet highest winrate, highest PR, and highest damage. Cry me a freaking river. And before you accuse me of not playing carrier, I have nearly as many games in them as you and much better results in them.