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  1. Countershot

    Enough doubloons for one ship

    When is the oden expected ???
  2. Countershot

    Enough doubloons for one ship

    Future captain trainer but mainly fun. No class preference. But like to play DD and CA....but enjoy a good brawl on BB. CV cancer I have a good fair collection of ships. The kidd, prince I don't have
  3. Countershot

    Enough doubloons for one ship

    hmmm the kidd is the on e i dont have in that list.....lol
  4. Countershot

    Enough doubloons for one ship

    i have the massachsetts B
  5. Ok, I know this is a loaded question. Which of the tier 8 ships is the best bang for the doubloons......i have enough now for one of them. any suggestions would be great. Thank you
  6. Countershot

    Yoshino or Georgia or Jean Bart

    Thank you everyone for your responses and those that actually took time to look at my stats. That was way beyond THANK YOU.
  7. have enough coal for 1 of the 3 listed ships. Wondering which one should I get.
  8. Countershot

    Just lost my steel rat

    just now 5 mins ago there is still a steel rat in the game. this is unfair it should be removed for all if you are going to pull it. PULL IT!!!!!
  9. Countershot

    where are the british dd

    Same here. Gave us a mission that only U.K. DD's can be used but we do not see them. really frustrating.