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  1. chiefbrody

    Priority Target

    I've been playing mostly coop the last few months. I've noticed a change in the way bots are targeting me. Recently ( the last few weeks) bots have begun targeting me heavily. I started looking at the current situation during these times. There are clearly other ships that are closer or pose a greater threat but bots are starting to target me. I've been testing by holding fire staying undetected, waiting for bots to fire and then shooting. All bots began to target me, even with islands in the way. Does anyone know how bots choose their targets?
  2. chiefbrody

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    You and everyone else which is why it'll never happen. I believe WG and the player base would not want another "type 59" scenario like in WoT. Imagine, teams with 5-7 Gremmys aside. A whole lotta nope right there.
  3. chiefbrody

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    I love this review, excellent and completely on point. I have been lucky enough to have been playing Warships since the second beta weekend. I was able to purchase Gremy, Sims, and Yubari. Early on Sims and Yubari definitely saw more play time. It was a steep 50 games played or so learning curve for Gremy that spanned a long time. Then I started hearing whispers of pain and started to play her again. The more I play this little beauty the more I love her. I'm not the best but I have learned to sail her decently. When facing t4/5s, I'm confident in the chances of being at the top of the team score in the end. When facing 6/7, the game play is a little more conservative but I don't fear many ships here with an 18 point captain. I love facing multiple enemies, zig-zagging shooting at multiple targets. Really take advantage of those guns.
  4. ... I still need a bigger boat

  5. i got this great idea after reading comments on the Iowa Naval Legends video... but i can't remember how to create new content

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      never mind


  6. I need a bigger boat....

  7. i read on the faq that there would be no repair no repair/flood management... what about counterflooding. very common practice even in civilian world.

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      also the question on "beaching" was answered referring to radar. i would like to note the U.S.S. Nevada during pearl Harbor. by beaching, 2 things to note, one they didnt block the harbor entrance, 2 they could still fire operational guns.