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  1. Dr_Omega

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Because it's not just changing the rental period, but also increasing the drop rate frequency, so if your first drop isn't in the time when you are free to play, you will get another one.
  2. Dr_Omega

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    In that case, they need a shorter rental period for the subs (like 3 days) and a higher chance of getting one (like 1 in 4)
  3. Dr_Omega

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Thanks, it seems to show up after you have a game
  4. Dr_Omega

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    I can't find mine.
  5. The logic is a small item is harder to spot in smoke. You can see the loom of a large building much further away than a person...
  6. That shows you haven't played as a CV yet. You CAN dodge torpedoes, but you don't do it by dodging them after they are dropped, but during the start of the attack run. With rockets you can turn into the aircraft and that will make more of the rockets miss (the USA ones have an oval dispersion) With the bombs, the most effective way to bomb is from for and aft, turn away from the bombers and they stand a good chance of missing. Your statement about a CV harassing you is much truer on the current server. in 0.8.0 With only having one squadron up at a time, a CV would need to waste attack runs on you that would not be as effective. They would be better off attacking another target at least one third of the time. You can change your AA, but only to increase one side or the other. The old select a single target doesn't work now as the attacking group split s off.
  7. The specific quote is important as it gives context. (I've noticed that without the context people tend to assume a lot)
  8. On the assumption that it doesn't make for a good game...but as I've said before it's an easy fix to cap the number of CVs.
  9. Dr_Omega

    Fix the CV rework in three easy steps.

    Spot on. It's going to be a large sacrifice if a CV wants to spot one ship. It can be done, but just like a DD doing the same thing, you can't do much else.
  10. Your forgetting the time limit on matchmaker. If you have enough CVs coming into the queue for an average of 2 per team... While it may be possible to end up with 4 CVs per team (presuming its not limited) its more likely for most to be 2 per team in most games, with some games 1 per team and some with 3.
  11. That's interesting. CV's are going to need to get more involved in capping if it pans out. It's also going to make a AA build much more beneficial (once they fix the AA dpm/range) ATM its almost pointless running an AA build as you don't see CVs for 3-4 games (well you didn't used to, there are a lot more people playing them at the moment...)
  12. Thanks, I should be more specific though - are they limiting CVs at 3 per game or are they wanting to get most games with three CVs in it?
  13. Actually there is. The fighter defence on the CV is so good, that there is an argument to risk bringing your CV in close so it provides cover for part of your team. The challenge is there are only some maps where this is practical (you need an island to hide behind so you can't be shot)
  14. Easily solved, 1 CV per div. FYI This is the same as the current meta, but ties up all three CVs AND requires teamwork rather than being executed by one player. So the new option is very little different to what happens in the current game e.g. DD is radared and everyone focus fires. The good news for the DD is they can at least smoke up and hide.