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  1. That's fairly boring and it puts the CV players into a separate minigame again, away from the other classes. What they need is summonable fighters that actually do something useful rather than the nearly useless ones they have now. And that's a really, really simple fix that only really impacts CVs, so I don't know why they are so hesitant to buff the potency of the fighter consumable.
  2. I don't think having upwards of 5+ radars per match is 'fun' as a DD but it is something to play around and requires adaptation on my part. Having a CV in the game was no different previously, and it's no different now. Planes will always have more initiative because they are planes. A CV can't really do anything about good AA teamplay. Striking a BB that is within the bubble of an AA cruiser sucks, nevermind several other ships in a formation. How you reconcile that with the ideal 'playstyle' of a round is something that is TBD. It's entirely possible CVs just bore people and the population shrinks, leading to something approaching what we had previously. WG needs to balance things but they also need to let certain things ride. I feel there are some meta balance problems with DDs that were not designed or equipped to deal with planes in any way. Because there's no real counterplay between CVs anymore, it's on the players to deal with the planes entirely, leading ships with only a few small caliber deck guns for AA in a bad spot. WG should address this in some way (ideally an air detect buff to the DDs to start with) before changing the mechanics of an entire class. The balance yo-yo was always going to happen. I don't know why anyone expected this to be painless. But CVs are here to stay, so there is no point calling for their removal. They need to be a fun class to play and not just dedicated scouts.
  3. harikari25

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    There's a meta problem of certain DDs not being able to really defend themselves. Most of the Japanese and British DDs come to mind. I think there needs to be reduced air spotting for those ships at the very least. Make lining up a rocket attack hard.
  4. I've seen people rage at CVs pelting them with rockets every now and then even though they died because they were sailing around broadside to a DD in a Stalingrad. It's not rational. The only thing that has significantly changed is the amount of CVs people are seeing on average. The playerbase had largely forgotten how broken they were previously and what it was like to get deleted in a single strike with no counterplay. DDs are crying about rockets when previously they'd have been cross dropped with the first strike of the game and killed outright unless their CV knew how to protect them. Now 1 kiting cruiser or a stealthy DD can't lock down an entire flank and that's a good thing. Players are supporting each other with overlapping AA and that's also a good thing. It's leading to play that is a little more passive than I'd like to see but people will eventually figure it out. They aren't going away. We still to this day have DD players that whine about radar and BBs that whine about DDs. It seems only fitting people complain loudly about having to adjust their play to consider another class that was largely ignored or forgotten. They do need to implement a 1 CV limit per game though ASAP.
  5. harikari25

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    Torps aren't loaded in at the start anymore because it helps prevent TKs and needless spam. DDs are getting melted right now because a majority of them can't defend themselves and they are usually the only ones outside the AA bubbles. Anyone that strays from the fleet is immediately focused by CVs. It's an entirely new meta that people have yet to adjust to.
  6. - Make summoned fighters actually useful by increasing their aggro radius and intercept speed by 25%. Double the loiter time. The current fighters don't even aggro properly most of the time. It makes it very hard to actually intercept and protect an ally. Given that some planes can just speed boost on by, they are more of an annoyance than anything else. This leaves the CV with little incentive to directly help teammates and leaves them free to farm elsewhere. If I could drop fighters on the edge of a cap that lasted 2 minutes or so for my DD and they actually helped him, I'd do it every time. - Halve the previous F key nerf for returning planes The nerf was aimed at a broken build that didn't actually spend a lot of time in AA bubbles. The nerf ended up really hurting T6 and T8 CVs. While the original value was perhaps too safe and generous, the new value means the squad almost always automatically dies if you recall them inside any AA. Find a happy medium.
  7. The Black has a WR 7% higher than the Fltecher by virtue of selection bias; the people that have the Black are at least experienced (and previously before the arsenal, generally pretty good). Premium ships, in general, receive a boost by not being available to a wide range of players. Oktober Revolution has noticeably better stats than Kongo and New York but I don't think anyone would argue with a straight face that it is OP or needs nerfs.
  8. The Cavour will likely be the tech tree ship. Da Vinci maybe the T4. Given that WG loves to copy/paste, this 'solution' seems super obvious and the desirable choice. You can double the amount of sellable content without really offending anyone. The GC isn't anymore OP than, say, the Kamikaze sisters. Very strong in the right hands but not braindead carry strong like Nikolai.
  9. harikari25

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    I greatly enjoyed the season, especially once out of the uhm... muck of the 10-6 league. I would actually like to see a random ship mode where it's stock v stock and you are given a random ship to play. A better test of skill and knowledge IMO. You could even throw in premiums to the pool to entice people to buy them ala rentals. Arms race is great, a lot less campy than the old radar meta. Maps weren't too bad either, although Mountain Range remains the worst map in the game in all modes.
  10. harikari25

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Getting regularly deplaned in my Midway, the AA at T10 is pretty fierce unless a ship is totally isolated which is very, very rare. Doesn't even take a dedicated AA boat either, can be multiple normal builds just huddled up. Even if you try to minimize by having the squad take a good vector through minimal AA, it still hurts. And that's with a survivability build. Players have adjusted to the threat of being deleted if you are isolated. A CV can still make painful strikes but it will cost them.
  11. harikari25

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    The summon fighters rarely actually intercept enemy planes and protect teammates from strikes. They're a bit pathetic in that department.
  12. harikari25

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    CVs = money. Money = game keeps going. It's going to be the same thing with submarines. So these classes may as well be balanced and fun. T6/T8 CVs get deplaned pretty easily right now. I just stopped playing my T6s until they get them out of T8 matches. May never happen. CVs had their alpha strike smoothed out into consistent, annoying damage which is why many people perceive them to be more of a threat than they really are. There's also a good chance there's 2 or 4 in every match you play now until the hype dies down. WG just needs to give it time and tweak some things.
  13. harikari25

    Question for people who ranked out in Ranked

    Seattle. The skill floor required to make it work is pretty high, though. You must have a very good understanding of where you need to be and how to react to the match playing out. Advantages: smaller, more nimble than the buffalo more DPM, better firestarter excellent radar and hydro lazy fire arcs work in your favor most maps + excellent concealment, in combination with above, makes it the best cruiser this season IMO. Only the Neptune is better on paper but it gets citadeled when sneezed on and is clumsy/large, with no HE. Armor is also surprisingly trolly with that heavily armored deck. Most BBs only get overpens on you. You should be able to out gun every other cruiser. Discipline is needed when kiting so as to not expose your nonexistent belt armor. Good thing the reload is excellent. Keep your DDs alive and win that first engagement. Go from there.
  14. harikari25

    Forget the Ceasar How about fixing the ROON

    Problem exists with the captain, not the Roon. Great ship.
  15. harikari25

    Camping Prevention Idea

    The solution to camping is to make better maps that don't have a clear line of death. Estuary is the best map in the game because it has an excellent layout that allows for a round to play out in a variety of ways. It's not too big, but for its size has plenty of hard cover for ships that need it. You aren't out of the fight for five minutes if you choose the wrong side. Make better maps.