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    CV Rework Feedback

    With round 2 of testing completed, I can say that the rework is not currently in a good place. In round 1, it was no big deal to get 80-120k damage in the tier 6 with all of the squadrons proving quite formidable. In round 2 it was a fight (for me) to get 50k in a tier 8 battle with most of my planes being lost in the AA before even approaching a lone destroyer. Dive bombers, for whatever reason, were wholly useless even with a heal because you'd lose 3 aircraft in a single salvo. This was complicated by the fact that we only had tier 8 to start and attaining the tier 10s was all but a lost cause. With this iteration of the test being tier 8 and 10, almost invariably every match was full of tier 10 ships with even the tier 8s proving exceptionally difficult to approach. The lack of doubloons, credits, and free experience made testing a harder grind than the live server. Stock planes at tier 8 going against any ship from tier 8-10 was guaranteed death. Thinking "Hey maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just *really* bad at CVs (spoiler alert, I really am bad with CVs but they hold a place in my heart having served on one) and surface ships are just a mystery I need to figure out. My suspicions were confirmed when I took out the Gearing with DFAA and absolutely demolished any squadron that tried approaching within 3km. Even with my AA down to 40% operational capacity, using DFAA guaranteed I was still a 'No-Fun Zone' for any CV that attempted. As for the dive bombers this go around, just no. Hard pass. I preferred taking up a half full fighter/torpedo squadron over the dive bombers because of the inability to approach just about any ship, and when you did you'd likely miss your first two passes with the aiming reticle being nearly invisible until you were in a full dive meaning you cannot adjust course to set up a better diving run. I'd recommend giving more outward focus or changing the animation for when you click to start your attack run. The fighters with their rocket strafing are what I feel the dive bomber sight picture should be for the dive bombers. I'm still not 100% certain why the IJN CVs get deep water torpedoes and the AP bombs previously assigned to the USN CV line. Seems like one should have one, the other should have whichever is left over. That's kind of a ponderance or a later problem though in the grand scheme of things. I just sincerely hope they don't go live with both leaving the Americans with nothing of any major note...aside from Tiny Tims I guess? Fighters do not feel like they have a solid role anymore. Sure they can farm loads of damage with rockets...but why? Damage should be left to attack flights in my opinion. Maybe as an alternative the fighters can be used as light strafing aircraft to strip AA emplacements, and they can have a secondary role where you fly around and assign one or two aircraft for defensive flights as is done now by hitting the T key and calling in a fighter flight. Maybe you can ctrl+Right Click on an enemy flight and the planes will target them as we do with surface ships when manually assigning AA or secondaries? All in all, the rework is a major step in the right direction, it's just a matter of fine tuning. Without skills, it's difficult to tell what exactly the end product will look like, but this rework now allows even the simplest of players to play a class that was until recently only successfully employed by the best and brightest of RTS players in this arcade simulator...which to me always felt a bit like going to McDonald's because you wanted a Whopper. This brings it more in line with the rest of the fleet in terms of play style and functionality; but it's yet to be seen how they'll interact among the masses. In closing, this test was less of a test and more of a grind while demonstrating the susceptibility of planes to any and all anti-aircraft hindered by a lack of in-game currency to properly suss out the feel for this iteration. I appreciate being given the ability to try, and hope to see more.