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  1. Dear WG, I believe this amazing marathon was way too easy.. next time all missions should be to obtain no less than 1,000,000 free exp per mission.. if not more.
  2. Fandorin

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Can't even log into the game now..
  3. Those of you less confused... so I have about 250 WG prem time on the account and if I want to 'switch' to WOWs prem.. how will that go?
  4. Fandorin

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    To begin with you can easily find videos on YouTube of people opening a 1000 of containers at a time (TYL ones) - approximately 1 in 20 would be a SC. I had approximately the same % of SC and I only do TYL ones for a very long period of time. And to all people that actually think the most desired outcome is a premium ship.. seriously? it is one of the most undesired outcomes.. flags/camos etc are so much more valuable. There is not a single prem ship that comes even close to free exp/coal ones for farming purposes.
  5. Fandorin

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    Not true
  6. According to statistics (mine and many others) Super Containers used to be approximately 1 in 20.. right now I have 58 regular ones and not a single SC.. great hidden nerf WG.. awesome.
  7. Fandorin

    Aslains mod pack

    Aslain's mod pack crashes the game for me right now. It looks like this might be a result of a minimap mod. (Autospy or w/e it is called)
  8. Thanks WG.. was about to buy 3 crates to complete the 2nd camo.. guess I won't be giving you my money after all. Thank you for saving it for me. As a result you got a pissed (one more time) customer and less money.