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  1. I Agree-Co op ends too quickly, especially if a player is laggy getting into the map. If points were adjusted, it's a simple fix, and would greatly enhance playability and enjoyment.
  2. StaffSgtDave01

    ST, armor-piercing rockets

    Tiny Tim rockets from Saipan are decent AP rockets, not many carried per plane, but they dont seem to do as much as the real rockets either. Dont know if WOWS goes for realism, but "Balance" is a weird translation for actual performance in any measure. Be better to be Accurate, than "Balance" things out, especially historically.
  3. StaffSgtDave01

    New Russian Warship Tech!?

    I'd bet it's a Monument to fallen/lost sailors, cool job, but sad at the same time.
  4. StaffSgtDave01

    Change kill awards, improve the experience

    Very Nice stats! Think I'll emulate your actions. Thanks for the example, brother.
  5. StaffSgtDave01

    Change kill awards, improve the experience

    Copy same same, just want to get as much damage as possible but the other issue is some missions Require kill# 2,3,4, etc. so someone deliberately waiting can hurt others. I'm here to enjoy, but it Is annoying to see less than genuine effort from teammates. Definitely agree on damage=pts though-seldom does a CV, for example, get to cap-but effort also determines success. I think we can all go in, kick [edited], and have fun-but I enjoy more when teammates go with effort instead of timidity. once you hear the crack of a round go past you, gaming is easy. Good hunting, and lets go kick some [edited]!
  6. StaffSgtDave01

    What does Blacklisting someone accomplish?

    That is what most players hope for, because I usually only B/L people for teamkilling, if they deliberately or appear to deliberately (Not Accidentally) hit me with either Arty or torps. had a few send a whole salvo at me before we even met the enemy for some unknown reason-everyone in the match was like "wth, Over!" Also notice if you disable chat from someone, next match they get it back. B/L takes some time, but hearing some folks whine, or talk smack to the rest of us, like "CptToshiro" calling me "F-er" because my computer crashed is more than just over the top. B/L them should be something more, as should disabling chat from uncouth children. I've been in actual Combat and heard less cussing than in game-and That's impressive by itself. (funny part is listening to foreign troops cussing over the radio-we always had some attached in the mountains when we supported-Bravo 4, BABY! Reach out and TOUCH someone!)
  7. StaffSgtDave01

    HMS Exeter... An Exercise in Futility.

    Exeter seems a good enough ship, but the tragedy is in being forced to play random to achieve goals in the Exeter missions. Gotten harder to get achievements as well, since I have all the easier achievements already. Enjoyment of play is dropping, sadly.
  8. StaffSgtDave01

    CVs now stink

    getting in some practice against a BOT CV in coop may also help get more people interested and improve their skill. Up to now, with no Bot CV, if you need AA kills, getting them in Coop is virtually impossible, and Random is a mess regardless. carrier planes passing over enemy ships were never low enough to get killed so easily, so the in game turkey shoot seems both unrealistic and undue hardship at the same time. CV usefulness is reduced almost 70% since the change, even with "Unlimited" planes, it's hard even to Get kills at all without being ripped apart by AA. got rid of all except 4 carriers because of this, and Only keeping those because there's some missions requiring them.
  9. StaffSgtDave01

    Keep getting disconnected during gamplay

    had to run a bunch of new drivers for my X51, that seems to have solved it. no lag, no slowdowns, no more having complete shutdowns in the middle of a game allowing adam henry types like CptToshio to talk smack about "Hope you enjoy your Pink, F-er" which should have gotten him banned. When a player has computer issues, it's not like they CHOOSE to get bumped, so the Rush to condemn really seems like a liberal trigger thing.