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  1. I do not and will never understand why they don't just call the Pan-Am version General Belgrano, given Nueve de Julio's sordid history. Belgrano at least had an honest career and an honorable end in combat. As it stands, I was on the fence about NdJ even without knowing that it's coming in Boise guise (Goise? Buise? Hurr hurr hurr...) as well. I can wait, especially if they're direct clones. Thanks for your work as always LWM! --Helms
  2. Your wording was a bit ambiguous. I read it as 'this ship sucks for most players even though most of the umicums favor it in ranked because of its consistency and well-roundedness.' That's tonally different from 'NC is fabulous even if many players fail their way to it and continue to fail in it, thus falling short of its potential.' --Helms
  3. The Bayern Horror Show

    Bayern's concealment and tankiness make up for the wonky guns, I think. These let you get close enough to mitigate the bad dispersion and mediocre penetration. It's also got good AA and pretty snappy handling, to boot. I didn't mind it too much, though bracketing a target is certainly rage-inducing when by rights you should be landing a good hit. Gneisenau is even worse in this regard, and but for the HILARIOUS speed, AA, and torpedoes would have been the worst (or at least the most frustrating) ship in the line. --Helms
  4. New York and Texas are definitely a drag these days, compared to some of the tier 5 battleships that have been added since. There's nothing New York does that Iron Duke can't do better, and Texas is spared from this dubious distinction only by its ridiculous AA, which, it must be said, actually comes in handy at the mid-tiers. However, they still have the heaviest broadside of any tier 5 battleship, at least on paper. These aren't the real power-creep victims. That 'honor' belongs to Colorado, which, while it has been significantly buffed, still struggles to cope with its matchmaking spread. It is the slowest tier 7 in the game. 21 knots isn't so terrible when most of your counterparts are going 23-24. However, Colorado's slowest competitor at tier 7, Nelson (itself a ponderous vessel which, at the least, has sheer firepower plus a superheal to compensate for its sluggishness), and the gulf only gets bigger from there. Nagato goes 25. Lyon goes 27. KGV goes 28. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau go 30 and 32, respectively. Hood goes 32. Colorado simply cannot keep up, and that's the real problem with it. You have to aggressively position in order to keep your guns in play, which makes it easy to overextend and very difficult to disengage if you need to, because you can't outrun -anything- ever. How do you figure? NC is widely regarded by decent-to-good players as the best tier 8 BB in the current meta. It's fast enough, maneuverable enough, stealthy enough, tanky enough, and has fabulous AA and great main battery guns. It is very reliable and consistent. There's a reason it's usually the top BB pick for tier 8 ranked. --Helms
  5. Secondary builds are a laugh, but really not very competitive these days. You have to give up too much survivability to make them work. Tank builds across the board. --Helms
  6. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Belated reply, but I didn't downvote you. In fact, I just tossed you an upvote to offset it! Cheers! --Helms
  7. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Well, I live within sight of Canada, so I guess I ought to get this thing. Seems a great DD hunter and cap bully, and I like playing that role, anyway. Great work as always, LWM! --Helms
  8. This. Except I'll be running Vigi instead of BFT because torpedobeats > planeswatting. Not speccing into secondaries in this current meta. But it'll be funny to watch them blaze away and scare off DDs even if they don't actually do that much damage. --Helms
  9. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    B Hull Monaghan isn't about the AA, it's about the Benson torps. --Helms
  10. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    Better concealment, substantially more health, and the choice of either DefAA or TRB in a third consumables slot that's independent of smoke and speed boost. That's worth giving up a turret. Farragut-B has 20% extra firepower, but Monaghan has 20% extra HP and more besides. --Helms
  11. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    The flexibility of the platform certainly is interesting. I straight up replaced my Farragut with this thing. Even if you want to play cap-brawler-gunbote style with the A hull, Monaghan offers quite a few advantages over its older sibling to justify giving up a turret. --Helms
  12. Prinz Eugen build?

    Instead of Manual AA, I'd be running my Roon/Hindy build: Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Concealment Expert Demo Expert AFT Jack BFT is right out, I don't take that unless I get a benefit to main battery reload. It's basically a must-have on Atlanta/Flint, but otherwise of questionable value for cruisers, in my opinion. 3 points is very expensive to sink into just a 20% AA boost, compared to the benefit you get in all situations from Demo Expert and especially Superintendent. In my experience, very few high-tier carriers will try to drop a German cruiser, but if they do, Manual AA isn't gonna save you anyway. You either have DefAA to panic their planes, or you get rekt. Hipper I can see running an AA build on, because it doesn't have a heal and thus gets very limited value out of Superintendent, plus the faster reload means you don't need Demo Expert as much (though the synergy is nice). Plus without the ability to recover your HP, you need to rely on other means of keeping yourself in the game. For Prinz Eugen, though, the heal is EVERYTHING. I could not in good conscience trade Superintendent and/or Demo Expert for an AA build that might be useless in any given battle. If there's a lot of carriers in the queue, I'll drop Hydro for DefAA, and that's good enough. This, of course, is based on the current prevailing meta. If carriers become more prevalent than they are, the importance of good AA will of course increase. --Helms
  13. Monaghan finalized?

    TBH even getting the missions for ships you already have is nice, because you get a crap-ton of credits for completing them, and getting 5k base exp is super easy. Also, do the missions for the Indianapolis, if you have it. These award up to 18 USN containers, which gives you a pretty decent chance of pulling the Monaghan mission. --Helms
  14. Monaghan finalized?

    It's already in the game, incidentally. I just got mine from completing the mission I pulled out of US container (they're worth, btw). A hull seems to be a better Farragut-C, with more health, built-in DefAA, and the option to take the torpedo reload booster instead. It also gets improved concealment by .3km, which is a big deal in the mid-tiers, and marginally worse rudder shift that most people probably won't even notice. I'd say it's even a better choice in most situations compared to the Farragut-B, because you get a lot for the loss of only one turret. The B hull Monaghan, however, is DRASTICALLY different, and much more interesting: it loses its back turrets (both of them, leaving you with only two guns!), but in trade it gets to take Benson's upgraded torps. That, combined with TRB and its improved concealment over the standard Farragut, might turn this thing into a hell of a tier 6 torpedo boat. --Helms
  15. Prinz Eugen build?

    AA Mod 2 is a no-brainer, of course, but that seems like a lot of points to sink into an AA build, for my taste, especially with carriers being a situational foe. But, hey, if it works for you, then more power to ya! --Helms