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  1. So if 9.9 has Kansas and Minnesota in early access where's Vermont at, not in 9.10? 3 ships going for 2 full patch cycles again? Shades of Russian Cruisers :3.
  2. I did die with another heal on board so... it could have been more :D
  3. Heya Lert, Bit of an old one but a fun one, not sure if we're really counting arms race here but how's a 5.9M? :) (this was from right after new years). Fun random fact of the day, if you lose all of your secondaries the little tab with them on detailed ship info disappears entirely! Shoutout to the guys on the one remaining AA mount :D. *yes, my name was a wee bit colorful at the time*
  4. ToxicSymphony

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships

    During the stream it was stated that the 10% damage cap for SAP shells of large calibers had been removed when shooting at destroyers. Was that confirmed, or a mistake by the dev team? Prior communications about SAP shells had said large caliber SAP followed battleship AP damage formulas vs destroyers. I'm guessing it was just a mistake on the part of the stream? (would be nice to clarify)
  5. ToxicSymphony


    Indeed most tier 5 battleships have 19mm bow plating and can pretty much just shoot each other in the face. (there are a couple exceptions which have extended side plates that meet at the tip of the bow). However, tier 6 and 7 bbs have 26mm bow plating, which is only overmatched by guns with 380mm caliber and larger.
  6. ToxicSymphony


    Funny enough I was more or less in full panic mode and had made my mind up to try and ram you as a last resort after finishing the cruiser behind me, by turning out right next to me to avoid the ram it opened the door for a (lucky) front turrets salvo into your cit. :).
  7. ToxicSymphony


    :O. Great game there btw :)
  8. ToxicSymphony

    Open Letter to Hapa_Fodder

    its 5500 BASE xp, camos / signals don't affect it
  9. ToxicSymphony

    Open Letter to Hapa_Fodder

    My ONLY complaint with this new campaign is 5500 base xp in tier 2-4 is a lot of games. other than that, loving the coop memes
  10. ToxicSymphony

    PT 0.9.9, changes to test ships.

    Interesting dichotomy of reactions to the fact that Hizen's original 30s reload was probably more of a typo than intended as the ships haven't even hit the live servers for testing yet (you can check whether they have been in the patch notes!) Curious how players reading this didn't see that one coming, a 12 gun izumo at the same tier as the izumo with the same reload? That was never going to happen Who knows, maybe the design was originally a tier 10 in the concept stage and when it was moved to tier 9 for the $$ the reload wasn't adjusted accordingly. Besides, Hizen still goes faster, has around 4000 more hp, has better surface detection than Minnesota all with a faster reload (and it can mount the reload mod in slot 6 without penalty as the Minnesota will have to choose between reload or accuracy mods) giving it a base reload in the range of 34s for <12> 410mm guns.
  11. ToxicSymphony

    World of Warships Launches Its Maiden Podcast

    So you can go into the userMusic folder and delete just the podcasts, the update added 4 of them in there: Bit of a workaround but for players who have been using the userMusic function this is the fix to continue using your own music. Note: this will probably become a regular thing each update cycle as more podcasts are added. (I originally posted this as a bug report for the update but I guess we were just a bit early finding this new feature :P )
  12. ToxicSymphony

    Update 0.9.8 - Bug Reports

    Update 9.8 added 4 Naval legends podcasts to the game audio folder (I have no idea why this was done). This is why players are now hearing podcasts play if they have "listen to your own music" option checked in the option settings: Second issue: User setting in WGC for "use all available resources for installation" seems to have had its functionality inverted. Upon de-selecting this option, updates run much faster / install much more rapidly.
  13. ToxicSymphony

    Update Wiki

    As I recently discovered myself, we (anyone) can also make edits to the wiki ourselves! Even if its something as simple as pulling the captain skill table from another boat and plopping it there but leaving it blank so someone else can fill it in :). Might be worth having a read of some older guides about captain skills as well, there are some great ones that could break the reliance on the wiki entirely! *besides wiki editors are only human and mistakes might happen once in a while too* :)
  14. ToxicSymphony

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships

    Still waiting for a buff to the torp protection values on the slowbois. Currently all 3 of the boats are at 40% if I'm not mistaken, Kansas, Minnesota, and Vermont. No other BB line in the game has the exact same value copy pasted along all 3 top tiers (though Germans are admittedly close but they're more of the bad, less bad less bad) but the # itself changes. Given Minnesota is a floating Torpedo Bulge with a boat stuck in the middle of it, It'd be pretty on flavor for it to have some of the highest TDS in the game (I mean come on, the bulge is part of the DECK). But they all seem to have calculatedly less than Kremlin. Big Thonk. Or would that be Big Chonk.
  15. ToxicSymphony

    Public Test 0.9.7 German Carriers Part 2

    Per our Discussion elsewhere: Please add a cumulative oil counter to the clan base. With the new building requiring a "total oil" in 500k increments, there is no indicator for a clan as to how much oil they have actually earned. (for reference, a maxed out clan base costs approx 782000 oil. Only way to determine this is via the wiki and adding, as once you own a building in the game client you can no longer see how much you paid for it).