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  1. brdhntr

    Gearing Mark 17 torps

    All of my games are with the 16.5 km torps. They work just fine for me.
  2. The aiming circle on the minimap that they introduce earlier this year helps with this (and smoke firing for that matter).
  3. I played last weekend when the free premium was scheduled to be given out. I did not play last night because I had no idea my account would be credited with the premium time, and I had a lot of other things going on. WG did not have to give out the free premium, but it was promised and should have been rescheduled with ample warning of when it would happen to allow players to make use of it in a reasonable manner, or added such that it triggered when the user next logged in (as has been done in these cases in the past). Add in the issues that were occurring with battle results giving more incentive to not play last night, and the entire thing is just another snafu on WG's part.
  4. I've purchased dozens of 24 hr and 3 day licenses(both hunting and fishing) in dozens of states and every single one allowed me to designate the start date.
  5. More often than not when I look up a player whining about bad play it is a sub 50% player that did little or nothing to help the team win. In fact one such player from a game this week is commenting in this very thread. Spent the majority of the game, after getting absolutely wrecked, berating the "bad team". Then comes on the forum and bemoans the stat elitists.
  6. brdhntr

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Says the guy who has problems torping bots. I'm betting you missed something in my response that is the reason you do have that problem. Given this attitude, I'll move on and leave you to your struggles.
  7. brdhntr

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Target bot with torps, line up tubes on the indicator, hit x to switch target, launch fish, profit.