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  1. [POLL] T10 Cruiser Aesthetics

    Hipster pick, apparently, but for me, Hindenburg is the best-looking tier 10 cruiser. Prinz Eugen is one of the most beautiful ships in the game, and Hindenburg looks like a scaled-up, meaner version of that. It just gives the impression that it means business, and it's fantastic to look at with all the detail (some would call it clutter). Zao is an honorable mention for its swooping, raked funnel and clean lines. HIV, Minotaur, and Des Moines are all far too blocky and brick-like to be beautiful. --Helms
  2. Yamato, definitely. It's not just you. Montana's extra turret ruins the balance. On Iowa, the conning tower (and particularly the mast) is right in the middle of the ship, which gives it a longer, sleeker look, compared to Montana, where it sits considerably more forward of midship. Iowa has much leaner and more pleasing proportions. --Helms
  3. Fletcher and Z-52, though Shimakaze is a close second at tier 10. I'll never understand why people like Gearing for its appearance; it looks like a pile of bricks with turrets. Udaloi for honorable mention at tier 9. I might have to grind it just 'cause it's pretty. --Helms
  4. The biggest problem with Izumo is that the C turret faces aft, unlike Nelson's, which faces foward. This makes it extremely awkward to use. Nelson can get all 9 guns on target comfortably without giving too much broadside, and Izumo cannot. --Helms
  5. 406s or 420s for Der Große?

    406 all the way, for one reason: the dispersion is garbage either way you go, and the faster reload helps compensate for the inconsistency of German battleship guns. Volume of fire > caliber in this game, almost always, whenever you have a choice between the two. There's a reason you hardly ever see 8" Mogami or 18" Canceror. --Helms
  6. At tier 6, I gotta say I was wrong about Fubuki, especially since I got Anshan out of a santa box and got Fushun for free from the New Year Raid campaign. Both of them are excellent, but I like Fushun just that little bit more because of the slight concealment advantage and the awesomeness of the Pan Asia smoke. I'd rather be driving either of them in almost every situation compared to Fubuki these days, which really goes to show how shafted the IJN destroyer line is in the current meta. Still think T-61 is going to be the best all-around DD in tier 6 unless they drastically nerf it before it gets released. --Helms
  7. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Right? There's already a Duke of York with repair party in the game. It's called King George V! Seriously, though, I'm disappointed that they nerfed DOY, too. The reload nerf was absolutely unjustified. Like, adding the hydro in trade for the spotter plane (and possibly one of the heals) would have been fair, but it didn't deserve to have its DPM cut by a full fifth. That's huge. Musashi, on the other hand... *Edits with brilliant segue back to topic!* --Helms
  8. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Excuse you. I did not offer any of my own thoughts on it. How could I? I never played it. However, what we got was a nerfed version of the tech tree ship. In hindsight, based on what eventually made it to the live server, I would have rather had something different, as opposed to something worse. Copypaste premiums are generally a waste of money, and I say that as somebody who has several of them. As it stands, though, even though Duke of York is objectively worse than KGV, it's similar enough (and I dislike KGV enough) that I am seriously considering dumping the tech tree ship as soon as I finish grinding it, because I don't think I'll be playing it much in the future anyway and I can still keep the Duke of York around as a class representative. But we're far off-subject, now, yes? --Helms
  9. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Not only that, but as I recall, most of the testers thought Duke of York's initial incarnation, as a sort of super-cruiser, was MUCH more interesting and engaging to play compared to what we wound up with, and preferred it. But WG listened to the masses, who howled that a BB with no heal would be unplayable. This is another matter entirely. --Helms
  10. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Musashi is every bit as capable as Yamato. It performs the exact same role, and in that role it performs just as well, though subject to a bit more RNG. It shares ALL of Yamato's strengths, save for one: Yamato has notably better gun handling thanks to 2.1 sigma. But in more than half of the games you spawn into, that is literally the only difference worth considering. Musashi has Yamato's armor, Yamato's HP pool, Yamato's LOLPEN overmatching capability, and Yamato's DPM. And the only thing it REALLY gives up is AA which wasn't even good enough to defend Yamato against a determined strike, anyway. This weakness is a non-issue in most games, which do not have carriers in them, and can be largely negated if you division up with a more capable AA ship. Seriously, man. Musashi has ONE real (and situationally irrelevant) weakness that Yamato does not share, and ALL of Yamato's primary strengths, an entire tier of matchmaking weight down. AN ENTIRE TIER DOWN. Missouri is not a tier 9 Montana with nerfed AA, it's an Iowa that trades the spotter plane for a more useful radar set and also has slightly better armor because WG are renowned for their consistency. </sarc> Musashi is a tier 10 ship pretending to be a tier 9. --Helms
  11. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    He simply can't get "YAMATO SUCKS IN THE CURRENT META" out of his head, which is an opinion, and a debatable one at that, and isolate the fact that Musashi represents a Yamato an entire tier lower, with all of the same strengths and weaknesses. Plus a slight gunnery nerf and a single severe-but-situational flaw (which is irrelevant more than half the time in the current meta he brings up so much) heaped on top, because, you know, balance. --Helms
  12. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    By your own admission, it is overperforming. That's because it's a slightly weakened tier 10 masquerading as a tier 9. I even said that the 0.3 sigma change is significant, so I don't really know what you're on about. My point is that the 0.3 sigma difference PALES in relevance to the fact that Musashi has Yamato's reload. Going from tier 9 to tier 10, for pretty much every line in the game, the most notable difference in capability is DPM. That's the single biggest thing that separates 9s from 10s. USN and RN battleships gain an entire extra turret. German battleships gain fully 50% more firepower because the turrets each gain an extra gun. Des Moines reloads nearly 50% faster than Baltimore. Hindenburg gains a turret over Roon. Zao gains two guns and fire rate over Ibuki. Musashi has the same DPM as Yamato. The same. Not to mention all the other things Musashi has in common with its tier 10 sister. --Helms
  13. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    You're missing the point, YukonHunter. Musashi has all of Yamato's strengths (guns, armor, HP) and all of its weaknesses (mobility, citadel, concealment), with the only noticeable differences being a 0.3 sigma reduction for less long-range consistency and garbage AA power. But if there are no carriers in the match, the latter weakness is entirely irrelevant, leaving ONLY the sigma change separating it from being a full tier 10. Musashi gives its team virtually an extra tier 10 battleship that only takes up a tier 9 slot. If that's not the definition of overpowered, I don't know what is. --Helms
  14. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Overpowered, needs nerfed. And it's overpowered for one reason: it got 30-second reload before it went live. In games with no aircraft carriers, Musashi's lack of AA is a non-factor (plus Yamato's AA was never anything to write home about in the first place), so the only real balancing factor separating it from Yamato is the performance of the guns. The 0.3 sigma difference is significant, but not really anything to fuss over. The reload, however, is another matter entirely. Giving Musashi the same reload (and thus DPM) as Yamato, a tier lower, was ludicrous. This is a ship that shares pretty much ALL of its attributes with Yamato except for a hidden gun handling stat, and AA battery which was of dubious value when facing tier 9-10 CVs, anyway. Musashi laughs at bow-tanking tier 10s, including its own sister ship, and thanks to its 30 second reload, it doesn't even care that much if on average it doesn't land its salvoes quite as accurately. 1v1, Musashi is -almost- as likely to kill a Yamato as the other way around. And that's a problem, considering Musashi gets tier 9 matchmaking weight, while Yamato does not. Thus it's like having an extra tier 10 battleship on your team, especially when there are no aircraft carriers in the match. Musashi is EASILY a tier 9.5. The reload might have been too long at 35 seconds--and I'm not even so sure it was, considering they dropped the purchase price by 170,000 exp--but 30 is definitely too short. 32 or maybe even 33 would have been reasonable. --Helms
  15. Actually, I *do* think Musashi should be nerfed. 30 second reload on those guns, at tier 9, is just filthy and is ludicrously overpowered considering the ability to lolpen tier 10s (including Yamato). As it stands, it's basically a tier 9.5. The reload might have been too long at 35 seconds--and I'm not even sure it was, considering they reduced the cost of the ship by a full 170,000 free exp--but at 30 it is definitely too short. 32 or 33 would have been fine. --Helms