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  1. ToxicSymphony

    PSA: Moskva Camo Compensation Has Begun To Arrive

    Yeah, its not on my nevsky nor a popup about it being added. I guess the roll out might have been paused given this issue haha. I just want it cause its pretty, its of no real use to me (yay expendable camos forever :D)
  2. ToxicSymphony

    PSA: Moskva Camo Compensation Has Begun To Arrive

    except there are many of us who have the moskva (and did before the patch) and did not get the camo.
  3. ToxicSymphony

    Halloween Scenarios Broken?

    and yet: I have no idea how any game mechanic enabled this... the irony was we lost the star due to flooding
  4. ToxicSymphony

    Halloween Scenarios Broken?

    As one of the original gang who first beat Saving Transylvania ultra hard when it came out (and was slightly tweaked afterwards to make it more possible) I'm not sure this current version is possible lol. The challenge was always how to till Rasputin and block it with a BB to give yourself enough time to finish it with torps and ramming, but we can't take ram flags nowadays! It took us 2 or 3 rams and torps for years.
  5. To be fair, so can a single salvo of torps or bb shells eh? :p.
  6. ToxicSymphony

    Angry Animal in ranked

    So well known everyone on every server knows of it. Yet still no perma chat ban or actual actions lol.
  7. ToxicSymphony

    Saddest thing in today's patch

    That's ridiculous. Make a fake new variable name for the shells on the BC's in testing and fix this in a hotfix. Actual ships (that aren't carriers of course) get broken and it'll take a month?
  8. ToxicSymphony

    ST 0.10.8, changes to test ships

    Carnot getting the prior changes half undone lol
  9. ToxicSymphony

    First tier IX premium tank to be sold by WG tomorrow.

    Is it finally dead yet?
  10. That's why its +40 though. You can generate more than 35, etc, points from a Struggle because it stacks the earnings of the games you play during it. Our record was +62 :D. We have had games this season generating 32-33 points though, which is indeed more than the 30 of prior seasons.
  11. Is this picture from your first game onwards? is there anything below the 40? Just double checking for the sake of completeness
  12. ToxicSymphony

    PTS 0.10.8 Bug Reports

    Tier 5 premium ships do not have a snowflake for festive tokens. ex: Kamikaze does not have a gift on it for 1 festive token. Tech tree researchable Tier 5 ships have them though :D. Result: would be angery tier 5 bois
  13. ToxicSymphony

    Shipmate's going Ashore.

    Congrats on more offspring! Best of luck :D Things like this are planned months in advance, funny to see people thinking otherwise.
  14. Definitely :D It's quite a funny one though. Seems to be just for the "impossible to hit" because the actual indicator cone is still full, whereas if you do it in an asashio it shows the empty cone to indicate it truly cannot hit.