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  1. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    I'm still advocating putting WV refit in as an optional C-hull upgrade for Colorado, since that ship really needs some love, anyway. A WV refit would mean Colorado has something going for it compared to all the other tier 7 battleships. 21 knots wouldn't feel so bad if it at least had good AA and/or secondaries to compensate for it. On that note, I'm actually hoping for a rework of the US mid-tier battleships, along with a side-branch that includes the rest of the standard-types: 1.) Branch off NY. Have it lead to both Nevada (or possibly Pennsylvania) and New Mex at tier 6. Nevada/Penna in late-war refit configuration, with 5"/38 dual purpose secondary battery and Oerlikons/Bofors. Nevada could slot right in, giving up two guns compared to NM for the AA. Pennsylvania would basically be Arizona, but with better AA. Some adjustments would have to be made to New Mexico in order to not have Penna be outright superior. We already have Arizona as a class representative for Pennsylvania, but if I am honest, Pennsylvania herself, in her late-war guise, is my favorite of the USN standard-type battleships, and my heart really wants to see her in that configuration in the game. Nevada would be close enough, I guess. 2.) Possibly 1941 Oklahoma as a tier 5 prem, though I'm not so sure about this one. Poor New York would probably be even more obsolete than it already is, though, with Texas around. 3.) Tennessee at tier 7, with late-war refit. Similar to Colorado, but with Arizona-like 14" guns. They'd need some nice accuracy to compensate for the lack of overmatch capability. 4.) Colorado gets late-war WV refit as an optional C-hull sidegrade, because it is the dog of tier 7 battleships and could use it. 5.) SoDak '20 at tier 8, with hypothetical late-war refit: Montana firepower in a slow, stubby package. A 23-knot doom-snail of a ship that could be seriously hilarious. 6.) Branch back in from SoDak '20 to Iowa, so we don't have to go to paperships for 9 and 10. --Helms
  2. Monarch Review!

    Monarch seems to at least have AP that actually works some of the time, so I already like it better than its predecessor. Gonna be a long haul to Lion, though. --Helms
  3. Submarine Poll

    Not in fleet actions. --Helms

    Again, manage expectations. Submarines were far less capable, even at the end of the war, than they became just ten to fifteen years later. The Type XXI, for all its advancement over its predecessors, still had its limitations, and was not a god mode boat. By the time it was introduced, the Allies had gotten very good at killing submarines. In Silent Hunter, you're firmly on the back foot by the time you get it. --Helms
  5. Submarine Poll

    IF they are implemented well, submarines could be a positive addition to the game. That's a very big 'if', giving Wargaming's track record. If I'm honest, I rather hope the Halloween event doesn't work out and that's the end of it. If they are going to follow through with it, they need to be unflinchingly guided by one principle: Don't. ****. It. Up. Historically, that hasn't been their strength. --Helms

    I think you're expecting a bit too much :p --Helms

    If submarines are going to be implemented, properly balanced, and even remotely historically accurate, they really need their own game mode. A convoy mode. Subs versus escorts. I'd be fine with that. --Helms

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here who remembers what happened to Navyfield when submarines were shoehorned in. WG have a terrible track record of implementing asymmetric warfare classes like artillery and carriers. I hope they can figure out a good way to do this, but I would rather they didn't even try. --Helms

    Really Dumb Idea™ --Helms

    I know I'm wasting my 'breath' here, but trying to shoehorn a lone-wolf ambush class of ships into a game about fleet actions (which submarines historically played almost no role in, because they were too slow to keep up) is probably a Really Dumb Idea™. --Helms
  11. Give us the Tier 7 Refit!!!!!

    Vanguard, with those numbers, looks absolutely trash. I can't imagine those guns will go live. There's no way. --Helms

    *Sigh* Here we go... Here's hoping they don't bork it up like SDE did when subs were shoehorned into Navyfield. --Helms
  13. USS West Virginia In A Nutshell

    Nevada late war would be an interesting prem. Arizona that trades two guns for vastly improved AA. --Helms
  14. WeeVee-Gate

    I'd still prefer WV44 go into the tech tree as a C hull option. Colorado has been power crept to death, and that hull would at least give it something to be good at. 21 knots is too slow to be anything other than a novelty ship at tier 8, and the asking price for that is rather high. --Helms
  15. Give us the Tier 7 Refit!!!!!

    This basically is the Colorado A, just with a new model. It's the Mutsu/Ashitaka treatment. --Helms