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  1. so the first Auction is over, What were the winning bids? something we should know both now and for future bidding PS remember the war dead today and give them honor hey WG -- no need for an event but you should have said something like "lets remember on this day" or "the US remembers on this day" or something respectful instead of silence. and should do that for every day a nation remembers its war dead a couple lines of type costs nothing.
  2. do you really want to analyze every battle? I just go back to last October when there were a some game changes. If you want "Lifetime ship stats" usually best to just go to ship details in your in port profile. after some time goes by , i will probably just want games with the new commander skills, as that may effect ship performance greatly and make old stats unreliable. And any stats before the BIG CV Change are probably worthless. I see, like me in since beta, How far back does your log file go,? Last fresh install? I removed the oldest battle logs from the folder as no longer relevant. a lot of the time i am just looking at the last few days, and that does not take long to analyze
  3. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU latest update fixed problem, really helps when wanting real facts on which ship to use for mission et. this program can give a more detailed breakdown than the in game profile stats
  4. if you use CCleaner it will show in the program list to uninstall
  5. check to see if your AV has deleted or quarantined the program. fyi I use Cleaner to uninstall programs, works better for me than going into the windows settings. I use Norton and sometimes i have to go into history to find things it is blocking and then unblock
  6. It is a false positive based on the way MX works and it being an exc file ,nothing wrong with mxstat defender always gives a false positive after an mx update, Usually norton does also, it is because the way mx works, imbeds into an existing program and established communication with mx server. Any heuristic AV probably will, cause they are not working from a bad guy list but looking a behavior you have to tell defender to run anyway (first time)
  7. OttoVonPrien

    PSA - Is the WGC update infected?

    true and the last thing the AV companies want is to put the Hackers and Virus writers out of business, because then they would be also , wonder sometimes .........
  8. OttoVonPrien

    Disappearing enemy ships

    a bunch of people are reporting these kind of things, i ran wg check three times and it oked the game code and fixed nothing . but problems continued off and on, it seems to be hitting a lot of older computers i had the exact same problem with disappearing ships and wg check did not fix it. and one game would be ok and the next unplayable, your post is not the only one about issues with this last patch, i suspect there might be more issues with older machines than newer ones, graphic engine issues perhaps , driver issues on older machines, i suspect something that increases the programs impact on the hardware- software of the computers having this problem, How many people are having on and off issues with this patch and are blaming their internet connection? or something else. obviously at some point support for older weaker machines has to be dropped, but mine is a windows 10 I7 rig and was the best HP made a few years back time for a new one i guess, still wg rushes to keep an insane schedule and the number of known bugs keep growing faster than they are fixing them. PS retired now but was an IT professional and programmer, and would not want to keep WGs rushed schedule
  9. been seeing this for at least the last year, red ships are on the right side of the green bot and the green bot launches on the left side back toward the friendly fleet. Even had one shooting at me with no red ships around, thought this might be another cheat to help the dumb red bots out. Guess i clearly see this bug once a week, probably happens more than that , that i don't notice because of game activity
  10. OttoVonPrien

    vaporizing surveys

    for the last year 3 out of 4 times when I get the ""take a survey -we care what you think" box in my port, i click on it when it arrives and no survey, sometimes it takes me to a blank page or hangs up in some other way, or i click and the box goes away but no survey, 75% fail on being able to take the survey.
  11. OttoVonPrien

    PSA - Is the WGC update infected?

    a ton of people have been having problems with last patch, all kinds of battle display and interface problems, could be you got a false positive and are seeing some of those problems from the patch, If the problem comes back its the patch programing i get false positives every time i update mxstats or Aslains mod pack for wow, Norton and defender give me lots of false positives because of the way those programs work with wow.
  12. OttoVonPrien

    Black Friday Combat mission glitch

    because they want you to buy the other ship and this is the way it was in the 2 previous years.. or if you are a long time player and ship collector it is not an issue as you have the ship
  13. OttoVonPrien

    Disappearing enemy ships

    WRONG== it is a programing error by WG, see other posts, tons of people are having this problem , and so am I I Ran the check program function when this first started happening to me and WG Check said everything was ok. WG gave us a bad patch that randomly destroys battles with unplayable game graphics and broken interface that hits some computers worse than others. at first for me it was one in 12 games now it is 1 in 2 on the computer i normally play on.
  14. OttoVonPrien

    HUD/UI Issues during Battles

    YEP AND THIS INSANE MANDATORY Monthly updates, ready or not , bugs or not is killing this game, you guys lost the 100 dollars i was going to spend for containers tonight before the game went bizarre and shut me down-----you need to give people 2 weeks of premium and extend the events and when there is this malfunction i often have to crash or hut down the computer because it froze on end of battle results
  15. OttoVonPrien

    HUD/UI Issues during Battles

    and i was about to reinstall the game or throw my laptop in the trash this just started a few days ago for me also 1 game in 10 middle of game things would go funny, now it is every other game, things like ship position arrow on mini map stationary while ship is really 4 boxes away, or invisible red ships with just the red icon moving around, guns or torps not wanting to fire , or they fire but not displayed, or torps launched and sit in water. rebooting will get me one or wo good games before it starts again. WG STOP WITH THE MONTHLY UPDATES TILL YOU FIX THE BUGS! game is unplayable now on my I7 laptop every other battle. switched to a more powerful comp and still had a game where i died because ship would only turn in one direction (and no i did not have any steering damage) how about compensation for all the wasted flags camo and missed missions that expire tomorrow and in 3 days fyi the settings for the laptop are already mostly low RELATED PROBLEM> was it two days ago that most of my game settings changed to default after a small patch, audio maxed, game screen res to comp res, which will give me 3fps) crosshair change, spent an hr to reset everything and this happened 2 months ago also