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  1. lol - An average week night on NA server has 10 to 12k
  2. Not really. It is a pretty common tactic among online games with premium content. Two years ago I stopped playing Iracing and still get 'come back deals' Cars, tracks, subscription discounts etc etc. And WG do a reasonable job of looking after regular players. I have not had to buy premium memberships since Feb, I just keep picking premium time up through the super containers and other challenges they offer.
  3. Spoken like a true American........and that is not meant as an insult. But it does have its value. Ships like the Tirpitz tied down a disproportionate amount of enemy resources by doing nothing more than rusting away in fjord in Norway. It is usually a good tactic when you have a smaller or less proficient fleet than your enemy.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_in_being
  5. Did the ship just blow me out of the water? Yes! Damn thing is OP, it cant possibly be that I made a mistake or the other captain was better than me :)
  6. I think the problem was lack of adaption by RN to the changing art of war. Captains of ships in various parts of the British fleet were not sending reports of what they were seeing because they assumed the senior commanders were already aware of the situation. Harks back to the age of sail when an admiral could see the entire action from one ship
  7. If I recall part of the payoff is a port slot. Then another port slot for owning the NO at the split. Right there is a saving of 600 doubloons.
  8. How many near peer adversaries is the USN likely to encounter? And if they were to go to war with such an adversary would the battle groups be pushed in, or would they be used more as a fleet in keeping. Just because you have a weapon, you are not compelled to use it. Aside from that, they have been and continue to be excellent for gunboat diplomacy.
  9. Okay in a DD, surprise another DD at 1.5k coming around a corner. I turn hard to get torp angle on him. Get the angle, beach, fire...........MISS There is a community contributor famous for beaching called Noster. He even says in his videos no battle is complete unless he's pulled a Noster lol
  10. Yeah I am co-oping the secondary element as well. I have no Tier 8 BBs so have to pea shoot bots with my cruiser secondaries. If anyone is interested. Get close enough for your AA fire to open up and that counts as secondary hits as well. Never knew that It is a tough challenge because the majority of ships are not set up to out and out brawling at that tier especially in random where the red fleet is far less cooperative in allowing you to get that close and blast away with your AA
  11. Greatest Forgotten Commanders

    Cuthbert Collingwood His division was the first to open fire at Trafalgar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuthbert_Collingwood,_1st_Baron_Collingwood
  12. Follow-up To "I Got My T10!"

    Yep - When I saw your other thread I was thinking, wait till you see the credit situation :) It is actually a clever idea by WG to stop players migrating permanently up tier and never coming back. Outside of Clan battles I have never taken a Tier 10 out for either random or co-op. When I get my credits looking healthy again I will run T10 a lot more
  13. I think my Hipper and Graf Spee will be ready to offer a 21 gun salute.
  14. This! You shadow a DD into the cap to lend support and suddenly 3 (two tiers up) CAs light you up. Game over man.