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  1. thepigeonmaster


    my bad did not have the glasses on there not snowflakes just the stars for 50% exp boost for the 1st gane
  2. thepigeonmaster


    the new year event starts on monday while plaing on saturday i noticed that the snowflakes are being removed from your ships if u win but no rewards are added
  3. thepigeonmaster

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    just had several players ctd in one game like 14 or so replay has been sent to WG
  4. thepigeonmaster

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    jup for at least 3 months @ op just hope she will be in the X-mass box the next x-mass
  5. thepigeonmaster

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    synch droping is not Always a synch drop is a clan has several playes playing ranked at the same time the chance of getting in the same battle are there there is nothing wrong with that if u have problems with that the u need to look at allied fleets to they are in the same battles to as for star saving between clan members in my opinion results in both acc to be baned out of ranked for the 1st ofence the 2nd = ban from game for a little time and at the 3rd ban for life but i do not think WG wil go that far
  6. thepigeonmaster

    Unauthorized Account Transactions

    well pay-pal gets linked tru WG permiun shop so in game some players can by stuff with your ID and PW but if u report that to Wg i thing u will get your $$$ back and the ofernder will be IP banded for life as for pay -pal on any cash paying site u sude use a new PW form time to time
  7. thepigeonmaster

    Bonus Code I Found On FaceBook

    same here
  8. thepigeonmaster

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    its real simple if u lunch torps u have the fame or blame on what ever they hitt if u lunch a torp from the back of friendly ships u run the risk of them eating a torp and makeing u pink and u are to blame if how ever u do not hitt a frien but your foe u have the fame
  9. no becos then the dd class of ships needs to do a extra role now they are expected to scout take caps and fight all ships when the sub comes they also need to be anti sub fighters and can not go and cap or scout cos the need to baby sitt the capital ships from gwtting def-striked by a sub also subs are slow ships to make them work vs the ships we have now there speed will have to be higher but then the hole speed caps on the ships we have mokes no sence any more as for anti sub wepons they make sence on a dd and some cl/ca but on a bb or cv?
  10. thepigeonmaster

    Thanks 8 the Great

    atleast u can radar i and many more players cant even get in to the mission we all click the buton to stat it but none get it in game
  11. to start with the bow the Standard: has a smaller white spot all he cammo zones are of differend shape they look about the same but ae differen in size and shape so its not a coppy and paste job just look better
  12. thepigeonmaster

    reward open water battle

    so i have been on WOWs for 3 years now and in those years the game play changed but now it just stuped at times WG made the arms race but not alot of players play it the reward is to low for them the game in the weekends and some week days is like this border humping teams (includes the side and back border) Island camping ( thats ships that sits at a Island and never move's from it ) sniping bb (even those who can't hitt a salvo at long range) no scouting ( the dd that won't move up to scout in between of ca or even the bb line) no team play the only team play u see in the divisions my sugestion is this a reward or achievment for open water kills or a total number damage ( 30k or so) so its more interesting go move in and fight insted of camp on the border a Island or in the back its just a sugjestion if u have a better one post it trolles are not needed in here
  13. thepigeonmaster

    Uninstalling this stupid game

    i drop from time to time even get to be pink do to conrction loss but to say its WG no its your windows most of the time that is running a update in the back or your provider sending new stuf to your router
  14. thepigeonmaster

    The New WGC Launcher

    if they do so i for see players going on to different games
  15. thepigeonmaster

    The New WGC Launcher

    well it wud be nice to get a official WG statment on this seeing as in the threats vote 3 out of 4 players don't like it