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  1. OttoVonPrien

    Results: Week-Long Recruit-A-Thon

    fix for #1 Make it so coops don't end for zero score until after 10 mins of elapsed time, only one or two lines of new code needed. In other words, games would not end on 0 points when still red ships remaining until after 10 mins. two conditions to be met for an early end instead of just the one we have now. fix no 2 WG keeps reducing the requirements to get to play in rand battles, so that people are totally unprepared in ship skills and player skills to be anything but cannon fodder. Right now you unlock randoms before you unlock cmdr. skills and other things needed to succeed in randoms. Should be other way around. People need to have more time in coops not less. this is why you see 25%wr in rands and then they quit the game or just quit randoms, players need more time before randoms not less. and in part the big lie that higher tier is better, so we have people with only 1 or 2 tr1 battles, racing up the tiers increasing in incompetency . fix no 3 Go back to the old CV system and stop forcing CVs on everyone.. Course like Stalin's collective farms, there is no going back. So better control on MM is need, people who want to play one type of ship when they can see that ship type is overloaded in people waiting , deserve a long wait if needed to balance the game. .
  2. OttoVonPrien

    Results: Week-Long Recruit-A-Thon

    when this game first came out in beta I got some friends to join, some like me left wot after years of playing ,disgruntled at the rigged RNG against better players, (in the us patent to do so, saw it about 2/3rds down in main body, Had the stats to prove it, so left wot after 160+ tanks in garage this game quickly became very addictive to me, but WG is helping me break that addiction by the actions of some at WG undermining the good things others there do. At this point in time I would not feel right bringing others into this game. what needs to change? Item 1 using WOWs OWN PRICING SYSTEM , WHY do about half or more of the bundles and containers in the armory have less $value of stuff than what you pay for them? THIS IS OUTRAGIOUS when you are selling air without a production cost. (some development at first) for the last year, overall value received in bundles and containers has been increasingly less and less with the armory the biggest offender. case in point the euro bundles, 9 different $4(in gold) bundles values of $4.98 $2.86 $4.68 $3.36 $4.74 $3.74 $4.80 $4.72 $6.68 if you bought all 92 bundles for $368 in gold you would have had an avg return of $4.09. or 9 cents profit on each bundle-- not much of an incentive to buy (using wow;s own in game and shop basic pricing) and amounts to gamboling for those that buy less than all of them. this is a shameful return for people who like me are willing to spend money if not cheated in the process. (again using WGs own inflated pricing system) Either someone at WG does not understand the concept of bundles in a free market or thinks that all of us are to stupid to do the math to know when we are being cheated or understand the free market concept of more value more sales have not finished the math on the $2 in gold bundles now being offered but the third bundle only has a value of $1.56, for about a 25% loss, if that comes up. You don't need to cheat people if you are selling air, give them enough to make t hem throw money at you like you used to do and I did throw money to you then. The large bundles that get offered in the premium shop seem to have better value (though also diminishing) and I often buy them for the "savings" LOL. but the cut back on the Christmas bundles of no duplicate ships with compensation , drastically reduced my normal end of year spending. and that year Halloween-thanksgiving bundles set a new low in return for that event. ITEM 2 WG works on a command economy model instead of a free market one. in a free market you want to hear complaints to know what needs fixing or what you could do better to get new customers and keep the old ones. IN a Command eco. you put down any complainers as out of touch trouble makers and drown them in propaganda and the big lies. You don't listen because you all ready have your mind made up and the 5yr plans in place, and it is going to happen ready or not harmful to the game or not, case in point CVs and subs. In a command economy you take what they want to give you and are happy to get it , rather than left with nothing. Complainers are eliminated- dis enfranchised. true or not it is a fact a large number of players now and in past feel WG only listens when people agree with them and the desires of the players have no bearing on the major decisions. Item 3 Armory missions and directives , have a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde aspect, 2 different people doing them? Often fair and reasonable at times other times, like rigged to fail or a hidden major obstacle in doing them. Often they sound reasonable until you take a closer look and try to do them. Deliberate or just someone who does not really play and understand mission dynamics. to often they seemed aimed at people with lots of free time (like kids skipping homework) and impossible for working adults. ie the Porto Rico . How often is a Directive one mission still undone after completing all the Directives? because it was almost impossible or 10x the difficulty or a normal mission. Item 4 In the last year there is the perception of a major push to maximize profits by overpricing and diminishing returns, this fails ECO 101, as there is no production cost and no cost to adding a little extra air to sell more and make more money. I suspect WG is vastly reducing its profit potential by being perceived as too greedy, like someone is afraid of the bubble bursting, PS I complain because I still play this game and I care enough to spend some time to write this. My thanks to those WG staff who work hard to make this game great and esp, those overworked deadline hounded programmers and those who have done such an incredible job of ship modeling t hree cheers to Dr Jekyll and assign Mr Hyde a job where he can't undo all the good work and kill off this game. When a better job is done to address those above 4 issues I will feel right again about turning others on to this game,
  3. OttoVonPrien

    Happy Submarine Day!

    a BIG THANKS to all the brave men who fought in WW2 in US subs. read the books by those men esp. the ones by Edward Beach, one of the greatest submariners. (combat patrols against the japs) and first to circumnavigate the globe completely underwater. read any of those books and you will see what WG wants to do with subs is totally unhistorical and a total farce historically, mechanically and tactically if not restricted to the Scenario mode only it will destroy this game and any passing resemblance to the historical use of warships in combat. And I will stop spending ($300+ a month) on this as will most thinking adults who are the life blood of this game and helped make this game great.. Subs will turn this game into childish nonsense, There has never been a wargame doing how they want to use subs and 50+ yrs of wargaming cant be wrong. But WG could take what they have done so far and make a REAL sub game based on reality.. perhaps being able to port ships from WOW I would spend money on something like that, and I think others would also. so WG make a separate sub game and have 2 great games for people to throw money at you or add subs to this game and strangle the golden goose.
  4. OttoVonPrien

    PREMIUM SHOP broken again!

    The premium shop web pages are being held hostage again by that adv. for WOW premium subscriptions! making the site unusable. that little black box pops up and the page goes grey and no matter how many times you click on the "GOT IT" button it will not go away if I am lucky enough to change pages it is back before I can enter anything. today was trying to redeem a code, gave up after 10 minutes. yesterday I had no problems checking out the shop and new offers. Using built in windows 10 MS Edge browser.
  5. OttoVonPrien

    Update April Fools' Day

    WHO NEEDS THEM, ! last rand I played my team was nuked by an out of his mind drunk. with everyone home and on line, people that have not played in years or less than 50 games per year showing up with all the pink AFK BBs, botters, xp leaches and other cheaters with no consideration of others or sense of social responsibility Randoms are already nuked
  6. OttoVonPrien

    Server disconnect at start or end of battle

    not the issue been using this machine for 3 yrs to play this game. this JUST STARTED a week ago, and no recent changes made in drivers or bios, this computer is not Nvidia video anyway, and being an older computer (but I7) i keep my setting on the low side for good FPS, this just started after 2k more people than normal are on this game and also internet is being overloaded by everyone staying home and on line. again this is not hapening while in battle (when graphic load is high) but at start or ending of battle, which suggest a coding issue to me.
  7. OttoVonPrien

    Please dont play rands or rank if drunk out of mind

    right since a week ago Friday half the games have an afk it seems, and about 90% of these afks are either pink or people registered for 3-4 years with less than 75 games a year. gonna get worse too as more people are staying home.
  8. OttoVonPrien

    Please dont play rands or rank if drunk out of mind

    true but depends how even we were matched, and we had at least one "potato" but this guy distracted everyone, made the game chat useless and dumped the balance in the other teams favor. He was the kiss of death to the team. worse that being AFK even not the first time but what hurt the most was the wasted Naval battles attempt , looks like my clan will drop from # 6 world wide the way this weekend is going. really needed that lost star. Probably jousting at windmills but if even one person reads this and decides not to ruin a game or disrespect others, worth it.
  9. OttoVonPrien

    Please dont play rands or rank if drunk out of mind

    It's bad enough with all the XP leaches, botters and people who just put their BB on auto pilot and go surfing, much less the clueless or people just having a bad game playing day, which we all do, without this also deliberate misbehavior also, a 7 day chat ban is not enough because he made our team lose not just took over the chat, 7 day game ban would be right for offence. People like this end up causing WG to lose players even if just for the rest of day and thus money
  10. Please show some respect for others and not ruin the game for them, causing them to lose an important game. going for a star in Naval battles for the clan to try to stay no1 on NA server . IN A TIER 10 battle and as soon a battle loads, guy on my team starts spewing very crude taunts to other team and bragging how drunk he is (its 8:20pmEDT) he spent the whole game filling the game chat with garbage, and died quickly, deep sixing our team. But he did not leave after being sunk right away with pathetic xp, no!, he stayed till the end swamping the game chat. there went a critical NB attempt, that I probably would have made. first game in last 6 without an AFK on my team ,killing off my teams chances ,and I get a blown out of his mind drunk. wasted NB attempt, lost star, camo and flags down drain, we were all victims of a "drunk sailor" these people need to be hammered just like drunk drivers. don't know if others reported him , I was not able to, as all mine were used up reporting the AFKs earlier in the day. I was so fed up I quit for the night. (no more spending money to be abused that night, what your doing when using camo and flags) So guys show some consideration and respect for others and If you have to sail drunk or stoned do it in coops where we still have a chance to win. PS I I play with replays enabled and the mod that saves all of them (not just last 25) till I delete them. Also my mx stats logs all players in my games.
  11. this just started about a week ago, about time number of players on line jumped 2k around the clock.?? about one out of 9 battles I get a WG server disconnect either when MM grabs me for a game and game starts to load the wg server disconnects me. and I get the reconnect screen. OR at the end of a battle when the screen holds the sinking ship and before the battle results are superimposed. I suspect a WG server issue as I have not been disconnected during a battle only at start (loading into) or at end ( battle results sub routine ) My clan is fighting hard to stay no1 on the NA server for Naval battles this weekend and I lost out on some stars because of entering 3 min late due to server disconnects. PS have also had some game freezes at end of battle (same point) forcing me to crash computer.
  12. OttoVonPrien

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    SOUNDS INTERESTING---- all except that I hate arms race and wonder about having magic circles in a game that is supposed to show players skill level. but then again ranked is really about how much pain a decent player is willing to take to move up which is why because of arms race I only played a few ranked games last season.
  13. OttoVonPrien

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    thank you, must have been prescribed by Dr Jekyll, , Hopefully Mr Hyde will find his work at home computer off line. Thanks again and safe and healthy wishes for one and all, even my Hyde, just keep him away from the containers and bundles.) Glad I am retired, would have been snowed under implementing the IT-& Remote Video. Tech in the pandemic plans. (cant shut down the Gov or Courts) instead, playing some games, chow, read a book, snack, more games, chow, movie, more games, order home delivery ………….. PS I understand fruit Juice with Vodka , kills germs and is good for you, also helps hyper active kids off from school take a nice little nap so they can get their needed rest and so mom and dad can have some quality time.
  14. OttoVonPrien

    PAY $4 FOR $2.86 of stuff in Bundle? NO THANKS!

    to restate the issue I don't have a problem with random bundles 0f different values nor of spending money on them to speed up my game "progress" my time is valuable and I can afford $300 a month on this game. BUT the lowest valued bundles should have at least have the value I paid for them. whoever is making up these 1000 gold- $4 bundles needs to do their homework and make sure that each bundle is worth $4 PS I believe WG has a good product (could be better if they listened to old time player base) but it is worthy of support $ from those who play it if in a position to do so. The people who buy stuff pay for the game, development, and the players who don't. all I ask is don't try to cheat me while I am doing it.
  15. OttoVonPrien

    PAY $4 FOR $2.86 of stuff in Bundle? NO THANKS!

    agree, and I like the idea, but it is like I joke about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde working at WG The Dr gets these great ideas and implements them and then Hyde comes along and messes it up, overprices and reduces quantities etc. Last 8 months major downward trend in bundles and containers as to value for $ spent. buy a $1 jug of water at grocery store for $1 and a chance to win cart of groceries, great, pay $2 for the $! jug for chance of cart, that's gamboling. and thanks to WG for showing us what that random bundle will be, so the real gamble is whats behind it? No problem with buying bundles to speed things up, problem when those $4 bundles have less than $3 of stuff in them and your right I don't have to buy and I will not, but unlike many posting to my post I want to buy and would if not cheated. if anyone thinks buying $3 bundles for $4 is a good idea , I have some nice new $1 bills I can let you have for $1.50 each PS I am sure Marketing will love what you just told the customer base, you should be pushing for better thought out deals so WG can sell more AIR and make more money, since it is all air with no real value and little bit more in the bundles does not hurt WGs bottom line