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  1. Service ticket question

    I needed to put in a service ticket last night. My current email address is being deactivated in about a week and needed to get a new one assigned to my account. I checked this morning to see if WG had actioned the request only to find I can not get into the account. I tried the new email address I had requested, no deal. So how do I get back in touch with WG to find out, did they mess something up, or did I mess something up in the request.
  2. The Great Martian War

    It is the other way around. The footage is part of a docudrama made about 5 years ago. It is around on the Youtubes if you are interested. The book came out last year, Stephen Baxter, who also wrote a sequel H G Wells' Time Machine back in the day
  3. Which looking back today is an obvious answer. But to a pimply nosed youth standing on the deck of a battleship was a revelation
  4. That was actually the trigger for the remarks I posted. A friend and I got on the Missouri during her visit to Sydney in 86. And we got talking to the afore mentioned officer about what the Missouri would do if she ever got caught in a stern chase. After we got through the bravado of the Missouri would never run from anything, he explained the mechanics of firing over the stern, and why it was a bad thing. He actually described a maneuver that we would call 'kiting' these days as the solution.
  5. The article I read broke down the issues by mechanical such as the gun jams electrical issues they had because as you mentioned she was not technically complete when she sailed into action. And then the self inflicted damage from the firing of her main guns. And finally the damaged caused by the actual engagement. As I mentioned in another thread, I had a great chat with a battleship turret captain back in the 80s. Something he did tell me, battleships would never ever fire their main guns directly astern because the flex through the hull would destroy the propeller shafts plus mess with the gearing. Who knew lol
  6. I know that the Prince Of Wales during the Denmark Strait action tore up major chunks of her timber decking, and had a number of water tight doors jam due to the blasts coming from her own guns.
  7. Also it is extremely probable if this is a non combat situation the ship is only firing half charges anyway.
  8. Yeah I am not a 100% sure how far the effect would reach. Most of my knowledge comes from a conversation back in the late 80s with the gun captain of Y turrent on the Missouri. He also informed me his turret had the nick name of the Gadhafi gun lol
  9. The compression wave from 16 inch guns could strip the flesh straight of a sailors arm. The first time the Yamato fired her guns with full charge, the blew quiet a few deck mounted AA guns clean of the ship. When the Missouri was firing her main guns, there were was only ever two human beings on deck - A spotter at the bow and one at the stern, with not much more than their heads sticking up above deck level. I would suggest in general surface actions combined with significant air attacks would be avoided simply to stop the wrong ships being bombed by the wrong planes.
  10. The wargamers who won a real war

    German WW2 sub commanders were a sneaky bunch British school girls were even sneakier lol
  11. I read an excellent article about this (pre internet) the author made the case that the US continually decentralized its damage control so basically roving damage repair parties spread out through the ship could attack the worst problems without having to wait for the command to come down from the top. Basically the teams got told where the damage was, they prioritized and dealt with the particular emergency as their training dictated. I think the other factor was the approach to battle. US design and training 'assumed' the ship will take damage in battle. Things like not having armored flight decks on their carriers almost directly lead to winning at Midway.
  12. The White Mouse

    See what a New Zealander can do when she is angry lol
  13. Put me in the Charles Martel column. I always manage to have good games in her.
  14. My Marblehead about 3 minutes into an average battle
  15. Well attitude didn't. The Dutch navy fought like a pack of honey badgers in the Pacific during WW2