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  1. OttoVonPrien

    War gaming

    you get more xp for a cap than a kill, you want to remove this from the game? and lower my earned xp because i do cap when i can. also having only single caps, almost eliminates cap and defend ribbons and xp as games with single caps rarely are won by capping while games with 3-4 caps often are won on points helped by capping. horrible idea, single cap games promote sitskreig type games and ruin games esp coops mult cap games have more xp and mission earnings, and more active ship play
  2. OttoVonPrien

    Ise plane launch bug

    i just watched a video about German military issuing meth to tank crews and pilots for long endurance. guess your pilot is flying high on his own.
  3. I often play the game on an older laptop with good I7 chip but poor Intel graphics, i have to run the game at a lower res than the computer is running at to get a good pfs and no hang ups. when trouble shooting game play issues, lower the game res and see if that makes any difference, if it does you know it is a hardware issue. also when having serious issues, i run wg check and let it remove everything, over time this game builds up a lot of dead, and obsolete files that are nolonger used but not removed when updates come down. of course letting wg do this will remove all your mods, but when trouble shooting that is one of the first things you should do. and if it fixes things readd add your mods one at a time till you find the problem one.
  4. are you playing randoms or coops or both when you see this. the open question i have is, is this realy a game bug or is it one of the built in switchable programing cheats built into the game code against good players to even up the game. if you play a lot of coops you will see these "cheats" used to help the stupid red bots do better and they get stronger as the tiers progress. i dont realy mind these when they are a blanket cheat to help the red bots, ie red bots do more damage per hit, but the ones that are algorithm driven that only target the human or good players often get excessive, like being chased by 4 to 8 red bots that are ignoring all the other green ships or victory conditions, or all red ships shooting at you from 12k and ignoring all the green ships in beer can throwing distance from them. i do not have any reason to believe or disbelieve they are used in anything but coops, but the coding is in place, Please don"t anyone tell me there is no such coding, anyone with good stats and plays a lot of coops sees it all the time, and i quit wot after 5 years of excessive play, because they turned it on and cranked it up in rands (starting around update .6) to bring everyone up or down to 49%wr AND it is in the US patent for their games buried about 3/4 down in the main body to be able to modify the RNG for MM and game play based on anything they want. again to be fair, no reason to believe (or disbelieve) this coding is activated in anything but the coop mode of play. but i suspect this is one reason they don't give enough information from their server to 3rd party programs to allow for an xvm type of program for this game.
  5. OttoVonPrien

    Why Is It Taking So Long to Login?

    the more ships you have the longer time it seems to take to get to port, i believe an excessive contact list also slows things down. every time you log on, all the port info on ships, camo, gold , credits, etc is loaded from the server, Basically, only graphics display and game play mechanics info are stored into your client. the changeable items are stored on the server this is done for two reasons, so you can play the game from any multiple computers and prevent cheating, (like giving yourself more gold or ships by messing with the client code) seems to me that once you pass 200 ships the slowdown is obvious. one thing i do is turn off the log on video, in my game setting. i don't really know if it speeds things up any, but i do know it does not slow things down by doing so.
  6. OttoVonPrien

    Settings Question

    I HAVE found that often with a minor update patch the settings of some of my settings return to default, which leaves me a 8fps unplayable frame rate, this is only on my old laptop which has an I7 chip (good) but itel graphics (BAD), guess wg is trying to fit the game better to my older laptop or some newer features, and getting it wrong. always the same package of settings are reset to default, audio, crosshair, game res. also in battle display of spotting and php damage and sometimes the adaptive setting. Best thing to do is learn what the individual setting do so if you get an in battle surprise you can jump into settings and fix it without much time lost.
  7. this is the second time i have been pinked this week for leaving a battle I NEVER ENTERED! i HAD only been on about 30 min was in port setting up a ship for battle and got the "to connect screen" (was disconnected) and an UP-date to Game center started. I suspect the wg update broke my connection to the wg server you have no idea how insulting and maddening your msg for unsporting conduct is to a person my age (71) when i did nothing wrong or unsporting If it was not for the snowflakes event right now , i would take a week off from playing and spending money. HOW CAN YOU BE PINKED FOR LEAVING A BATTLE WHEN YOU NEVER CLICKED BATTLE?? TWICE IN LAST 5 DAYS, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! and camo and signals and credits lost
  8. 15K+ people on line tonight II was setting up signal flags on a ship when the port when into endless processing delay loop, going round and round, I checked the internet , was connected and ok, went back to game and still in endless loop, so closed down game and computer, got back on 20 min latter and i am pink for being AFK in a battle i never clicked on or entered, and I lost a karma point also, but worse of all i get that insulting scolding box that talks to me like i was a bad 10 yr old., IT's different in Russia, But in the US you are innocent till proven guilty! So i am Pink Lost a Karma point, lost my flags and camo, and scolded like a child by an abusive parent, ALL because YOUR SERVER HUNG UP AT 15K on line. People get flamed when they are pinked for the game malfunctioning, or even internet issues. But the real flaming madness is from the language used in your warning message, you need to tone it down, and rewrite it because there is no team damage so everyone getting these now had a afk or game - internet issue. You say mostly adults play this game, then talk to us like adults, not down to us like little naughty kids. Player should get the bennifit of the doubt, and a free pass if not afk in last 50-100 battles or so. Players with 20k battles dont normally go afk by choice. you should program a check for last time aflk before insulting and Pinking the customer. this is not the first time over the years that the game has crashed and i am pinked in a battle i never knew i was in.
  9. DONT COUNT ON IT, in WOT (i quit playing it when wow came out) they were rigging teams to lose to bring everyone to a target 49%wr. as well as the hit-damage RNG (this started around update .6 and kept getting worse) to keep bad or just new players playing. (it is a fact proven by xvm, players keeping track of stats change and their own US patent of the game). played wot for it's first 5 years, any honesty issues with wow , pale in comparison to what goes on in wot. but now it is hidden by all the chrome they have added. you can see the same "funny stuff" here in coops to help the red bots. but then the red bots need some help and i understand it. across the board WOW's MM seems to be getting more erratic, and Malignant, "to keep variety and game interesting"
  10. The personal challenges in the previous update were fun, forced people to play an interesting mix of ships, instead of same old, same old. Yet gave people a choice of working a few trees heavy or 1-2 of everything. I would like to see it's return next year and with a weekly rotation for adding a damage and ribbons weeks. such as week 1 base xp, week 2 damage, week 3 base xp, week 4 ribbons, It would be in WG's interest to do so, as it would encourage people to get and keep more ships from more trees in their fleet.
  11. OttoVonPrien

    New Years Certificates?

    LOL had the same question, figured they would show up in the next update, easy to know how many you are owed, just count your tr10s without snowflakes, but just to be on the safe side , I'll shovel mostly coal and steel for the upcoming discount coupons in Dec. This is one of those little things that fall through the cracks when you have large updates with such a short update cycle with the dates set in stone. Would have been easy to code to display a little counter , since there is no Christmas-NY page yet in the Armory, a good place would have been with the combat mission pages, where you are already have code counting things and displaying the running totals, I assume the templates-subroutine modules are already in place, just activate another one and tell it what to count and display. A 1 hr programing chore if someone had thought of it for the guy that does those pages.
  12. OttoVonPrien

    bad changes by nonplayer programmer-developer

    lol , true but they are not going to change the big stuff, are they? but perhaps they might at least stop these little mindless aggravating changes. ps would not wish even a minor stroke on anyone, had one 10 years or so ago rewired my typing skills, no more 60wpm, better now but if i type too fast, strange things - word substitutions or dropouts just happen, like tanks instead of thanks is very common now
  13. Sometimes changes are made to the interface that were obviously done or directed by a non player. by Nonplayer i mean someone who does not play the game at home for fun, but only at his desk at work in development. changes that might look or sound good but are annoying, aggravating and extra steps, to the real players in playing this game. the most recent ones 1. changing the after battle screen from showing all completed missions or at least 4 missions with a button to see progress progress the rest. to only showing two missions with a button to see the rest, players that are working towards missions need to know when they are done, not seeing at a glance like before causes me to miss when i complete a mission or waste time with any extra click and search after each battle NO REASON for this aggravating change except to make the page look cleaner, OR WAS change for the sake of change, just writing new code to justify a job 2 the in Port battle results, click on the icon in the lower right to see a list of the last 6 battles with a scroll down to see the rest, with ability to click to review battle results page This was changed to double wide boxes taking up the space , so only three are displayed, I am doing a heck of a lot more scrolling and wasting time to review past battles in a session. Unless we are now programing for the blind , i can think of no reason for this change except someone had to produce new code or be fired. 3 and this was a biggie for me, Moving the number of players on line from the top of the port info screen to the back exit page. \ Obviously a change by a non player who does not realize the effect of how many on line effects the battles you will get and how an experienced player can use that info to decide what tier and mode to play. Constant clicking the icon to exit port to see this info drove me nuts till i found a mod that puts it back where it belongs. 4 another example was past changes to the audio that must have sounded good on a game demo at a convention but if you could not lower or turn them off would have you running down the street screaming. Unless you just kill the audio features , it takes 15+ min to get them right whenever an update comes down that resets them all to default which is max 100% And these are just interface changes, that make things harder for the real players, lets not even go to the game play changes that were obviously done by non-players
  14. for a few weeks now it has been obvious something has changed in early am coop MM. either servers are being taken off line or the MM programing has been changed. the number of people on line and the number waiting do not justify all the full human teams, which result in 5 min games with low xp and drive people away from playing. the the past when there are only 3k people on line or less you would expect the number waiting to be divided up into a few games, but NOW MM seems to be making as many full teams as possible .even with 2k people and 8 people waiting , getting 9 man teams, (it locks down and waits for another body). THIS RUINS THE GAME FOR US. we get up early or get on late to have a chance at some half bot teams but it seems another non playing developer-programmer has decided we should have full teams there is no fun in 4-5 min games with small xp resulting. People like me are noticing this and exiting the game. when i want to play coops , i will not play another mode just because coops are messed up now. You expect to have full teams when 11k people on line not when 2 to 4 k people playing. WE DID NOT USED TO HAVE THIS PROBLEM. But we do now, i just got up to start NBattles for my clan and get some 1st level stars in coops but full teams with 3.5k people on line trashed that so here instead of playing. bashers stay under your rock my clan for naval battles is #1 on the NA server for 2+ years, and #7 world, last i checked if I stop playing 1-5am i will play 75-100 less battles a week spend much less on the game, maybe even look for something else. i have been playing since beta, i know what kind of MM i should be getting once i see number on line and number waiting, SOMETHING HAS BEEN CHANGED, PLESE CHANGE IT BACK!!!
  15. I hope someone from WG reads this, ITs a good idea but, Chief Hide of the fun and value police takes half the fun away again. thinking its like NB, i had a 2 human team in tr3 coop , i realy worked my Katori to defend and broke 300bxp then i saw it did not count, and checked the rules, tier 5 up only,!!! why? you have to fight to break 300bxp in low tier coops, but it is a fun challenge to do it. while 300 is almost a give me at high tr. Here was a chance to give everyone some fun and have a chance if playing well on trees they are not far along on. But mr Hyde bars all the new players and even older ones on trees they have not been working. So here was another great idea diminished by a senseless tier restriction. and bashers stay under your rocks, I have way over 400 ships , 16 or more tr10s, to easily knock off those 300s but i was looking forward to a challenge and fun doing it in tr1-3, there was no reason for this tier restriction as the lower the tier the harder or more skill to make the bar. Chief Hyde strikes again with his illogic. hope you change this next time.