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  1. GritiTheOdd

    Let’s Talk About "Warships Premium Account"

    Eh, I play both sporadically enough that the only reason I have premium time at all is buying it with some leftover gold from last years WoT lootbox event. With the Amazon pay thing being down at the moment, I can't buy anything anyway so the small difference between the accoount types means nothing to me, and I will problably just get the wargaming premium over the WoWS premium, if at all, in the future.
  2. I am another one who can't buy untill the Amazon Pay method is sorted, hoping to get some once that is sorted out.
  3. GritiTheOdd


    Dispersion on BB's is one of the main reasons I found BB's the hardest ships to learn how to aim with. With DD's and CA's If you miss, its most likely your fault and bad aim. WIth BB's there is enough RNG nonsense that I have never had any real sense of confidence my shots are going to land on target regardless of what I do to correct my aim. You can have shots that every video on you tube say should be easy pens miss, and shots that you think will miss actually hit.
  4. GritiTheOdd

    Spotter plane consumable cycle time

    They really should tweak the cooldowns, Like a previously stated, Why give us seven charges if it is literally impossible to use them all? Knock a minute or 2 off of the cooldown and the number of charges makes sense.
  5. GritiTheOdd

    BB damage issues/problems?

    Yeah I have been getting mostly overpens on my targets, regardless of ship type or angle of my target. It's getting to the point I am starting to think WG is tired of hearing about citadels and wants even more BB he spam.
  6. My big thing with the event is almost every game we have three or 4 players leave the transylvania circle to go attack ships popping up 12k + behind us and not paying any attention to the ones up in front untill they kill their targets, by then they are to far behind and we get our teeth stomped in. The most stars Ive earned in this even in the multiple years Ive attempted it is 3.
  7. GritiTheOdd

    Fire complains

    Yeah, the fire system in the game has been a load of nonsense ever since beta, and has been one of the biggest sources of training newer players the camp the back line or marry an island style of play. Unavoidable unstoppable damage completely removes player skill from the equation and I have yet to meet a person who likes having no control in the game. Fire chance is way to high on all ships. Between the high chance per shell from BB's and the high RoF of destroyers and some cruisers, the chance per min to set something on fire is close to 100% on quite a few ships, regardless of what captain skills or flags their target may be running. Plus given the fact that fire damage differs by ship type, both in duration and damage, and you get players trying to find how to not get set on fire. The two simplest methods? Back line camping and Island Hugging. In time players can learn to mitigate with their cooldowns, but only if they stick with it and maybe come to the forums for advice, which to be honest, alot of the player base does not do. The damage rates for the ship classes don't make alot of sense to me personally. Destroyers are made of paper and have the least amount of HP in the game and anything that hits them does a significant percentage of their health as damage regardless of shell type or calibur. Fires just make an already fragile ship type even flimsier. Cruisers seem to be the closest to actually balanced when it comes to fire. They are glass cannons but the scale that fire damage does to them feels about right to me, with many fires being urgent and singles less so but with the lack of heals on several lines this can be a danger as well. The extra damage percentage on BB's fires is one decision that the Dev's made that seem to help encourage the backline camping people hate, They give the biggest, slowest and least manuverable ships in the game, the ships easiest to hit and set on fire for the longest periods. This negates any armor values they have and basically means regardless of how you angle or position, if you get hit you are taking significant damage, even if its from a secondary gun, the fires from that can kill just as easily as a conqueror HE shell. While in theory, repair party and damage control are supposed to help mitigate this, in practice, if a dd or cruiser wants you to burn to the waterline, you are going to burn to the waterline unless RNG blesses you with a volley that sinks them, cus battle dpm can either be insanly good, or insanley bad depending on dispersion. Carriers, well they are getting a rework already but given how they usually were at the farthest point back and rarely in danger untill the rest of the team was dead or the enemy CV player found them? Fire damage is probably a little light for the RTS players. I honestly feel fires should do some damage, but their primary purpose should be to increase cooldowns of consumables, reduce AA effectiveness, increases turret traverse time or reload time, things like that would simulate crew being pulled from their stations to fight the fires and other things that would be a debuff on the target that allows players to still benefit their team while not leaving the victim infuriated by not being completely helpless to stop damage they can't do anything to stop. Just my two cents on it anyway.
  8. GritiTheOdd

    Boise no Good

    The more I play it the more I regret buying it. If i get 300k in it I will probably not even use the other ship that unlocks at this rate. The RoF, slow shell speed piss poor range make it a favorite target of most ships in most games ive played in it. with the good heal only meaning they get to farm more xp and credits off me.
  9. GritiTheOdd

    CV Rework Feedback

    This is very early stuff they have shown us so I am trying to keep in mind this is not balanced/final yet, but my feelings are mixed. I like some of the things shown, like the direct control and aiming style of the torpedo and dive bombers. I dislike the Rockets and the infinate squadrons especially, feels it makes CV play low risk High reward as opposed to the medium risk/high reward in play now. The magicallly summoning of fighter squadrons is and odd choice and makes it look like it will be harder to defend team mates if you want to do that. All in all, tried CV's in beta and found them to boring to play and have not played them since, this rework does nothing to make me want to play them either. As is, waiting to see how they refine/balance it, especially with AA before having a final opinion but still unlikely to play CV's
  10. GritiTheOdd

    Why Do I Get So Many Bounces?

    I definitely agree that something weird seems to be going on with Montana's AP. I have had to many volleys against other Battleships that appeared to be perfectly broadsided that either bounce off or overpen, most notably a game recently I broadsided a Lion at 9k and got 7 overpens and 2 bounces. Later in a different game, cleared my guns ap at a DD 6k away, 3 bounces. He wasn't targeting me and I was able to finish him with HE on my next salvo but yeah, Im starting to see why folks shoot exclusively HE from any type of bb now if only due to sheer frustration with the bizzare behavior of their AP.
  11. GritiTheOdd

    Weather Front Wednesdays - The Cyclone

    Hate them entirely, Feels like WG is trying to tell players they have been playing to long and need to take a break when they come in. If I am in a fast ship, I try to group up, if im in something slow, I just point my ship towards my friendlies and then go get started on my laundry or something, because there is absolutely nothing more I can usually contribute during a cyclone in a slow ship.
  12. GritiTheOdd

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Good for you, you are apparently a good DD driver. How long did it take you to get to that point? What did you have to learn to get to the point where you were the last one alive in a consistant fashion. How many matches did you have where you completely borked something up and learned not to do that again? Becuase if you say that you were that good from your first game I don't think anyone will believe you. The point is Radar will hopefully help newer and/or bad DD drivers learn the lessons you did to get better so they can do what you can apparently. Or you know, the full game statistic data that only the devs really has access too and the information there that indicate the performance of a class of ship is not where they want it to be.
  13. GritiTheOdd

    Possible Solution to Radar

    The team doesn't have to be happy, and rarely is with their DD's dead, but what it hopefully does is make DD drivers learn to either learn how to be better scouts by better management of their detectability and smoke by learning when they are likely to be hit with radar and put themselves in positions where they can either get out of danger or getting to an ambush position where he can make use of his torpedoes to good effect. While it may be bad for a particular game, the hope is future games will have better performance coming from the DD driver. While I agree with what you say there, I also believe that a disparity of any strong mechanic like radar, smoke or even CV's if one side loses theirs quickly enough. When the British Cruiser line came out with their smoke games seemed to be balanced around the teams with the most smoke capacity. Hell, if one side has a platoon that coordinates effectively and one side doesn't that can lead to lopsided matches as well, even if they don't use voice coms.
  14. GritiTheOdd

    Possible Solution to Radar

    The smoke meta I was mainly referring to primarily occurred with the big release of the British cruisers and how all of their smoke added into the mix and the few radar ships available at the time. Knife fights between DD's are matchups I find a lot of fun and most folks I talk to think so as well. Getting the knife fights to be just between the DD's, however, has always been difficult due to the nature of them spotting each other, radar regardless. as for your anecdote of the game you played, I got one of my own where I was in a game where for a good 9 minutes neither team was able to cap because the DD's were countering each other by sitting in the same cap circle at opposite ends, the radar ships on both sides kept trying to come up and spot and were promptly sunk before they could get in range. So yeah, an extreme example on my end but how often do games get that much disparity in radar ship capabilities. In my last 50 games, the difference in the number of radar ships was usually 1 ship or even amount. If there is hard data somewhere on the overall per game average amount of ships with radar per side somewhere I would like to see it if possible.
  15. GritiTheOdd

    Possible Solution to Radar

    OWSF's difficulty to counter went up or down with how many/few friendlies you had alive in your area that could help out. If you had a CV or some other quick ship that could help spot the guy, OWSF just gave the position away got them sunk, If the target was alone or without support nearby, it was hilarious in the Stealth Firing ships favor because if the targeted ship was slower than there was literally nothing they could do to fight back aside from speculative shots at where the tracers where starting from, and without the target acquisition lock on for the dispersion, luck was a major factor to just even getting a shell to hit. As for the glut radar ships right now? Annoying but it filters out the good DD captains who can scout and cap going from cover to cover when available not needing to waste a smoke charge, from the bad ones who charge a cap, smoke and sit there not moving regardless of the wall of ships they saw coming towards them they they often spotted themselves going in. After the smoke ship meta of everything having smoke and undetectable fleets, this is just the pendulum swinging the opposite way. It'll pass, It always does.