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  1. MG1962

    YouTube Shipments: Memorial Marathon

    A very good book on the subject is Ivan's War, a collection of personal memories of various service men during the war. It is wonderful to see just how much like other soldiers these guys were.
  2. MG1962

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Yep, it is the only reason I am playing. If I win a Perth great. But damn I want that flag!!!!!!!
  3. MG1962

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you Wargaming!!! One silver lining from these terrible times is watching the rise of peoples humanity as we ride this thing out.
  4. MG1962

    Best trained Navy of WWII?

    I think the Italians do deserve a mention. Some of the insane level missions they undertook in very poorly designed ships is a tribute to their bravery and commitment to their country. It is easy to look good when you are on board the Yamato or New Jersey. Less so when you are in the underpowered and critically under armored Pola
  5. MG1962

    Best trained Navy of WWII?

    I think the hardest part is trying to identify the best most rounded naval personnel. Many of the navies trained and became experts in doctrines they thought would best suit how they expected to fight a war For example The Japanese were easily at elite level when it came to night fighting - Until radar destroyed that advantage Similarly the US were by far the best at damage control and saving their ships from battle damage. Which was funny given the obscene level of production they achieved in the war. The British were extremely good at fleet maneuvers and general seamanship with a minor in naval gunnery. Then there are intangibles like confidence, attitude and flexibility. In this area I would suggest the US navy would win. Many times they got into situations where on the spot innovation and flexibility in command gave them a battle winning edge a number of times.
  6. MG1962

    Battleships in the Cold War

    We are talking about missile attacks and you talk about the Coventry. I would suggest investigating the loss of the Sheffield to Exocet attack as being more relevant to this discussion
  7. MG1962

    Battleships in the Cold War

    The problem was the experience of the Falklands war showed the new armor philosophy was flawed. And that the battleship was currently the best solution to the then current generation of anti ship missiles.
  8. MG1962

    Battleships in the Cold War

    Well all whales dont appear to have gotten the memo. The British navy 'sank' three whales during the Falklands war back in 82 And possibly whale behavior is now common knowledge among navies precisely because subs began trying to act like whales.
  9. MG1962

    Battleships in the Cold War

    I think the big value of the exercises is getting everyone thinking outside the box. I know back the 70s and 80s the Australian subs made a great sport of sinking US carriers during exercises. Turned out the Australian navy had perfected a way to make their subs look like whales. Eventually the Australians explained the tactic to the US. The US then developed counter tactics. And it becomes a win win situation. Australia practices a tactic and confirms it will work. The US now have a counter tactic if an enemy force ever tries it against one of their fleets.
  10. MG1962

    Battleships in the Cold War

    I sometimes wonder about the validity of these incidents. The next best thing to detecting subs in the middle of your task force is making them think you didn't see them :) And in an actual war zone, a surface fleet would be pinging the crap out of everything because they will be assuming they are being tracked from orbit anyway.
  11. I worked for a call center in Kansas. Once a caller asked me if conditions were as bad in central America as the media was making out. Took me a while to process what they were talking about lol
  12. Yeah doing torpedo beats in a 70,000 ton ship is impressive on any level
  13. I think most navies did..........for very good reason
  14. And a surprisingly nimble ship as well. It was only after she had begun to take serious damage from bombs that the torpedoes were able to begin hitting their marks
  15. MG1962

    YouTube Ch: World War II Week By Week

    Yeah Indy is one of these guys I could sit and listen to all day. And you are right, some of these channels is just droning on and on and on lol