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  1. No. The date was pretty much perfect. First Sunday morning after the sailors had all been paid!
  2. MG1962

    The civil war, rivers, and US territories

    I dont think there is any strategic value in the Missouri river. Even if you control the whole length of the river you end up further away from potential Union targets than say a starting point in Tennessee.
  3. MG1962

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    When a DD is hiding in a smoke screen and they miss time getting back underway as the smoke clears. Very satisfying to delete them lol
  4. MG1962

    The Far Side of the Moon

    Of course, but the mechanism of a meteor strike is very different to volcanism caused by tidal stresses.
  5. Yeah I think he displayed a little ignorance there. Virtually the Pacific basin and a large slab of Asia had a major sphincter spasm when news of the attack came out. The Japanese declared war on Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain and Canada They attacked Thailand, Malay, Hong Kong and bombarded Singapore and commenced operations against the Dutch East Indies. It also created a paradigm shift in Soviet strategic thinking which ultimately doomed the Third Reich. It also lead the Third Reich to declare war on the US, equally helping to doom their fate. So outside of a few stray monks in Nepal or Bhutan, I think pretty much the world paid a lot of attention to the events occurring at Pearl Harbor that day.
  6. MG1962

    The Far Side of the Moon

    The stumbling block is the discovery they the seas or maria on the nearside are not volcanic but impact generated. The other thing they have discovered, the crust on the far side is substantially thicker than the nearside. This disparity cant apparently be explained using only gravity. So the theory is the far side was created when a second (smaller) Moon pancaked on to the surface during a low speed impact.
  7. MG1962

    The Far Side of the Moon

    It has long been a mystery why the geology of the far side of the Moon is so different to the near side. About 10 years ago some college kids came up with a theory that the Moon actually formed it two pieces and then a slow speed impact between the two pieces caused a merger, and the current state of affairs.
  8. I am a bit rusty but I am sure I made out match maker then some German cuss words :)
  9. MG1962

    77 Years Ago

    I just saw the part in the article about the crane operator at the dry dock. I can't decide if he was incredibly smart, brave or downright crazy!!!!!
  10. But she does have the highest win rate against Gojira than any other opponent he has faced. Admittedly she has the lowest DPS of any of the creatures, but that is coupled with an alpha strike that makes the Graf Spee blush :)
  11. Well she was already OP so I am not sure what the point of buffing her further is. In my eyes at least I have never seen a King Ghidorah model I did not like. The whole basic design of the creature ooze drama and excitement.
  12. MG1962

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    I could not agree more. When I started to pay attention to this stat I have found my general game play has improved. I use the formula, if I deal more damage than my ship is worth I have contributed positively to the battle at hand.
  13. MG1962

    Fire Control Fridays - Picking a Target

    Depends on what I am driving. French cruisers....always go after the biggest thing you can see. If I am in the Helena or Marblehead I will actively chase and engage DDs
  14. MG1962

    Titanic sinking: Morse code messages

    Have you read it? I have seen a couple of books from the time really getting into the controversy of the ship splitting or not. I must confess I saw some sketches from one of the few surviving officers to get off the ship that clearly showed the ship broke in two. So I always assumed he would know better than anyone what happened. If he said she snapped in half.....you could take that to the bank
  15. MG1962

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    Where ever he is now, he is with his beloved Barbara. I think many people across the idealogical divide could learn a lot about how to behave from this former president. RIP sir.