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  1. My topic went wildly off course. I was asking about something I didn't see in the mechanics videos or other documentation put out by Wargaming.
  2. This is not a request, but rather an inquiry. I'm not sure how it came across as a request.
  3. Is it a bug that a surfaced submarine cannot be damaged by depth charges or is this intended? -- (edit) In order to be more clear: This was not a request. This was an inquiry. I just wanted to make sure as I didn't notice this in videos or other written statements on subs. It is now answered. -- (edit #2) In case anyone thinks I was complaining, I was not complaining. Thanks.
  4. axlevought

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    I installed the Game Center today and then played WoWS. I quit the game. I started Game Center again and now the Game Center thinks it has to download the full game again even though it has the correct game folder configured. This is really strange and worse than the original launcher.