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  1. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    Im getting so many over pens in mine that most of my cruisers have a higher damage per salvo than my MO and Iowa right now, hope they get this pen bugged fixed soon.
  2. Agile tips?

    I am glad I did not pay money for this ship. If I had I would demand a refund.
  3. Colorado, or, Why do people hate this ship?

    One thing that has baffled me about the Colorado, not only does it have the least amount hp for BB's of its tier, It has less HP than the tier 6's once they get all their upgrades. It almost loses out HP wise to some tier 5's The New York class has only 2k hp less. The low hp combined with its slow speed make it easy fodder for anything higher tier it runs into, and lower tier opponents like it because they are already used fighting ships like it with similar hp. Other than that, Carrier Lexington's post in this thread sums up the rest of my opinions on the Colorado nicely.
  4. Meanest Tier 5 cruiser

    I voted Omaha and her varients, but Konig's and Kirov arn't that far behind in enjoyment factor for me. Ive played the Omaha's the most and I understand them better than the rest. Don't have the Furu or Krispy Kreme so can't really voice an opinion on them. Emerald is one I feel I havn't gotten a good feell for it yet but it just seems a smidge underwhelming.
  5. Colorado Tips

    Colorado hull upgrades up to 50100 hp, the New Mexico hull upgrades up to 53000 hp. even with the captains skill that boosts ship xp it still has low hp for its tier. The armor effectiveness just depends on how well you angle, and doesn't matter at all when it comes to getting burned to death. I have seen a few games with a potential million damage, but they seem to be exceptions to the rule, not the rule itself. I rarely see colorados survive long in matches, even when they are top tier. You might have different experiences with them, but Colorado's are one of my favorite targets in game due to how easy I can sink em.
  6. The Pepsicola Challenge

    Good to know. Looking through the ships, the Pensacola has the 4th largest detectability range of a cruiser in the whole game. Its only smaller than the Tier 9 and ten Russian cruisers, and the tier 10 german cruiser. And even then, it is not that far behind the number 3 spot. Wiki says she got some modifications in the 30s to reduce its top heavy nature and reduce rolling. Maybe they can give the B hull upgrade a lower mast or something to make it less a glaring target that can't hide. I really like the guns on the Cola but the low armor, LARGE citadel area, and the fact you are almost impossible to hide make playing it a lot harder than it probably should be.
  7. Colorado Tips

    The Colorado suffers from being both the slowest ship of its tier, combined with the lowest ranged guns. This makes it easy to hit and easy to avoid getting hit by. The Nagato is only marginally faster, but it makes up for its slow speed by having the best default range on its guns of the tier 7 BB's and when it comes to shooting targets at the Colorado's max range it is slightly more accurate. The only real place it leads its tier is in turning circle radius and rudder shift time. The best advice I can give is to defend anybody going towards the middle of the map. You are not fast enough to keep up with the guys going to the far sides of A or C/D points and if you do go there you might not get to shoot anyone all game if you pick the wrong direction. If you can, put an island between every enemy except your target and use your good turning ability to keep yourself covered. You also don't have alot of HP either, you get a better than average regen but you should be avoiding taking fire more than tanking.
  8. The Pepsicola Challenge

    Anyone know why the detection distance is so big on the Pensacola? Currently, Mine is 15.7 surface detection range, which is more than a New Mexico class Battleship! It has the highest surface detectability in the whole American cruiser line. The next highest in detectability is the Des Moines at 13.9, with rest being 13.5 or less.
  9. Help, Battleships are shooting... HE at me?

    I have been using HE more often on my BB's for two reasons. First, I am finding that AP shells just fail to pen on shots that hit. Does not matter how flat an angle, doesn't matter the ship type, does not matter where on the ship I hit, bounces for days. Secondly, for some reason, HE shells seem to be ALOT more accurate. I am noticing much tighter shell groupings at all ranges and ill take consistent HE damage over minimal to no damage AP day of the week. Sure, I'll occasionally have an HE mission and run it more often then. But I can take only so many AP shells hitting a target and bouncing when hits to me in the same spot on the same ship are automatic citadels.
  10. Pensacola advice

    Get the fire range controller and then the upgraded turrets. Other than that, stay back at first, The guns are good and anything that can hit you can pen you from any angle, and most likely citadel. Regardless of what the armor viewer says, the whole ship feels like a citadel and testing with a friend convinced me that even DD HE can pen and cit you at that tier.
  11. Dispersion at close range??

    BB Dispersion has been a crapshoot ever since beta. I keep wanting to play them but every time I do, its a big slow pile of disappointment.
  12. In the closed beta, I really liked the NM. Now, after taking a break from playing for a while, the ship just annoys me. It loses turrets for me no matter where the enemy ships hit, or how they hit it. I honestly lost a turret to a torpedo hit to a DD that was the last guy alive on his team that hadn't fired a shot from his main guns all game. For some reason, I also seem to get the worst shot dispersal with my NM as well. no matter the range of the target I often see my shell land in a pattern that surrounds the target ship without touching it. It is especially frustrating when you go to you tube and see several players making similar decisions to what I do and get much better results with the same ship. So, yeah, I totally get where your coming from OP, the New Mex has the potential to be really good. She just doesn't want to be good for me.
  13. What is the point of battleships?

    The purpose of battleships to me is to cause controversy. They get great big stonking guns that you see other people do ludicrous damage with, only when you use them they do miniscule damage, if they even hit at all. I rarely see middle ground on the issue, most posts I see are of players who are either frustrated to the point of frothing rage or players who claim to get regular massive damage/kill games. I tend to fall in the former category, Battleship rng tends to not like me to the point of my shots straddling the target 9 times out of 10 even when given a perfect target. I took a friend into a training room on few occasions to try things out. I was in a New York, He was in a Wyoming. We were just testing the basic dispersion so we both parked broadside on to each other 6 kilometers away. Of the 30 shots fired at his waterline, 2 hit the hull, 6 hit his superstructure, the rest missed completely. This was a stationary target being shot by a stationary platform mind you. So yeah, for you guys who get regular high damage games, I salute you, RNG likes you enough to not rob you of your skill. While I agree that practice makes perfect and there is a constant need to always try to improve your aiming skills, RNG is probably a larger factor than most folks either realise or want to admit.
  14. BB's got super-nerfed in the last patch

    I just want to know why they completely removed secondary gun batteries from the New york, I have had several games today where they refused to fire on anything, AA is there, got a couple of plane kills, but no secondary shots towards targets. ive had several games today in it where i was within 3 kilometers of ships, no secondary fire at all.
  15. Arkansas Beta: I like this ship!

    The Lack of AAA does make it a pain in the neck sometimes but for the most part I have enjoyed mine as well.