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  1. Met my first Worchester.

    Our family had always called it "Whats this here" suace. Looks interesting but I will probably not play too much of it, Seems to promote more of the hide behind an island and spam shells over it type play that I don't find fun.
  2. RIchelieu camo - Vive la France!

    I like the decorations, I just wish It changed the underlining paint job to something other than the default looking blue/grey.
  3. Battleships are Painful

    The Point of the example was an overlong example situation that dispersion at close range can be utterly ridiculous at times and that those types of dispersion salvos happen far too often for my liking.
  4. I am not rewarded for playing the tank.

    Beleive me, you are not the only one with these frustrations, the Streamer Flamu about a month back posted a vid to YouTube talking about that. While the upcoming patch 7.4 is adding indicators for spotting and blocked damage, I didn't see any mention of changes to silver gain related to that. Though it is a step in the right direction I feel.
  5. Battleships are Painful

    I get and am ok with long-range dispersion being wonky to help fight back of the map camping, its the "Oh God that Amagi is 5km away, Better aim for the waterline" shots that all either land short or go over the pagoda, or from the same turret land in front of the bow and behind the stern that frustrates me. and those happen WAY to often for me to be happy with short-range bb accuracy at the moment.
  6. Too many HE-spamming Normandies

    I probably Use HE in my bb's more than I probably should because of consistency reasons too. For every citadel and penetrating hit I get with ap, I probably get 20 or so overpens and bounces on shells that hit. It is beyond frustrating to see shells look like they hit a target at nice flat angle at the waterline and all you get are overpens and bounces. When that happens too often I just switch to HE and don enough damage with that and fires that I make up my difference.
  7. Battleships against destroyers

    Its still a hit from a BB on a DD weather you think it counts is irrelevant. You claimed it never happened period. Please don't go with absolutes like that. Also, could link your wiki page source? I've got the Wiki page on the second battle of Narvik pulled up on a different tab and I'm not seeing that quote. For reference here is the link in wikipedia I am seeing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battles_of_Narvik
  8. Battleships against destroyers

    The Second Battle of Narvik and HMS Warspite and German destroyer Erich Koellner and 8 friends would like to say hello.
  9. Accuracy has stayed consistant for me. Overpens on the other hand have skyrocketed.
  10. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    Im getting so many over pens in mine that most of my cruisers have a higher damage per salvo than my MO and Iowa right now, hope they get this pen bugged fixed soon.
  11. Agile tips?

    I am glad I did not pay money for this ship. If I had I would demand a refund.
  12. Colorado, or, Why do people hate this ship?

    One thing that has baffled me about the Colorado, not only does it have the least amount hp for BB's of its tier, It has less HP than the tier 6's once they get all their upgrades. It almost loses out HP wise to some tier 5's The New York class has only 2k hp less. The low hp combined with its slow speed make it easy fodder for anything higher tier it runs into, and lower tier opponents like it because they are already used fighting ships like it with similar hp. Other than that, Carrier Lexington's post in this thread sums up the rest of my opinions on the Colorado nicely.
  13. Meanest Tier 5 cruiser

    I voted Omaha and her varients, but Konig's and Kirov arn't that far behind in enjoyment factor for me. Ive played the Omaha's the most and I understand them better than the rest. Don't have the Furu or Krispy Kreme so can't really voice an opinion on them. Emerald is one I feel I havn't gotten a good feell for it yet but it just seems a smidge underwhelming.
  14. Colorado Tips

    Colorado hull upgrades up to 50100 hp, the New Mexico hull upgrades up to 53000 hp. even with the captains skill that boosts ship xp it still has low hp for its tier. The armor effectiveness just depends on how well you angle, and doesn't matter at all when it comes to getting burned to death. I have seen a few games with a potential million damage, but they seem to be exceptions to the rule, not the rule itself. I rarely see colorados survive long in matches, even when they are top tier. You might have different experiences with them, but Colorado's are one of my favorite targets in game due to how easy I can sink em.
  15. The Pepsicola Challenge

    Good to know. Looking through the ships, the Pensacola has the 4th largest detectability range of a cruiser in the whole game. Its only smaller than the Tier 9 and ten Russian cruisers, and the tier 10 german cruiser. And even then, it is not that far behind the number 3 spot. Wiki says she got some modifications in the 30s to reduce its top heavy nature and reduce rolling. Maybe they can give the B hull upgrade a lower mast or something to make it less a glaring target that can't hide. I really like the guns on the Cola but the low armor, LARGE citadel area, and the fact you are almost impossible to hide make playing it a lot harder than it probably should be.