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  1. x2_Weekends

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    LWM, I know you're quite busy and time would be required to do so, but have you considered going back to your older Premium Ship reviews and re-analyzing the Captain Skills on what would be optimal for some of the older Premiums? I think the reviews were written before the Captain Skill tree was completely revamped and I'm curious to know if some of those newer captain skills would be beneficial to the older Premium Ships. Anyways, thanks for the amazingly awesome Premium Ship guides!
  2. x2_Weekends

    Premium Ship Review: Shinonome

    This Campaign is going to make me break my personal promise of never going above Tier VI on the tech tree in this game. I want Shinonome so I guess I have to buy Kagero, only VIII I have in any tech tree researched. But I guess when you have nearly 98,000,000 credits you gotta spend them on something I suppose. It's only pixel money and you can't take it with you.
  3. x2_Weekends

    Premium Ship Review: Shinonome

    It would've been cool to have a Tier II or III Premium Ship, but alas some reward is better than no reward. Edit: Like...maybe...Katori? Why not?
  4. x2_Weekends

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims

    The Sims' damage output is mid-tier. Does that count?
  5. x2_Weekends

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Awesome as always LWM! Thank you for yet again providing good info to the WoWS community! +1
  6. Ok, I've never received a gift in WoWS so I don't know how to do this. But, I just bought my 63 year old father-in-law, who is technologically challenged, a USN Marblehead. He doesn't know how to accept the gift...because Wargaming has to make it complicated, it can't just show up in his port...so how does one accept a gift ship?
  7. x2_Weekends

    Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    Very nice! Thank you Mouse, for yet another fantastic review. I'm glad the community can step in and help those who may not have the funds but are fully deserving of being gifted a Premium Ship.
  8. x2_Weekends

    Premium Ship Review: IJN Fujin

    I'm re-reading this review and thinking on a few things. Primarily the IJN DD guns are horrible until Tier VII and really start to be capable at VIII. The IJN DD guns were inferior to USN guns, but the IJN torps were far superior to the USN. Wargaming has done a really nice job recreating this real dynamic philosophy in-game. Having said that, in my personal opinion, I think its better to maximize what the IJN DD is good at (torps) and abandon what its bad at (guns). This min/max philosophy is an "all eggs in one basket" kind of philosophy. So, in that spirit, I avoid any Captain skills or equipment that enhance guns on IJN DD's and instead go for those that enhance the torps. So, on all my IJN DD's captain skills are: Tier 1: Situational Awareness Tier 2: Torpedo Armament Tier 3: Superintendet Tier 4: Last Stand Tier 5: Concealment Expert For equipment: Slot 1: Torp Mod 1 Slot 2: Torp Mod 2 Slot 3: Propulsion Mod 1 I dont necessarily think what you reccomend is wrong. I think its "flavor to taste". And if you want to try to be more gun/torp balanced I would go with your recommended Captain skills and equipment. If you want to go "all in" on maximizing torpedoes I would go with mine. Side note: thanks for the compliments!
  9. x2_Weekends

    Premium Ship Review: IJN Fujin

    Very nice review. The only thing I would recommend is the torp firing arc. Fujin has the prenerf Minekaze torp arcs whereas the Minekaze has the less desirable more narrow torp arcs. It gives the Fujin a little better torp angles than her sister. But other than that, your review is spot on.