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  1. Fandorin

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Can't even log into the game now..
  2. Those of you less confused... so I have about 250 WG prem time on the account and if I want to 'switch' to WOWs prem.. how will that go?
  3. Fandorin

    7.11 PT test part 2

    Exact same bug for me
  4. Fandorin

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    To begin with you can easily find videos on YouTube of people opening a 1000 of containers at a time (TYL ones) - approximately 1 in 20 would be a SC. I had approximately the same % of SC and I only do TYL ones for a very long period of time. And to all people that actually think the most desired outcome is a premium ship.. seriously? it is one of the most undesired outcomes.. flags/camos etc are so much more valuable. There is not a single prem ship that comes even close to free exp/coal ones for farming purposes.
  5. According to statistics (mine and many others) Super Containers used to be approximately 1 in 20.. right now I have 58 regular ones and not a single SC.. great hidden nerf WG.. awesome.
  6. Fandorin

    Aslains mod pack

    Aslain's mod pack crashes the game for me right now. It looks like this might be a result of a minimap mod. (Autospy or w/e it is called)
  7. Thanks WG.. was about to buy 3 crates to complete the 2nd camo.. guess I won't be giving you my money after all. Thank you for saving it for me. As a result you got a pissed (one more time) customer and less money.