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  1. iotimoline

    Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    Something to make IJN destroyers actually fun to play would be nice. Waiting a minute and a half to reload your torpedoes which mostly miss and generally only hit when someone screws up would be acceptable (because that becomes your secondary weapon) except IJN DDs are complete dogs in a gunfight so they don't have the option of effectively fighting between torpedo volleys. Their primary weapon's effectiveness is more dependent on the other guy's skill, or just as often sheer dumb luck. Heaven forbid you end up on the wrong side of the map where the enemy ships are moving away from you and taking the battle with them; effectively your entire weapon loadout is now worthless and you're doing nothing all game. This only gets worse at higher tiers because ships are faster (both in absolute terms and relative to DDs), torpedoes reload much slower and until you hit the Shima you don't actually really get particularly more to fling.
  2. iotimoline

    You're in Charge of Premium Ship Releases for 2019

    HMS London. That's all I ask for. Edit: BB-48 WeeVee refit version too
  3. iotimoline

    Mouse's Angry Youtuber Reviews of IJN Destroyers

    Recently finished grinding my way to the Shiratsuyu, having stalled on the Hatsuharu. Hearing there was finally gonna be a five-turret Akizuki brought back fond memories of Navyfield and I couldn't resist. And now I'm remembering why I stopped playing Japanese DDs. The Shiratsuyu is just no fun. As was the Hatsuharu. I float around, hoping there's no enemy DDs around (because if there are I can't win a duel, thanks to [edited] guns and a ship that turns faster than them) and then hope that the enemy ships will be dumb enough to run into my torpedoes. Sometimes I'll land one, sometimes none. Oh yeah and it seems every second salvo something important breaks, like my engine. Good lord. I'll have the occasional good game but most of the time it's a highly unrewarding game experience. I dunno how you can realistically fix IJN DDs without causing knock-on balance effects but they need something to make them fun to sail.