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  1. MG1962

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Savo Island. Bunch of Japanese CAs do the ultimate drive by on a combined allied fleet.
  2. MG1962

    Just a frustration rant

    Two tips - I spend a little time while the battle is loading to study where I stand compared to the opposition, are there just a couple of up tiered ships to worry about? Am I low man in the game? Theen play as bold or cautious as your position dictates. Try to put at least one ship between you and where you expect the opposition to be. People generally shoot at the nearest thing to them, often ignoring the angle or position of the target. And from my own experience you dont improve at a steady pace. It seems one day a light bulb goes off and you suddenly have a deeper understanding of what you are doing and more importantly not to do. Spend some time at T5 and you will suddenly discovering yourself seal clubbing at T4 lol
  3. MG1962

    Advanced tactics.

    Stay out of your gunsight view as much as possible. Even between salvos pop out, look around, go back in. Can be a bit weird at first but after a while it will give you a better idea what is happening around you. Also get out of the 'eye on the prize' habit. You have a ship lined up, you are blazing away...again and again and again. As soon as you fire your first salvo you need to think about your exit strategy. Think that the person you just shot at has friends that you are not seeing yet
  4. MG1962

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    Also unidentified patients. Usually the paperwork will read Doe123 - The number being however many Does have presented to the hospital that year.
  5. MG1962

    Just got AFK'd for power outage :-(

    I think we should be allowed a 'significant other' emergency disconnect button. Got pinked a few weeks ago. Wife needed an ingredient at the store, and the "I will be a minute' did not fly.
  6. MG1962


    Who is this Helena and why does she want you to push forward with your 6 incher?
  7. MG1962

    Having fun playing WoWs

    Yeah the St Louis is my stress ball. All those guns..........so little time lol. Usually I play co-op for the lol - but if I go random I use her to chase and torment any DDs I can get close enough to. I have had some very entertaining duels with some very good DD drivers in that tier. For the challenge.......Charles Mattel. Not sure if she is just snake bit, but I can not recall the last time she was not down tiered. Makes for an interesting game with all the Tier X BBs drooling at the thought of a quick French snack lol
  8. Amen to that!!! Nothing is more satisfying than dropping love over the island the enemy cruiser is hiding behind
  9. What you are dealing with is the personality of a completest. You have to have the complete set of whatever it is that interests you. I tend to have the same problem with music. I cant have one album from a band. I have to have all of them lol. It has lead me to the extreme, but enjoyable situation of having 16 versions of the same song by the same band, plus 9 other covers of the same song by other bands. So unless you are about to be evicted for not paying your rent or something. Enjoy your floating collection.
  10. MG1962

    Question on Angling

    But is the perfect tactic for tanks.............wait did I say that out loud lol
  11. MG1962

    Having fun playing WoWs

    Yeah I am not complaining about it - Just mentioning a reason why as a naval game WOW lacks somewhat. The important things with WOW is what you see on the tin, is what is inside the wrapper. It can also be pretty flexible when it comes to the ability level for the player base. You can get into highly competitive clan battle games, or putz around in a tier 1 gunboat blowing bots to oblivion....and still have a ball of fun.
  12. MG1962

    i just dont understand battleships

    Aside from skill and practice. What is your frame rate in game like. Are you on a marginal computer, or one that easily accommodates the needs of WOW?
  13. MG1962

    Having fun playing WoWs

    Visually WOW is about the best naval game I have encountered, however there was a game from the 1990s called 'action stations' it was a sim designed around the war gaming rules the US navy developed in WW2 to test tactics and such. Sadly it never transitioned out of DOS based gaming. The AI was pretty stupid, but the game allowed you to manage things like salvo chasing, counter flooding and general damage. Accumulative damage is an area WOW has never really put any development into. Your ship can be just as dangerous at full health or with only 1 health point left.
  14. Basically anything currently pointing at me.
  15. MG1962

    Graf spee, worth it?

    And that's why she has never worked for me. I really struggle to think like a BB driver, and I openly dislike the play style. She has taken too many steroid to be a cruiser and not enough to be a battleship lol.